Monday, May 31, 2010

Linkdump: More Information on Flotilla Violence

This is still a developing story but Jewish bloggers across the internet have been successful in shining a light on the events of what happened today. The following links make it clear that the so-called "peace activists" on the Gaza boat were armed and ready to attack the IDF soldiers with lethal force. Let's get started.

Elder of Ziyon reports how Free Gaza told the IDF to expect only "symbolic resistance" and that the IDF equipped their soldiers with paintball guns (with pistols as backup) accordingly. Because the Free Gaza people planned this ambush and forced the IDF into an extreme situation, they are the ones to blame for the ensuing deaths and injures. He also has videos of IDF soldiers being beaten with chains, being on the receiving end of Molotov cocktails, stun grenades and lead pipes, and a "peace activist" stabbing one. He also helpfully provides proof that the IDF more than had a legal right to search the ships, as well as this picture of a "peace activist" (from Ha'aretz):

Solomonia has found some videos as well as one of the IDF finding (primitive) weapons aboard the ship after everything was all said and done, as well as the videos of injured IDF soldiers. He also found an article containing more information about everything that happened, as well as one by international law expert Dr. Robbie Sabel explaining why Israel's actions were legal. There is also one that reveals now old information about what flotilla organization Greta Berlin thinks about the Jewish people.

The Augean Stables has found a great video of how the IDF soldiers were greeted when they rappeled down to the ship:

Finally, here is a video (through Elder) of a disturbing display about the Free Gaza ship. It's translated by PMW, so take it with a grain of salt, but I would watch it anyway:

One thing is very clear: The so-called "peaceful activists" came in wanting a fight, and a fight was what they got. Let's see how much of this information makes it to the Huffington Post.

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