Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MJ Rosenberg Gets Taken Down

On MJ Rosenberg's most recent blog post, a series of personal attacks on Jeffrey Goldberg, one user comes out of nowhere to call him out. You can read the conversation at this address, but I'm going to repost it here in case a post gets removed.

"So the fact that he [Jeff Goldberg] moved to Israel and did compulsory military service "tells you everything you need to know about him?" What a hateful, close minded, stupid thing to say. Many of Israel's strongest internal critics also did military service, I suppose their opinions are not valid either. 
I read Goldberg on a regular basis and this article has no connection to reality. While he is definitely pro-Israel, and to the right of me on most issues, he is fair and he is also often critical of Israel. 
And Rosenberg's portrayal of John Mearsheimer, as just "a college professor for writing an academic study of an interest group" is also disingenuous given the highly controversial nature of the academic study."

MJ Rosenberg
"There is nothing wrong or unusual about an ISRAELI joining the IDF. For an American to do it, it indicates a dedication to Israel that is extraordinary. And then to serve as a prison guard? Come on, do you think there are a thousand American Jews who ever did that and then, on top of it, pretend to be an objective observer of the Middle East."
"Before you make baseless assertions, why don't you read "Prisoners: A Story of Friendship and Terror ," which is Goldberg's account of his time as a prison guard. 
You are right. Thousands of American Jews have not done military service in Israel. Tens of thousands of American Jews have. They moved to Israel and did the compulsory military service that is required by law. I don't know how many became prison guards, but I don't see how its relevant and the experience of being a prison guard doesn't disqualify anyone from anything. If anything it might help someone gain sympathy for those help in prison as it didn't in Goldberg's case. 
And who is claiming he is an objective observer of the Middle East. Even a quick glance at his writing clearly demonstrates he is offering his opinions, not objective facts. 
But it still stands, that your claim that all we need to know about him is that he served in the military is an insult to the tens of thousands of people who have served in Israel's military and gone on to work for peace."

 MJ Rosenberg
"Thousands of ISRAELIS who served in the Israeli army and went on to work for peace. Most Americans who serve in the Israeli army are settlers who, and you probably disagree, devote their lives to tormenting Palestinians.
As for being a prison guard, I admire Goldberg for admitting it. If I had dedicated 10 minutes of my life to punishing innocent detainees, I sure as hell would never admit it.
I read his book. And it told me everything I need to know about who he is."
"You are seriously uninformed. This is blatantly wrong "Most Americans who serve in the Israeli army are settlers"
Tens of thousands of Americans in the past 60 years have moved to Israel, served in the military , and the overwhelming majority did not become settlers. 
And you really think being a prison guard is the same as "punishing innocent detainees?" I guess it's impossible to be a humane prison guard and I guess, according to you, every one in prison is innocent.
And Goldberg frequently criticizes the settlers. I find it hard to believe you have actually read his book."
 No response from MJ. Key takeaway: in the world of MJ Rosenberg, being a prison guard means punishing innocent detainees, Goldberg claims to be an "objective observer" and most of the Americans who serve in the IDF are "settlers". Why is the HP letting this guy publish material on their website? He's making it up as he goes along.

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  1. Yep... for a guy who presumes to advise Israel on how to make peace it turns out MJ Rosenberg knows next to nothing about life in Israel at all. He "knows" the country in a one-dimensional sense... like crackpot Philip Weiss.

    And when he was called on about Goldberg, he couldn't even stand to be corrected. Keep that in mind the next time one reads his postings on Israel. Vacuous garbage!