Monday, May 3, 2010

Huffington Post Research Data, April 2010

Here is the research data from April of 2010. Click the link below to read the list.

April 2010

President of Humanity-David Suissa
President Obama Says, "Peace Cannot Be Imposed From the Outside"-Ed Koch
The Maddening Israel I Love and Admire-Brad Hirschfield
Israel's Birthday: Are the Stars Misaligned?-Amiti Etzioni
O Jerusalem-David Harris
Happy Birthday, Dear Israel-Meir Javendafar
The Secret Condition-Amitai Etzioni
Memo To Bibi: You're Screwed-Mark Joseph
A Dangerous Silence-Ed Koch
Dear Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin-David Harris
The Conflict Between the US and Israel Must End Now!-Alan Dershowitz
I Have Never Been So Terrified-Ed Koch

Extremist Pro-Settler Lobby Rallies Against Obama While Schumer and Weiner Pander (Video)-Max Blumenthal
Israeli Tourism Maps Annex Palestinian Lands and Omit Palestinian Cities-Daoud Kuttab
An Open Letter to UC Berkeley Students -- Passing the Israel Divestment Bill-Mustafa Barghouti
A Middle East Peace That Could Happen (But Won't)-Noam Chomsky
Liner Notes for a Freedom Seder: 4 Questions for the Jews This Passover-Michael Gould-Wartofsky
Senator Schumer and Collective Punishment-Ahmed Moor
Elie Wiesel, a Reality Denier-Avraham Burg
Has Obama Decided That the Netanyahu Coalition Is the Problem?-Daoud Kuttab
Israeli Journalists Not Allowed to Enter Gaza-Yermi Brenner
Has Chuck Schumer Ever Criticized Israel or its Leadership in the Way He Just Unloaded on Obama?-Steve Clemons
"Kvetching" on the Road to Jerusalem-Leon T. Hadar
Easing Gaza's Blockade?-Bill Corcoran
Israel Must Respect the Rule of Law-Mya Guarnieri
Declare Independence. Free Israel. End the Occupation.-Bradley Burston
Can Israel Be Its Own Worst Enemy?-Dana Agmon
Has Israel Reneged on the Unity of West Bank and Gaza?-Daoud Kuttab
Elie Wiesel and the Rest Of Us : Compassion on the Cheap-MJ Rosenberg
Deporting Gandhi from Palestine-Jamal Dajani
Times Reports Shift in US Mideast Policy-MJ Rosenberg
Israel Reroutes Its Barrier, But Many Question if This is a Real Victory for Palestinians-Christopher Alessi
VIDEO SHOCKER: AIPAC Official Mistakenly Admits How It Operates-MJ Rosenberg
Israeli Military Commander Acts As a Dictator Towards Palestinians-Daoud Kuttab
Official List: Did Your Congressman Sign a Letter Telling Obama to Back Netanyahu?-MJ Rosenberg
Major Israeli Anti-Semitism Report Conflates Goldstone, Critics of Gaza War With Violent Thugs-Max Blumenthal
Divesting From Injustice-Desmond Tutu
Is This Where the Holy Land Is Headed?-Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi
Does Israel's Crackdown on Journalists Suggest a "Crisis of Legitimacy"?-Jared Malsin
Does PBS Know That "The Washington Institute" Was Founded By AIPAC?-MJ Rosenberg
Tens of Thousands of Palestinians Subject to Deportation Under New Israeli Military Order-Mya Guarnieri
On the Ground in Gaza-Mary Charlotte-Domandi
Why Netanyahu Canceled His DC Visit, and Why the GOP Is Applauding-Daniel Levy
African Asylum Seekers in Israel-Yermi Brenner
Look Who's Missing From Washington-Jamal Dajani
Petraeus Takes the Genie Out of the Bottle-Daoud Kuttab
Inside the Media Blackout in the Middle East's Only Democracy-Max Blumenthal
Time for America to Befriend Israel-Henry Mintzberg
Kamm On!-Dahlia Scheindlin
Reporter's Notebook: Breaking the Gag-Mya Guarnieri
Resentment Seethes in Gaza-Christopher Alessi
Getting Tear Gassed: A Ni'lin Protest Against Wall in The West Bank (VIDEO)-Levi Felix

Palestinian doctor chooses peace over revenge-Craig and Marc Kielburger
At The Arab Summit: President Abbas Slays the Dragon-Hani Almadhoun

In Gaza, Hamas Executes Two Palestinians-Hani Almadhoun
Waiting... and Wasting Time-James Zogby
Berkeley's Israel Boycott, the Occupation's New Friend-Bradley Burston
Not For Profit: How Hamas Sabotages the Gaza Charities-Hani Almadhoun
Textbooks, Grasshoppers, and the Question of Incitement-Ghassan Khatib

Takes No Side
A New Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Proximity Talks-Steven L. Seagal
Obama Deemed too Weak to Make Peace in Middle East-Taufiq Rahim
It's Not All Barack & Bibi ...-Charles D. Ellison
What Flag Do Israelis Fly on Their Independence Day?-Hagit Ofran
Obama and the Middle East: Complex Systems, Poorly Planned Interventions, and The Law of Unintended Consequences- Eric K. Clemons and Elizabeth T. Gray
A Peaceful Strategy for Palestinian Independence-Ziad J. Asali
Obama's New Path To Mideast Peace?-David A. Love
How to Tell When a Mideast Expert Is Lying-Bradley Burston
With Friends Like These...-James Campion
Obama Just Won't Give Up on Peace, Dammit!-Amjad Atallah
Putting American Ideas on the Table-Isaac Luria
Confessions of a Pro-Israel Obama Supporter-Larry Gellman
In Addressing US-Israel Tension, a Chance to Advance Peace Process-Peter A. Joseph

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