Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Obama and Netanyahu Prepare for Talks

Ynetnews reports that President Obama and PM Netanyahu spoke Monday afternoon about the upcoming direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. The article says, "Obama reportedly reiterated Washington's commitment to Israel's security, while Netanyahu briefed him on the coming negotiations." While I'm sure the AZs will be disappointed that Obama is still committed to Israel's existence, these upcoming talks seem, in my opinion, to be unlikely to go anywhere, for a number of reasons.

First, Obama has shown he's too willing to support the Arab side of the negotiations rather than the Israeli side, making him a biased arbiter. AZs will of course leap to remind me that US Presidents have in the past have always had a pro-Israel bias, which I won't dispute but rather remind them that peace talks in the past haven't worked either, possibly for the same reasons. We need a US authority that is both fair and forceful towards both sides, not just one or the other.

Second, Abbas does not seem like the kind of person that is willing to take risks or make compromises for peace. He has shown he's far more willing to wait for Obama to give him what he wants, and will probably break off talks at the first sign that Netanyahu won't do what he wants and Obama takes Netanyahu's sides.

Third, Netanyahu also seems unlikely to compromise enough to form a lasting peace, especially in the new issue of Jerusalem. While he appears to be far more committed to peace than Abbas, I don't think he's got what it takes either. Hopefully, he'll make Abbas look like the intransigent one, though the Palestinians are very practiced at making the Israelis seem like the bad guys.

But, my hopes remain high and I hope I'm proven wrong. Let's see what happens. 


  1. I don't expect anything to happen - and then there's the little problem of Hamas no one gets around to mentioning. Just how good is a deal with only half the Palestinians? My guess is it wouldn't hold up for long.

  2. The best way to disarm Hamas is to disarm extremist zionism.

  3. One question to ask is whether the troll "Anonymous" is a racist?

    "Anonymous" claims that Zionism is "extremist."

    This means that s/he thinks that Jewish nationalism is extremist, but apparently does not think that Palestinian nationalism is extremist.

    In other words, after 2000 years of persecutions, pogroms, and expulsions, all culminating in the Holocaust, it is somehow "extremist" for Jews to build a state for the purposes of self-determination and self-defense.

    Anonymous appears to be one of those people who likes their Jews weak and defenseless.

    Sounds like racism to me.