Monday, May 10, 2010

Jew vs. Jew [Linked]

Jon at DivestThis has an interesting analysis of Jewish members of the BDS movement, which I think has a lot of overlap to the people we see on the HP. Jon writes,
"In fact, Jewish and non-Jewish Israel-dislikers have far more in common with one another than they do with me (despite all of their speeches which begin “As a Jew…”). And what they share is the one element that permeates all aspects of the divestment debate: fantasy politics.

I’ve talked about fantasy vs. reality with regard to anti-Israel politics in the past, and while most divestment advocates share a common general fantasy (one where they are intrepid and virtuous heroes, fighting against an all-powerful enemy which represses them), flavors of that fantasy vary from group to group...For the Jewish member or leader of Students for Justice in Palestine (or whatever), the fantasy takes the form of being a truly enlightened, morally superior being whose distance from or rejection of the burdens of Jewish life (whether religious obligations or a willingness to fight for the political rights of the Jewish people) are proof positive of this courageous identity. Like the Christian BDSer whose anti-Israel animus demonstrates his or her Christ-like nature, the Jewish divestnik’s fantasy-self is just the latest iteration of a Jewish identity built on chosen-ness. The irony that this anti-Israel Jewish identity shows more assurance in its own correctness than the self-image of an ultra-Orthodox rabbi is again lost on those who dwell in BDS fantasy-land."
This concept of the "enlightened" Jew who knows better than the rest of the "Likudist" Jews manifests itself all too often in the blog posts of MJ Rosenberg and Naomi Klein and the comments of skialethia, CigarGod, lbsaltzman, and others. Rosenberg, CigarGod, and lbsaltzman use their "Jewishness" as a shield to protect themselves from counter-arguments, as well as an excuse to apply insanely high standards to Israel that Israel of course cannot live up to. 

Like the Palestinians these people claim to support, they pretend they are meek and oppressed, with the HP constantly censoring their "truths". They are heroes in their own fantasy, in which they are the lone lights in the darkness, revealing the truth to the American people who have so long been fed lies. If you disagree with them, you are the villain, the "bad guy", so you must be fought at all costs. Of course, as Jon astutely points out, the truths they are speaking frequently takes a back seat to what's more important, themselves. We can see this in narcissistic posts like this one by MJ Rosenberg, in which he states he is a "good Jew" because of the anti-Israel speech he posts day in and day out on the HP. When skialethia claims that the Palestinians must keep fighting forever until they "get justice", she proves she is on the HP not for the Palestinians' sake, but for the sake of her own ego.

The sooner these "enlightened" posters stop making the I/P conflict about them and their cause and instead about finding a peaceful solution, they will learn there are two sides to this conflict and start offering valuable contributions.  


  1. There are Jews who have always hated their own people, from ancient times onwards to our own day. The phenomenon of Jewish anti-Semites is a long as a record as anti-Semitism from non-Jews and the essence of their joining such company is out of a belief that if they give up what makes the non-Jewish world hate them they will find recognition and reward in that world. And except for Nazi Germany, which annihilated the kapos along with all the righteous Jews, there is no disincentive not to be a Jewish turncoat. It gives one exposure, fame, credibility and moral standing with those who hate the Jews- since its correct to reason they must be right if the Jews themselves agree with them!

    And that shows no signs of disappearing any time soon.

  2. "The sooner these "enlightened" posters stop making the I/P conflict about them and their cause and instead about finding a peaceful solution, they will learn there are two sides to this conflict and start offering valuable contributions"

    Simplistic, reductionist, nonsense.