Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Muslim American "For" Hunting Down the Jews

Solomonia links us to this video, about David Horowitz talking to a student who identifies as part of the UC San Diego Muslim Student Association. You need to watch this video, especially the last minute.

I know there are people who read this blog who consider themselves to be "anti-Zionist" and disagree with Israel's actions and/or right to exist, for a variety of reasons. You are entitled to your own opinion, and so is this woman above. But if you join the BDS movement, or go to an anti-Israel rally, or join organizations like SJP or the ISM, you are either working with or support people like this woman. This woman does not hate Israel for its actions, its "crimes against the Palestinians", or the occupation. She hates Jews and only hates Israel because it is the state of the Jews.

If your motives are pure and you really want what's best for the Jewish people and Israel, don't ally with these people. Don't make their goals your goals. Don't want what they want. Because in the eyes of this girl, there is no difference between Alan Dershowitz, Jeremy Ben-Ami, and MJ Rosenberg. They are all enemies, because they are all Jews.


  1. This is f**king unbelievable!

    She favors the genocide of the Jews?

    I think that the Jewish community needs to contact UC San Diego and find out what, if anything, the university intends to do about this.

    I mean, I would think that genocidal sentiments in the student body would be... ahhh... discouraged, shall we say.

    In any case, I have a friend who is an administrator with Student Services at Stanford and I'll see what she thinks of this and get her ideas on how to approach this issue.

    At the moment, tho, all I can say is that I am shocked.

    I guess I shouldn't be, tho.


  2. An honest anti-Semite... but the retards of the Left continue to be in denial.

    See what their Islamo-pandering gets them? They're still Jews - no matter how much they hate Israel!

    And the irony is lost on them.

  3. Hey Norm,

    I'm a retard of the left.


    But, you're right. This story flipped my shit a little and as I was scanning around for coverage, I found that it was ONLY the pro-Israel blogs and the conservative blogs that highlighted it.

    The left wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole.

    There are reasons for this. It's just that the reasons are no longer any good.