Friday, May 28, 2010

HuffpoWatch User Profile: Realtalk7

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We have an HPer here for your interest today who is special and unique among the AZs because he is open and honest about his virulent anti-Semitism, realtalk7. He truly believes in the worldwide Jewish conspiracy, laments the Jewish infiltration of US media and government, and knows the Jews are to blame for 9/11 and all US wars. More interesting than this guy himself (as he will no doubt be banned sooner rather than later) are his friends. He has three fans of interest: muck-raker, Backspace2525, and Freenation. These posters, who have a little more staying power, should be confronted with the fact that they are friends with an anti-Semite.

And now onto the posts. If you STILL believe there is no anti-Semitism on the HP, I encourage you especially to read what's below.

Faisal Shahzad Conspiracy Theories: Pakistanis Finger 'Think Tanks' As Real Culprits

“what happened to the israeli jew caught in the subway tunnel with cyanide ????? he was dressed as a subway worker and caught inside a subway tunnel at 3 am. why the media blackout?? . 94 percent jewish owned media is a threat to national security.”

Standing Up to the Bulldozers in Palestine

“google jews spitting on american christians visiting israel. these people are human garbage as are their supporters in our country”

Faisal Shahzad Conspiracy Theories: Pakistanis Finger 'Think Tanks' As Real Culprits

“google 'jewish controll over thinktanks" thats the issue the pakistanis are referring to and the author is purposely not mentioning. these thinktanks are set up to further jewish/israeli interests in our country”

Mitch McConnell On Rand Paul: 'He's Said Quite Enough' To The National Media

“94 percent jewish owned media, and maddow is a jew, thats the problem.rand paul and his father have publically stated they want to sever ties with israel.”

Mitch McConnell On Rand Paul: 'He's Said Quite Enough' To The National Media

“neither ron or rand paul would sell out america to the jewish lobby and for that reason you are going to them skewered in the media. vote ron paul 2012...obama sold us out to aipac and jewish interests and now well be seeing american boys coming back from iran in bodybags”

Faisal Shahzad Conspiracy Theories: Pakistanis Finger 'Think Tanks' As Real Culprits

“actually facts show germany and muslims both considered the behavior of jews to be manipulative/cruel/and treasonous totheir host countries. google "reasons germany enacted nurenburg laws" it was really quite logical. oh and muslims and christians both revere jesus while jews despise him or any depiction of christ.”

Netanyahu To Visit White House, Is Invited By Rahm

“nym22 i agree its like the "jews have been persecuted for no reason" canard similar to the "6 million jews were gassed"canard”
[Holocaust denial]

Netanyahu To Visit White House, Is Invited By Rahm

“google" jews spitting on american christians in israel" that is who the jew is when they are in the majority.jews are the only people who have set up a country to run to when their host countries get fed up with their after country has expelled them for the same behavior which is acting as a collective to further jewish interests to the detriment of their host country.”

Netanyahu To Visit White House, Is Invited By Rahm

“and if we discriminated against jews we wouldnt have aipac and jewish interests controlling our congress,or have a media that is loyal to israel over america (94 percent jewish owned) and jewish college proffessors like kagan who hired 29 people ALL of them jewish, or the subprime brokerages that destroyed minority communities (96% jewish owned) or pornography( 98% jewish owned) hollywood movies that laugh at and subvert christian family values, banning prayer in school,any mention of jesus in christmas displays or school plays(all acomplished by the jew first anti christian ADL) looks like the arab countries protected their citizens ,if only our leaders did the same”

John D. Mazzuto CHARGED: Former Bank Director Allegedly Part Of $60M Stock Scam

“only non jews get indicted.....96 percent of the sub prime mortgage brokerages were owned by 16 jewish companies. of course no indictments. the wall street firms ??well you know the answer to that”

Ground Zero Mosque Overwhelmingly Approved By NYC Community Board: 'It's A Seed Of Peace' (VIDEO)

“jews have an form organizations that influence government representatives in our country such as aipac,jinsa,zoa, ect and also controll 94 percent of all american media to coordinate the "they hate our freedom" farce and make criticism of any israel actions taboo and act as an arm of israeli/jewish interests, and set up websites like giyus/standwithus/ which issues alerts to jews to flock en masse to any news threads relating to israel to clandestinely post pro israel hasbara under the guise of being non jewish americans in order to influence american public opinion. the lesson jews should take away from their experience in ww2 and every other country in the world they have been expelled from for their behavior is ..dont undermine your host country by acting as a collective to further jewish interests at the expense of your host country.not some hokey notion of being persecuted for no reason”

U.S. Media Censors U.S. Support of Iran Fuel Swap

“this is why letting the american media be 94 percent jewish owned is a threat to national security.ask your self a question why is it wherever jews settle they attempt tp buy up and controll the media”

A Self-Defeating Fixation

“They are not paranoid they are simply a cruel manipulative people....its just that simple”

Australia Moves To Expel Israeli Diplomat

“How would america benefit from invading and disarming or destroying if neccessary? how would it affect out terrorism problem? our moral standing in the world? our access to mideast trading markets and our overall economy? ending the iran war push by jewish interests? we were attacked on 9-11 for supporting israeli terror against palestinians as per bim loden, could we end the wars in iraq.afganistan since the terrorists no longer have a reason to terrorize america?? would treasonous orgs like aipac,zoa,jinsa, ect have a reason to exists? Maybe america has only ONE problem that third world toilet called israel. please weigh in even the jewish internet defense league on this thread lol. id like to hear all points of view”

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  1. Realtalk7 shows us what the worst of them are like. It makes one want to take a shower!