Monday, May 3, 2010

Huffington Post Research Summary, April 2010

Here is the results from April 2010.

Here is another chart that I decided to make, the number of bloggers who wrote in each category. This is to indicate that some bloggers like MJ Rosenberg might write more articles than Richard Greener who simply writes one or two.

As you can see, there were significantly more bloggers who write anti-Israel articles than those who write pro-Israel articles and vice versa. A few, like Bradley Burston, will write both. Most, however, will choose a side and stick with one side or another.


  1. The political slant of HufPo of course extends into the moderating of comments which is replete with anti-Semitic slander; as an example see this comment by "punk", a "HUFFPOST COMMUNITY MODERATOR" who said this in reference to a petition signed by 3,000 European Jewish intellectuals -- "Unfortunately, these particular Jews are in the minority of Jews. So, let's continue supporting the growing worldwide boycott of Israel and its apartheid government."

  2. Also, it needs to be said that anyone who calls Israel an "apartheid" state, which of course it is not, does so in order to plant the idea that just as South Africa was dismantled as an apartheid state, so Israel needs to be dismantled as a Jewish state.

    The irony is in the implication that Jews must be robbed of self-determination and self-defense on MORAL grounds.