Friday, May 21, 2010

"Merely Critical of Israel" Comment of the Day

The original link. I wonder if (a) there have been any other countries that have been described as "a nation of bigots and terrorists" and (b) if I'll get any flack for claiming that this is the point where criticism of Israel crosses the line to anti-Semitism. I'm guessing yes.


  1. Totally. It's denying Jews the right to self determination.

    Muslime Turks have Muslim Turkey. Shiite Iranians have Shiite Iran. Frenchmen have France. The Jews have Israel. Where's the difference?

  2. Paul, exactly. This kind of thinking denies the Jews are a nation. Ironically, this is the flip side of the old anti-Semitic accusation the Jews were a nation that refused to assimilate into their host countries.

    No matter what the Jews do, they can't win!