Monday, May 10, 2010

HuffPoWatch User Profile: MJ Rosenberg

We have been studying the Huffington Post blogger MJ Rosenberg for quite some time, but after his abusive comment yesterday I thought it was time to look at his comments and see what came out. What I found was another pattern of insulting comments toward users as well as against "AIPACers" in general. There were even some where Rosenberg implies that people who support Israel are making all American Jews look like they have a greater loyalty there than to America, though he later makes it clear that it is only "a small percentage" who actually are traitors. Awesome. Before we get into the comments, I thought I would share this one, because I feel it tells you everything you need to know about Rosenberg's motivations:
Is Obama More AIPAC Than J Street?
“The most effective anti-Israel lobby consists of those who lobby to sustain the occupation that will lead, if it continues, to the so-called one state solution. Pro-occupation? Pro-siege of Gaza? Pro-settlements? Then you are anti-Israel."
First of all, in all my travels and discussions I have never met a single person who is "pro-occupation" or "pro-siege." I have met people who feel that the occupation and blockade are a last resort that is an inevitable consequence of Israel needing to defend itself against terrorism. Rosenberg, on the other hand, seems to think that someone who feels Israel should be allowed to defend itself and its citizens is "anti-Israel." It doesn't make sense to me either.

Ultimately I think what this paragraph shows is that it is MJ Rosenberg who is on a mission: A mission to save Israel from itself and it's own bad decisions. He claims to know what is best for Israel more than Israel's government, it's people and its most ardent supporters. His qualifications for this is that he is Jewish and supposedly lived in Israel for several years. That being said, in his time on the Huffington Post he has emerged as the most critical blogger of Israel and anyone who dares to speak out in defense of her. He never has anything positive to say about Israel, ever. On top of that, he makes a point of attacking HP talkbackers (like us) and other pro-Israel personalities. Consider his recent "hasbara" comment. Not exactly the behavior of someone who is pro-Israel.

Is he misguided? Does he hate Israel and is just lying to us? Check out our articles about him in the Huffington Post blogger archive. Read his articles at the link above. Draw your own conclusions.

Israeli Government Says "Get Goldstone" and Lobby's Media Friends Seem to Comply
“Yes, sorry. I guess you got your information in little hasbara packets.”

Israeli Government Says "Get Goldstone" and Lobby's Media Friends Seem to Comply
“I read every word of the Goldstone Report and all the major criticisms.
I was not shocked by anything in the report because I had followed the coverage of the war (particularly in the Israeli media) while it was taking place.
Bottom line: I no more needed Goldstone to tell me that the invasion, bombardment, siege and blockade of Gaza are war crimes than I needed anyone to tell me that the Hamas suicide bombings in Israel in the years prior to the security wall and recently in Sderot were war crimes.
The only difference was the sheer scale of the barbarism directed at Gaza and the fact that it was committed not by a terror outfit but by a fellow democracy, a US ally, and the #1 recipient of US foreign aid.
Goldstone is irrelevant. The report is a permanent stain.”

Israeli Government Says "Get Goldstone" and Lobby's Media Friends Seem to Comply
“It is amusing that people who cared not one whit that Israel was apartheid South Africa's major arms supplier and conducted joint nuclear tests with RSA back in apartheid days are suddenly concerned about Africans.
These people care about nothing and no one except Israelis (excluding of course all the wonderful lefty secular Israelis).
These people will be the death of Israel but their existence in the farthest rightwing of the Jewish world wont stop people like me and J Street from defending human rights (including for Palestinians) and Israel too.
The Gaza war was a crime. Deal.”

The Evolution of Jeff Goldberg: From Prison Guard in the West Bank to Lobby Poster Boy
“"Fellow Jew." I don't think I define my allegiances that way. I mean, Eric Cantor and I are not :fellow" anything.
Sorry, it's 2010.”  [Not abusive but worth sharing.]

The Evolution of Jeff Goldberg: From Prison Guard in the West Bank to Lobby Poster Boy
“I am a good Jew. According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, I was the leading college activist for Israel back in the 70's. I love Israel and hate the occupation that is destroying it. Hey, Cuthbert, how much time have you spent in Israel? Other than your five day Birthright trip? Also, how's your Hebrew?”

The Evolution of Jeff Goldberg: From Prison Guard in the West Bank to Lobby Poster Boy
“Thousands of ISRAELIS who served in the Israeli army and went on to work for peace. Most Americans who serve in the Israeli army are settlers who, and you probably disagree, devote their lives to tormenting Palestinians.
As for being a prison guard, I admire Goldberg for admitting it. If I had dedicated 10 minutes of my life to punishing innocent detainees, I sure as hell would never admit it.
I read his book. And it told me everything I need to know about who he is.”

An Hilarious Movie About Hilarious Saudis (And Other Arabs)
“Now that's funny. Same old BS. If I sy an Arab was wearing a nice hat, the AIPAC crowd would start screaming. Who cares? You are robots.

AIPAC Conference: Who Are These People? Me, for One
“Really. But Rosen was fired. And I left for a better job. Wished for his death? Oh please. I just wished for his conviction on the espionage charges which were ultimately shown to be without merit.”

AIPAC Conference: Who Are These People? Me, for One
"That is the standard position for liberals who run for office.
And it is sheer hypocrisy. If you raise your voice for every other beleaguered people in the world but cheered on the Gaza war, your Middle East politics are really not politics at all. And I don't argue about faith.”

AIPAC Conference: Who Are These People? (REVISED)
“99.% of American Jews are totally 100% loyal to America. Those who put any country's interests first are part of a cult.
Imagine. Your kids live here but you are mainly concerned about other peoples' kids elsewhere. Tiny per cent.” [Even claiming that "a tiny percent" of American Jews are more loyal to Israel than America is still a dual loyalty claim.]

Israel Lobby Gets Congress to Stick It to Turkey
"You believe the "line" because you swallowed it.
And one more thing. Jews like myself who make clear that we put US interests first contribute to reducing anti-Jewish feeing.
Those of you who follow the AIPAC line, which is Israel's line, make us all look like our loyalties lie elsewhere. They don't.
Get smart. Think. You are helping neither Israel nor America.”

Israel Lobby Gets Congress to Stick It to Turkey
“He will probably stop now because the new line has come down!” [Click for context.]

Netanyahu Does It: Kills Two-State Solution Dead
"You obvious don't know much about the Middle East. That's okay. But you should perhaps not opine on subjects about which you know nothing.
It's why I don't post on curling.”

Netanyahu Does It: Kills Two-State Solution Dead
"Pretend you are an objective observer. Ethnic thinking won't get you anywhere.
The people here who defend the indefensible (the occupation) are simply rooting for their side. "

AIPAC Decides Next Week If California Senate Candidate Passes Muster on Israel
“Those are organizations about US interests. NRA, NAACP, NARAL, NAM, Right-To-Life, are all about US citizen lobbing about US policy that affect them as Americans. They are not lobbying in the interests of foreign country.”


  1. I was the target of MJ's “Yes, sorry. I guess you got your information in little hasbara packets.” but it looks like the comment was taken down. I laughed when I saw it, was that all he has, a schoolyard put-down? Really pathetic.

    MJ and the other anti-Israel posters are like the energizer bunny, they will keep going and going regardless of any cogent argument and eventually will drive the conversation down to either claims of the "lobby" trying to silence them, lies (hasbara) or the USS Liberty or other anti-Semitic tropes. So why do we engage in this kabuki theater of the absurd?

    We know we can't ever change their minds, but perhaps we do it in the hopes of persuading a "neutral observer". Unfortunately, this is a zero-sum game. The haters do it strictly for the purposes of repetition, building small lies into big lies which become "the truth". Unfortunately, this works, it's human nature. We've seen the Palestinians become a nationality, that Israel has fought wars of aggression, the apartheid lie, the morphing of Jerusalem as a non-Jewish city, all as part of the de-legitimization campaign that has taken root in these fertile political times because repeating lies works.

    So while it is easy to laugh at the comments of people like MJ and dismiss them out of hand, we have to remember this is serious stuff with real consequences. I've been thinking about this and I've come to the conclusion that it's not enough that we win the conversation - we need to end the conversation. MJ was billed as a senior analyst of the "Israel Policy Forum" (although I see his billing has changed) so he is the public face of the IPF (or was?). Supposedly the IPF is a "respected" non-profit org pulling down vast sums of money from donors and foundations, a lot of it "Jewish money". How is it possible that that the Jewish community is funding the path to it's own destruction? We need to think about choking off the funding of these anti-Israel channels by putting pressure on those who make it possible.

    Some may say this smacks of censorship or McCarthyism or is anti-Democratic and all voices should be heard. Really? Would we be defending the rights of the German-American Bund to speak out abgainst Jews prior to WWII? We ARE at war - a real war on terror, and a verbal war where the survival of Israel is at stake. i have no calms about silencing those who literally want to kill my fellow Jews.


  2. should have spell checked, but you get my drift.

  3. IPF no longer exists.

  4. MJ Rosenberg should shut up! If he thinks he has the right solutions, he should move to Israel and run for the Knesset and work to change the government's policies from within. That would be the principled and morally courageous thing to do. But criticizing Israel endlessly from the salons of exile just doesn't sit right. After all, he won't pay a personal price nor will his children if the policies for Israel he advocates from here turn out to be wrong. When he puts his own life on the line, then will his views merit being paid attention to. Until then, we don't need to hear his "I am holier than Israel" stance.

    Its becoming tiresome.

  5. dickheads.

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