Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Perspective

I was listening to a podcast while driving yesterday which was about anti-Semitism. In it, it had an interview with a woman named Doctor Young, the author of a book called "Keepers of the History: Women in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict." She talked about her experiences growing up Jewish and what that was like.

What I found most interesting was a story she told when she asked her grandfather what he thought when Israel was created. His reaction to her was that he was so proud that the Jews had their own nation, and more importantly their own military? Why? Because he and his fellow Jewish men had always been ridiculed and abused because they were weak. And for those of who are men know that strength (physical or otherwise) is very much connected with a man's self image.

So remember this the next time someone claims that anti-Semitism is just a result of Israel being an "oppressor." Those who hated Jews hated them when they were weak, and hate them still now that they are strong. Nothing has changed.

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  1. Exactly. The change in the condition of the Jew has not the changed the world's perception of them. Theodor Herzl was gravely mistaken when he imagined Zionism leading to the end of anti-Semitism. All that has changed is the kind of Jews anti-Semites now hate.