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HuffPoWatch User Profile: italianwine

Italianwine is a user that pops up every now and then. Usually his comments take the form of long copy and pasted diatribes, but he very often punctuates them with insults and anti-Semitic comments, most commonly in the form of Nazi comparisons, accusations of ethnic cleansing, and "Zionist" control of governments and media outlets.

Italianwine has been active since November 2009 and has about 100 comments.

The End of the Goldstone/Apartheid Brouhaha
"The Israel governement and the illegali settler terrorists moral desperation knows no bounds. They realize that they are reviled the world over and they will virtually say or do anything to deflect any amount of guilt onto someone else.
NOBODY in their right mind would buy their bullcrap hasbara in the first place, I don't even know why the ultra right wing of Israel even tries to sell it anymore. The world sees their brutality and moral depravity, and is going to start to embargo and sanction them out of existence in fairly short order, just like they did the old Afrikaners. I can't wait for it to start."

Israel Ready For Deal On Palestinian State, Peres Says
“Hasbara, hasbara, hasbara...

Israel Ready For Deal On Palestinian State, Peres Says
“Doesn't matter what poll it is. Who cares if you, as a racist, don't like Zogby. CNN is AIPAC and you think their 'accurate'?
You will continue to lose everytime.
You gotta work with what you have. Logically and morally, if one is an Israel supporter, like you, that‘s not much.”

European Jews Sign Petition Critical Of Israel
"Israelis are the new nazi’s."

Clinton, Ahmadinejad Trade Barbs At UN Nuclear Conference (VIDEO)
“evagorman - unlike Bush v Gore right? Give it a rest and stop trying to demonize. Better yet, go back to AIPAC.”

Salam Fayyad, Palestinian Prime Minister, Focuses On Building State
"... But also be afraid, be very afraid that militant factions within the Israeli world may see this as more of a threat to them and their illegal settler terrorist network than Palestine sees it as any such threat. Do not be surprized therefore if the resulting terrorism becomes israeli illegal terrorist settler on illegal terrorist settler, similar to conditions in Iraq.”
[It's confusing, but I think he is saying that all the Israelis are "illegal terrorist settlers."]

Mahmoud Abbas Invited To White House As Progress Seen
"Apartheid Israel is so hellbent on emulating policies that Hitler started it doesn't care how many people they have to kill to achieve their goal, including killing Palestinians with impunity. The ends justify the means.”

Waiting... and Wasting Time
"They know they are lying, they know that you know they lying and they know that the whole world knows they are lying and that western media is either in the hands of Zionists or run by pro-Zionists."

Has Obama Decided That the Netanyahu Coalition Is the Problem?
"“Not a very impressive, just another Israeli apologist, to put it mildly, merely a repetition of the hasbara explanation of the conflict. It totaly fails to set the conflict in a greater strategical or even tactical perspective.
Your delusional analysis and racist comments are filled with wishful thinking, inaccurate generalization, and complete absence of ackowledgement that Israel is a pariah in the intl community due to it's apartheid rampage, illegal settler terrorists, and oppression of the Palestinian people. "

A Dangerous Silence
“Wrong. Tel-Aviv is the capital of Jeruselem. The facts are irrefutable.”
[Not abusive. I thought it was funny.]

A Dangerous Silence
" Some of the neocons who have bankrupted this country in the name of Israel with their blind support of it - Daniel Pipes, Feith, Wolfowitz, Irving Kristol, William Kristol, Seth Lipsky, Martin Peretz, Norman Podhoretz, John Podhoretz, Richard Perle, Richard Cohen, Mortimer Zuckerman, Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Goldberg, Lawrence Kaplan, Charles Krauthammer, David Horowitz, Jonah Goldberg, David Gelernter, Ruth Wisse, David Brooks, Charles Schumer and David Frum.
Funny how all the Zionist think tanks have a democratic facade. This is the Jewish Chutzpah diverted to colonial ambitions.
But their true intentions are hard to keep hidden. They only live for the expansion of Israel at any cost. They will throw the US under the bus and won’t think twice.”

A Dangerous Silence
"You and the rest of the "Americans" who care more about Israel than they do the United States of America should do us all a favor and move there, just surrender your passport upon your departure. No man can serve two masters.”
[Posted thrice.]

US-Israel Row Over East Jerusalem Continues
"Bibi was a mess the first time around and is a mess the second time around. The arrogance and sense of entitlement based on the credo of "God's chosen people", has left them discredited, unmasked and alienated from the rest of the international community.” [This paragraph pops up at least five more times in various other posts.]

Israel Warns Palestine Not To Declare State
“Wow! Arabs in the Israeli government, well then, that totally legitimizes all of the actions taken by an apartheid, oppressive Israeli regime. Discrimination not legal? Really? Happens everyday there against Arabs and Muslims."

No Tea Parties for "Bibi"
“Unlike the Israeli's who are determined to erase Palestine and the Palestinains from the face of the earth. It is Israel that is ethnically cleansing Palestine not the other way around. Israeli is the problem. The entire world now sees that.”

No Tea Parties for "Bibi"
"Always the strategy of cheesy israeli apologists, insult the blogger, never address the real issue, the apartheid, oppressive, warmongering failed policies of Israel."

No Tea Parties for "Bibi"
"A country that is based on a single religion is, by definition, NOT a democracy.
If Israel were a democracy, it would not be so frightened and be so aggressive against everyone who objects to its official line."

No Tea Parties for "Bibi"
“Not a very impressive, just another Israeli apologistt, to put it mildly, merely a repetition of the hasbara explanation of the conflict. It totaly fails to set the conflict in a greater strategical or even tactical perspective."

What Obama Is Actually Trying To Do In Israel
"Israel's own actions transform it into a pariah whose driving forces are not the liberal democratic values with which it claims to identify, but ultra-nationalism, racism, religious fanaticism, settler-colonialism and a Jewish supremacist order maintained by frequent massacres. Israel is a morally bankrupt, apartheid, oppressive, racist, failed state, not a regime confident about its legitimacy and longevity. Israel, the new Nazi regime and South African apartheid pariah, welfare state. Divest,” "
[Spammed quite a few times. Responses: "Fanned," "Bingo," "Bravissimo," and "Standing ovation!"]

Fear of Peace Will Be the Death of Israel
"In acting this way, Israel increasingly resembles a morally bankrupt, apartheid, oppressive, racist, failed state, not a regime confident about its legitimacy and longevity.”

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  1. The "death of Israel" has been predicted so many times by its enemies I lose count.

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