Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Zach and I went to a talk Monday night by Gil Hoffman, one of the editors for the Jerusalem Post. He talked mostly about the Israel-US relationship in the context of the Iran issue, but he also mentioned something interesting. He said that to find out what innovations have come out of Israel, he recommends the website This website describes the numerous inventions and breakthroughs Israelis are coming up with and have come up with in the past.

I recommend use of this website the next time an HPer cynically asks, "What has Israel done for us recently?"

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  1. A lot. Israel is the Start Up Nation. Can any one say anything for the Arab World? Name one contribution they made to humanity aside from the oil and plowing planes into buildings?

    Israel has done much for the world in the last 62 years. Just don't wait for the anti-Zios to acknowledge it.