Thursday, May 27, 2010

HuffPoWatch User Profile: Chipduyck

Chipduyck is a strictly small-time user, but he has been around in recent threads so I thought I would profile him. In short he spams threads with calls to either "boycott Israel" (yawn) or claims that "Israel will be the death of us all." Of course there is some anti-Semitism thrown in there as well. He only has 41 posts, but I get the impression he has others that have been deleted.

Chipduyck has been active since October 2007. Fans of note include Macready.
Israeli Warplanes Strike Gaza
“Boycott Israel, it worked in South Africa.
How long before Israel kills us all?”

Israeli Academics Denounce Government's Chomsky Ban
“Boycott Israel before it kills us all.”

Noam Chomsky Will Deliver Israel Speech Via Videoconference
“boycott Israel
before they kill us all” [See what I mean?]

Open Letter to J-Street After Their Attack on Elie Wiesel
thank you for standing up to apaic”
[Yet another example of an extreme anti-Zionist who loves J Street.]

Don't Let Terrorists Snatch Victory from the Jaws of Defeat
“what planet are you from?
we are at war with more countries than most can name.
We are becoming the Isreal of the world, hated and condemed to oppress those that want justice.
Our lack of moral world leadership is the problem not "terrorists"
Think U.S. indian wars and you will see we are on the wrong side.”

Schumer: I'm on a Mission From God (to Be Israel's Guardian in Senate)
“boycott Israel”

Lessons From Failed Times Square Bombing
“As long as Israel has an atomic bomb but wont come clean NYC is in danger. Israel will be the death of us all.Imagin
e no relegion.”

Has Chuck Schumer Ever Criticized Israel or its Leadership in the Way He Just Unloaded on Obama?
“shumer is in love with wall st and Israel
both morally indefendable.”

Yom HaShoah And What It Means For Human Rights
“What about the current ongoing Holocaust against the Palistinians?
No comment?”

Open Letter to Berkeley Students on Their Historic Israeli Divestment Bill

Open Letter to Berkeley Students on Their Historic Israeli Divestment Bill
“good going!
Boycott Israel Now”

Netanyahu Continues to Hide Behind Hollow Slogans

Obama's Passover Seder
“Israel is morally bankrupt
stop all aid to Israel and see how tough they act
war war war is the only thing keeping Israel going
without U.S. support we could have peace”

Responding to the New York Times on Israel
“The times is so bias for Israel you cannot get a balanced view.
Israel is a racist state.
Just ask the U.N.
or the rest of the world
We should cut them off of all aid.
no peace will be attained because they cannot seperate church from state
enternal war for them not us”

Israel: Settlement Construction Will Continue In East Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Says
“god save us from Israel”

Israel's Looming War in Gaza: Can Obama Stop It Before It Starts?
“Stop all U.S. support of Israel
It will never be a real country because it
is based on subjugaton of the local population.
Endless war should be stopped by U.N with or without the
U.S senate.”

UNESCO: The Shame of a Disaster Foretold
“I point the finger at the Israel as the problem . Go to the root of the problem. But you cant see past your religious identity. Israel means constant war.”

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