Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Rahm Emanuel Goes to Israel

The Huffington Post covered a story about Rahm Emanuel going to Israel for his son's Bar Mitzvah. Naturally the HPers reacted to this in the way we would expect they would. There were many abusive comments, as you will see below. There were also some other comments about people asking why "an Israeli" was part of the White House, but I didn't count them as abusive. The thread has about 700 comment and was pseudo-moderated, in the sense that if your comment was long enough it might get held up in moderation.

How dare you question the Zionistpuppetmaster of Obama who will be pushing the USA into war ON Iran?

I don't know why anyone in Israel should be upset with the US...we've always been their puppet and that will never change.

we do not need dual citizens in our government.

You don't need any Zionists in your govt.........least of all the FED which actually runs the USA along with AIPAC.

Its [Zionism] pure evil.

Since when do Syrians have bar mitzvahs?
[Not abusive, but enlightening consider the AZ's insist the Palestinians are their own separate national group from the rest of the Arabs, but this guy considers Jews to be Syrians.]

No doubt he met with NuttyYahoo and was told that the attack ON Iran is on and to tell Obama to butt out unless he needs the USA to finish the job.
such a wonderful religion.................................NOT!!

The jewish cabgal is in full control of USA. :-D

mornining Mac...here is an interesting link of Jewish ownership of all US media...gee who would have thought.

this explains a lot. Our government appears now to be run by a guy whose first priority is Israel. Oh my!

How is it that a duo national like Rahm, being a citizen of Israel and the US can be the chief of staff of the United States President. AIPAC is a far more effective lobby than we'll ever be able to imagine. But wow!

The Federal Reserve System is riddled with dual citizens.

Jews deserve great priase for their hard work and inclination to intellectual endeavors. Taht said, claims that Jews do not occupy a position of overhwelming influence in the media (not to mention banking, e.g. Messrs Greenspan, Rubin, Summer, Geithner, Bernanke, etc.) are diingenuous. Even Rupert Murdoch, Evil Media Overlord, is technically Jewish.

That is because the rest of the world gets UNFILTERED news, unlike the USA which is totally filtered by the Zionists of course. They OWN all MSM in the USA.

You are wrong. WWIII will be started by Israel. And you can look the other way but when your kids are dying for these racist, fascist thieves you will be paying attention.

Good God! Who said that? Is it wrong for anyone to use white phosphorus on other living sentient beings. If that is what Israel is doing. Its wrong. What does that have to do with Jews being sinners? If AIPAC is the third most powerful lobby in the US, again, Jews aren't sinners, they just have more influence on US policy than most American citizens.

The FED, AIPAC, Hollywood (full of propaganda movies), all USA, MSM that doesn't report the real news.
All owned or operated by Zionists.

He takes his son to a foreign country for a family religious event. Or maybe a quick refesher on Israeli Law - Rahm is technically a citizen of Israel whenever he wants, along with his son providing their respective mothers classified as "Jewish" by Israeli Law. No extradition. This is the so called Law of Return. Israel is a foreign country, not an arm of america. It exists because we fund it and it doesn't care wehat we ant. and it shouldn't and we should stop romaticizing our relationship and work to a peace that will slow the terrorist hate. Let's see who could help - all the bankers who got bonuses, the majority of FED Res heads and all major stars in hollywood and it's infrastructure along with a several SC judges, etc. Do you guys see who is pulling strings, separately and together and sometimes at cross purposes in our relationship with these guys to our dtreement as a country. Just looking at the fats.

If anyone really belives Rahm is flag totin american is a abracadabratard....jews in the government and courts greatly outpacing their representation in the population. Privilege does have its advantages. There is no such thing as a poor jew. I would consider it a privlege to be on the S.H.I.T. list.

Apparantly the US isn't good enough for our chief of staff. The real question should be should the state of Israel been created in the first place. Just imagine if someone had taken part of the US and made it a separate nation. There would be the many pi$$ off Americans, so why should anyone believe the Palestinians would be as well.

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