Friday, May 21, 2010

Life in 19th Century Palestine

A quotation from "Why the Jews?"...
"In nineteenth century Palestine, under Ottoman Muslim rule, Jews had to walk past Muslims on their left, as the left was identified with Satan, and they always had to yield the right of way to a Muslim...Failure to abide by these degrading customs often provoked a violent response. In Palestine as elsewhere, Jews had to avoid anything that could remind Arabs of Judaism: therefore synagogues could only be located in hidden, remote areas, and Jews could only pray in muted voice. In addition, despite the widespread poverty among Palestinian Jews, they had to pay a host of special protection taxes...These anti-Jewish laws and taxes had a rather intimidating effect on the Jews".

To sum up, for centuries in Palestine, the Muslim Arabs treated the Jews very poorly. Arbitrary laws and customs were enacted specifically to humiliate Jews for no reason other than they were Jews.

So when we look at the history of the region as a whole, beginning before the twentieth century, a very different picture comes into being rather than the narrative the anti-Zionists advocate. The innocent, peaceful Palestinians who were mercilessly driven off "their land" by the evil Zionists is transformed into Jews for the first time in modern history being strong enough to fight back against Muslim racism and oppression and succeeding in throwing off the chains of oppression. The anti-Zionists often claim that Israel will suffer "karmic justice" for its "crimes" against the Palestinians. I doubt it ever occurred to them that there's a possibility the Palestinians are suffering the karmic throwback on the centuries of pain and suffering their ancestors inflicted on the Jews.


  1. Good point. As a buddy of mine likes to say, "History did not start in 1967."

  2. The Arabs have never been treated as harshly under Jewish rule as the Jews have been treated across Arab lands for centuries. The Arabs' real complaint is having to live as a minority under the dhimmi Jews and they resent it.