Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HuffPoWatch User Profile: Bbsnews

As far as politics go, the user bbsnews is relatively moderate, or at least he appears that way at first. Upon further investigation of his posts, though, you will find extremely shrill attacks on Israel coupled with token "I condemn" posts against Palestinian terrorism (but only upon request). Bbsnews mostly copies and pastes long paragraphs, which of course is filtered out of the following comments. He also serves as a one-man advocate for the Arab Peace Initiative, warning if Israel doesn't accept it right now they will be doomed to the One State Solution. Though he definitely isn't anti-Semitic, he does make quite a few anti-Semitic comments, including implying that Congress is under the control of AIPAC and that posters who disagree with him are more loyal to Israel than to America. In recent weeks he has stepped up both the number of posts and how aggressive they are.

His most common form of abusive comments, though, is insulting and attacking posters who disagree with him. Usually it takes the form of sneering condescension, but oftentimes he accuses others of "hating" Palestinians or Arabs, though they have made no indication of the kind. Check the comments below if you don't believe me.

Bbsnews has been active since May 2007 and has about 300 comments. I only had time for the most recent 200, though.


Do It for Us
"Your command of nonsense rhetoric is astounding...
You should have chosen the rule of law arik. There is no other way for Israel to survive.”

Do It for Us
"Let me remind you. Your comments on this blog that advocate nonsense and your cheerleading for Israel to continue in breaking international law makes you far more of a threat to Israel than any imaginary world jihad plot.
You and yours have wrought the result. And it is not going to bode well for the rogue state of Israel.”

Where Are the Moderate Jewish Voices?
"Israel has not yet left Gaza, under the Gaza Disengagement Plan Israel keeps complete control, the Gaza Strip is the modern equivalent to the Warsaw Ghetto, and no amount of dissembling or bluffing it out by you in a talkback is going to change this fact."

Where Are the Moderate Jewish Voices?
"Miss me? As I wrote, because of Israel's Foreign Ministry that pays people to comment on blogs just like this, there is no way of knowing who is who. You could very well be on the payroll, this is what propaganda leads to NTT, a whole lot of unintended consequences.
As a result of Israel's underhanded propaganda effort, anyone is suspect, including you. Well, unless of course they are in favor of peace, the rule of law and a fari and just settlement."

Where Are the Moderate Jewish Voices?
"Oh I get you. You have jumped on a troll bandwagon. I never wrote a thing about a "Jewish conspiracy", I simply noted the very real Israeli Foreign Ministry campaign to pay people to comment on Web sites just like this.
So while you are supporting a troll, the rest of us will try to pull Israel out of the fire and save it from itself.
You stay here and suck up to the troll.”

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"And if you want to know what Israelis actually call Arab Palestinians, I suggest a ball game in the sweet little Zionist country - "death to the Arabs". Or you could look at a couple of recent documentaries in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem who also explore what your average Israel really has to say about Palestinians, and for empirical evidence of anti-Arab racism in Israel see the ACRI reports.”

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"It is flip nonsense answers like that which removes you from constructive debate.”

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"Bottom line, it is self-evident Inoku hates Palestinians. He does not even believe they exist. Inoku wrote this, why would you throw out a logical fallacy, project hatred on Mishal and I, when there is no hatred coming from us, you don't see either of us denying that Jews exist, Inoku is the one denying that millions of people don't exist."

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"You can whine and cry all day long. It does not change the fact that every single agreement and framework for reference that has been joined by the United States and the Western world includes a fair and just settlement of the refugee issue based on 194.
Troll on cuthbert, troll on.”

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"You realize that is quite looney tunes right?
Do you have any clue as to reality at all?”

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"We get it. You hate Palestinians with every fiber of your being.”

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"I have never seen any justification for terrorism anywhere. I do know that there is a universal right to resistance against occupation."

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"Your hatred bars you from seeing that the above really is hatred, and you yet again claim that the Palestinian narrative is false. You give no evidence why, it's just more hatred.
Your type of rhetoric, when followed by the gullible is far more likely to lead to senseless violence, as it is born out of sheer ignorance, rumor, fantasy, politically paid for smoke...
Stop your demonization.”

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"And I agree with Mishal, your hatred of Palestinians oozes out of you. Where does such hatred come from?
I mean, you are so blinded by it that you can't take a moment to look and see if a claim you are about to make is even close to being the truth."

The Arab Peace initiative: Now or Never
"Read them all for two weeks and see the cold disdain that Israel really has for the United States, and for American values in general, and even for diaspora Jews that live in the US that they say are not really Jews."

The Road to Nowhere: Fayyad and a Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian Statehood
"Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research is perhaps one of the most respected, their March 2010 joint Israeli-Palestinian poll finds:
"71% among Israelis and 57% among Palestinians supported the “two-state solution,” namely the establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside of Israel."
Hasbara that...

The Road to Nowhere: Fayyad and a Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian Statehood
"Norman Finkelstein "hates Israel"? Yeah, sure. He rankles people like you because he is so right.
He no more "hates Israel" then I do. He simply wants to see justice.” [I see...]

A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks
"Yet, actually it's kind of humorous watching you flounder as you try and keep avoiding the direct and easy to answer questions directed to you.
Did they teach that in the Israeli Foreign Ministry program that pays commentors to obfuscate and otherwise disrupt any reasoned debate where Israel is concerned?”

A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks
"And you sweetie, are on the side of the brutal occupiers. Spending your time obfuscating, deflecting, and otherwise defending the indefensible.
I'll stick with the good guys thanks.”

A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks
"On the other hand, Israel does with its recreation of the Warsaw Ghetto in Gaza.”

A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks
"Name your Congressperson and your Senators and I will then provide you with direct quotes showing their undying allegiance to Israel since you are incapable of doing it yourself.
There is a very small contingent of legislators who actually have principles but most are beholden to AIPAC.”

A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks
"It won't work out sell for Israel, but no one seems to be capable of stopping the rogue state from its march to self-destruction.”

It Is Goldstone Who Is Politicizing Grandson's Bar Mitzvah
Go away already. Your hatred practically drips off of you. And ya gotta love an attorney whose main claim to fame is defending notorious murderers to use a logical fallacy, and appeal to "authority" - and use the totally discredited and biased Kemp from UN Watch as your source.”

A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks
"It's happening right now in Israel with the increasing fascism. Right now, Israelis would actually favor legislating LESS freedom of speech. Yet more insanity emanating from the great US "ally".”

A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks
"Hence the end of the Jewish state, vanquished by its own greed for land that they are never ever supposed to have."

A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks
"Go 'way... the adults are talking.”

A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks
"I completely agree. And if this does not happen within the next year or so, Israel is hopelessly doomed to the dreaded One State Solution(tm). In fact, most experts agree that it is fruitless *right now* to even go any further with the "sham" of negotiations that never go anywhere not only because of Israel, but also because the United States is simply not strong enough to stand up to AIPAC; a foreign lobbying group that boasts of holding all of the US Congress in its pocket.”

Waiting... and Wasting Time
"From cali and so many others, they view the tiniest of criticism of Israeli policy as "bashing" or "antisemitism". They are not rational. No matter how many times they are presented with facts from primary sources they will be back tomorrow still telling the same old lies.
Either they have nothing better to do, or they have an agenda. I am curious to know if it is a paid agenda funded by the Israeli government.
[He then goes on to talk about this "paid agenda."]
It is insidious, it is based on telling lies to hide the realities of Israel's occupations, and it is morally wrong to pay people to defend the indefensible.”

Waiting... and Wasting Time
"It is a legitimate question given that you never offer a viable alternative for peace, and you rarely if ever even get close to an actual fact - most of your stuff is simply repackaged Hasbara talking points straight from Israel's Foreign Ministry inspired Ministry of Hasbara."

Waiting... and Wasting Time
Are you paid by the Israeli government? It is a legitimate question because no matter how many times you are corrected on facts, you keep coming back here with Hasbara talking points that have been debunked over and over and over."

Waiting... and Wasting Time
"That is an evil statement. It is a statement made to incite. It is a statement made to inflame. It is a statement made to demonize and denigrate an entire captive civilian population and justify their collective punishment.
Clearly contrary to Geneva, and a war crime in itself, and I find it purely evil that you could support such an atrocity.”

Waiting... and Wasting Time
"This is why I consider you one of the more vile posters momma. Your total hatred of Palestinians.
We still have a few racist punks in the US South as well. They are also disgusting ignorant individuals that will do and say anything in their hatred of blacks folks.
They like to hang out at "tea partys" and give the founding Fathers a bad name.”

Schumer and Dershowitz vs. Obama
"Yes, a simple-minded argument by a simple mind."

Schumer and Dershowitz vs. Obama
"Actually, it is a positive testament to the human condition that grassroots activists the world over act to counter your lies and false allegations with primary source material from the actual players and governments involved in the Israeli-Arab conflict.
Of course, your mileage may vary given that you inhabit a paranoid world filled with tidy little Hasbara talking points, some may even be directly funded by the Israeli government."

J Street Can No Longer Claim to Be Pro Israel
"So far you are short on truth and long on Hasbara talking points."

Schumer and Dershowitz vs. Obama
"I disagree. Not only should the US stop all aid to Israel while it continues as an illegal and violent expansionist occupier state, also all private contributions should be banned.
There is no good reason for the US to expend blood and treasure to perpetuate Israel's illegal occupations and the subjugation of the Palestinians.”

Schumer and Dershowitz vs. Obama
"As an American, I am now ashamed that Shumer is a US senator. I used to have some level of respect for him, but he has now come right out and endorsed a crime against humanity.
The man is no longer fit to be a US Senator, and he should be impeached for his endorsement of Israel committing a crime against humanity; collective punishment and siege of a civilian population to elicit a desired political result by an illegal occupier country.
That my friends is the definition of state terrorism, and I am ashamed for the United States that Senator Shumer supports such an atrocity.”

J Street Can No Longer Claim to Be Pro Israel
Yeah, when you twist the term to be completely devoid of its original meaning.
In the real world, rational criticism of Israel's odious policies have nothing to do with Jews, it has to do with expansionist policies that are endangering Americans and American interests.
So why are you in California (or pretending to be) if you are not loyal to the United States? Should you not make Aliyah and go live where your true allegiance resides?”
[The most ironic comment I have read all day!]

J Street Can No Longer Claim to Be Pro Israel
"HuffPo should cut off your funding for cheese whiz.”

Alan Dershowitz Is Wrong
"I adopted putting supporter in quotes a couple of years ago because from what I have observed, these people support things the majority of Israelis do not support, they only seem to support hatred and obscuring root causes of the conflict.
If they actually looked at the conflict through a prism of reality, it would shatter their cherished misconceptions when they realize at this point, the state of Israel is every bit as culpable for this situation as any militants on the other side.”

J Street Can No Longer Claim to Be Pro Israel
"arik has shown repeatedly that he is in favor of Hamas and Hezbollah and AQ.
Every single action he argues for supports their continued existence. I concluded some time ago that he works for one of them. He certainly is no American.”

Declare Independence. Free Israel. End the Occupation.
"I certainly addressed the issue. You just do not seem to realize that it is braindead for you to argue against the rule of law that Israel itself signed up for.
Wingnuts never seem to follow their own twisted brand of logic all the way through.
Wingnuts invariably miss the finer points.
These are but two reasons that you and yours would be politely escorted out of the halls of power as loonie tunes.”

Declare Independence. Free Israel. End the Occupation.
"I'm betting on the rule of law side. Your side seems to be all about hatred and loathing without a lick of common sense.”

Declare Independence. Free Israel. End the Occupation.
"If you were an unbiased observer who actually cared about facts instead of your hatred of all things Arab and Muslim, you would readily admit this.
But you cannot, so you won't. Wingnuts never do."

Declare Independence. Free Israel. End the Occupation.
"Arafat is dead. And so is your kind of Hasbarah. Been there, got the T-Shirt, then the New Historians turned your fantasy world upside down with the real facts straight out of Israeli government archives.
It's all over but the UN Chapter Seven resolution, that you can take to the bank.
Oh, and fanning Arik says a lot about you... When people fan blithering idiots it really shreds their credibility.

Major Israeli Anti-Semitism Report Conflates Goldstone, Critics of Gaza War With Violent Thugs
"The only thing that is exposed is your inability to focus and offer solutions instead of nonsensical rantings."

Major Israeli Anti-Semitism Report Conflates Goldstone, Critics of Gaza War With Violent Thugs
"Frankly I'm speechless. I'm actually slightly breathless at the deep burning hatred you must have of the Palestinians.
I am appalled that there are people like you in the world that will simply deny reality just to further your intense hatred.
Get help for your hatred.”

Major Israeli Anti-Semitism Report Conflates Goldstone, Critics of Gaza War With Violent Thugs
"You must have started drinking early today."


  1. I gotta hand it to you guys. You must have stomachs made of iron, because all this hatred... all this anti-Zionism and vicious demonization of the Jewish state, makes my skin crawl and my belly churn.

    But somebody's got to do it, eh?

    I salute you, gentlemen.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. An Arab Peace Initiative? The same Arabs who allegedly want peace with Israel are the same Arabs who have threatened to boycott the Mediterranean Summit in Spain this summer because Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will be present there. So much for all the talk of co-existence.

  3. Karmafish, I went to your blog and saw you wrote extensively about Benny Morris and the "new historians." Take a look at his new book (not sure of the publication date - Yale U. Press) ‘One State, Two States: Resolving the Israel/Palestine Conflict’

    This new book will further alienate him from the New Historians to say nothing of the people who believe that they are advancing the Palestinian cause by demonizing Israel. Morris now utterly rejects the one-state solution since at best it would lead to a Jewish exodus, and also rejects the “conventional” two-state solution as no longer viable, since the area that would be Palestine would be a terrorist rump state and far too small. He proposes an enlarged Jordan encompassing the West Bank with land swaps to accommodate the major settlement blocs. A return by Jordan would be physically large enough to allow for the Palestinian right of return as well as for future development. Jordan with a relatively powerful army and security services would provide the possibility of reining in the militants thus enhancing the security issues.

    I have envisioned something similar, with the West Bank as a Palestinian home rule region as part of Jordan, and those settlers outside of the major settlement blocs choosing to remain becoming Jewish-Jordanian citizens with full rights including the right to buy land. Bi-National control of Jerusalem can work as well.

    A Jordanian-Israeli economic zone with strong ties in tourism, regional water developmental projects, agriculture and industrial R&D would be a boon to the Palestinians and the Jordanians. My 2 cents.

  4. Hey Califlefty,

    I am a Daily Kos refugee, but when I still posted there I would often bring up the Jordanian option when toxic anti-Zionists would suggest the so-called "single state solution."

    The problem, of course, is that Jordan... and for very good reasons, as I'm sure that you are well aware... wants no part of the WB.

    In any case, thanks for dropping by my blog. I am not nearly as prolific as Matt and Zach, but I usually try to write something new once a week, or so.


    btw, as much as I like this blog, what we really need is a pro-Israel community blog. When I say "community blog" I mean a blog set up like, for example this one:


    Firefly Dreaming is a small liberal (tho not anti-Zionist) blog. The features of such a blog include the ability of members to write essays on the side of the page, as the blog owner and admins, write on the "front page."

    It also allows for "nesting comments" which eases, and promotes, the flow of conversation.

    By setting up a blog in this fashion... like dKos is also set-up... it encourages participation. Yet, for some reason, none of the pro-Israel blogs that I am familiar with a community blogs.

    Tis a shame.

  5. So one must open every comment with a condemnation of terrorism eh?

    I wonder why promoting the rule of law, UN resolutions, prior agreements, the Arab Peace Initiative, it's in the Road Map etc - I wonder how that is anti-Israel?

    The answer is of course, it is not.

    Israel is headed straight towards a One State Solution(tm), and not the insane vision Benny has moved to; surely he knows Jordan has no intention of agreeing to any such nonsense that "Jordan is Palestine".

    I suggest instead of bashing true supporters of peace such as myself, y'all might spend a little more time addressing 500,000 illegal squatters in Occupied Palestinian Territory and the IDF occupation army that "protects" them.

    No amount of malicious spin will change how badly Israel is out of touch with international law and international human rights law.

    Only Israel's actions, and soon, will lead to a peaceful solution.

    And that means it is time for Israel to grow up and accept responsibility for what it has wrought in the region and the wider world.