Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mythbusting: Stone-Throwers

Rock throwing is a topic that often comes up in discussions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Most of the time, it is Anti-Zionists who bring it up. They usually do so for three reasons: 1) To dishonestly claim that the Palestinians can only fight Israel using rocks, 2) to sneeringly imply that any Palestinian killed or arrested was being punished for rock-throwing, as if that was the only thing the Palestinians do to inflict harm on Israelis or 3) to minimize the threat that rock-throwers pose to Israeli soldiers and civilians. It is the latter that I intend to "bust" today.

When people talk about "rockthrowers" we usually think of this famous image:

So in turn when AZs talk about someone being killed during a riot that involved rock throwing, this is inevitably the kind of image that they refer to. The fact that the Palestinians never send rock throwers up against tanks or other armored vehicles (they aren't stupid) doesn't stop the AZs from implying that this is the situation everywhere. For a truthful image of rock throwers, see below:

So what we have here are teenagers who look around 15-17, but are considered minors under law and are therefore "children." And instead of rocks, they are using cinder blocks, and will throw them off of high ledges onto unwitting Israelis below. If you think this is harmless, I would invite you to stand under a high ledge and ask a friend or relative to drop a cinder block on top of you. Disclaimer: You will probably die or be seriously hurt. Can't say I didn't warn you.

Alternatively, we have here:

That's a pretty big rock. And the use of a sling can easily kill someone too, even a soldier with a helmet. If you don't agree, again I invite you to try at home. Disclaimer: See above.

At this point I'm going to side track for a personal note. Over the last summer I worked in a residential treatment center for children with emotional disabilities. And unlike the Palestinian rioters, the children I worked with were actually children, between the ages of 8 and 11. Now the residential treatment center where this took place was more of a camp environment, and so therefore there were small stones and rocks literally all over the place.

The children inevitably would be upset at either the staff or at each other, and because they have little self-control or ability to manage their anger (which is why they were there in the first place) that would often lead to violence. They liked to run away from staff and then throw rocks or spit or hit us when we came to get them back onto track.

Now I was never hit in the head by thrown rocks, though I was hit in the arms, legs and feet. It did hurt, but the worst that ever came from it was cuts and bruises. I did have a fellow staff member who was hit in the head by a thrown stone, though. She was bleeding at a fairly determined clip, and was treated for a possible concussion. And that was one stone thrown by one person who was actually a child, and not a teenager. Compare that with a situation like this, only without trained and armored police there to cancel the rioters. To anyone not blinded by anti-Israel biases it's pretty clear that to Israeli civilians or even soldiers mobs of stone throwers can indeed pose a threat. Especially when the soldiers aren't allowed to shoot back.

If that doesn't convince you, here is an article about a Palestinian man killed by a stone to the head. See, anti-Zionists, a Palestinian was killed by this! Now you can care about it!


  1. Israeli soldiers have been handcuffed by the political echelon and can't use rubber bullets to defend themselves from rock throwers. They can't use live ammunition to quell riots quickly. As a result, Jews die - so Israel can have a good press.

    Only Stupid Jews would try hard to maintain a good image rather than do everything they can to protect themselves and the lives of their own people.

  2. With respect, the picture that you say depicts "teenagers who look around 15-17, but are considered minors under law and are therefore "children." And instead of rocks, they are using cinder blocks, and will throw them off of high ledges onto unwitting Israelis below.", while I accept MAY depict exactly what you say it depicts, is absolutely non-contextual, and could represent half a dozen scenarios.

    The one below is equally ambiguous. It is impossible to say, with any reasonable degree of certainly, WHAT that man is swinging or his purpose.

    "Could do better" 1/10