Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Evening Metaphor

You walk into a dark ally and see two men fighting. They are covered with slashes, bruises and injuries, so you get the impression they have been fighting for a while. One man is significantly larger and stronger than the other, and as you watch, he picks up the smaller man and slams him hard into the concrete.

You say, "Hey, what are you doing?" and move to intervene, but as you do you see the smaller man is holding a six inch knife in his hand.

"Thank God you're here!" The smaller man says. "Look what he's doing to me! You gotta stop him before he kills me!"

"Don't listen to him!" The larger man says. "He's the one who attacked me! I was just defending myself."

"I don't care who started it!" You say. "Get off of him!"

"No way!" The larger man says. "He'll hurt me if I do!"

"I only want to hurt you because you're holding me down like this!" The smaller man snapped back. "Just leave me alone and let me go my way."

"I agree." You say. "Just live and let live. Besides, you're so much bigger than he is, you should be the one taking the risk."

The larger man lets go of the smaller man, but just as he begins to step away the smaller man screams an insult and stabs the larger man in the leg with his knife. The larger man screams in pain, backhands the smaller one and pins him again.

"Hey what are you doing?" The smaller one cries. "Why are you oppressing me like this?"

"Because you stabbed me!" Says the larger one.

"Well what did you expect after you beat me up like that? That I was just going to walk away?" The smaller one says. "Now let me up and stop hurting me!"

"Tell you what." Says the larger man. "I'll let you back up if you drop the knife."

"Forget it!" Says the smaller man. "I need this knife to defend myself from you!"

Eventually your better judgment takes over and you leave them to it.

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