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HPW User Profile: Raskefing

Raskefing came to my attention because of some of his recent comments, but he's been on the HP since September 2008. He has about 200 comments and 2 friends (CigarGod and muck-raker). He's your average-for-the-HP far lefty, believing the Obama administration is out to "get" the American people and the Wall Street fat-cats are destroying this country in a grand conspiracy theory of epic proportions. You can read his comments and see for yourself. He's also a 9-11 "truther" as you'll see in one comment below, for what that's worth.

As for Israel comments, he's actually a fairly moderate voice, in that he acknowledges the Palestinians' do bad things as well. Every once in a while though, his mask of moderation slips off and he posts his true feelings, namely, that the Joooos (or as he calls them, Zionists or Israelis) control the US media, banking system and government. So much for greatscot's post yesterday that there is no anti-Semitism on the HP.

NATO Wants Probe Of Israeli Raid

"The hasbara crowd used to be subtle and somewhat intelligent but now it seems they are scraping the barrel !"  

'Rachel Corrie' Aid Ship Headed Toward Gaza

 “Then why do we have sympathy for those stupid folks who stayed in Germany after our mustachioed friend came to power ?”  

Moment of Truth Has Arrived

“"Not the map that I'm looking at.
Nor the map that schools teach American children. "

It seems that the information fed to young Israeli and American children about the Palestinian situation has been pure propaganda of Goebbels like proportions ! nothing reasonable objective persons say can get past the hard wired brainwashed " facts" in those twisted minds.”

“I think it would be worth tour while to check out the definition of apartheid !

The crime of apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity "committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime."
does this help ? 
while you may say that Jewishness is not racial grouping , but the philosophy of " specialness" and being gods chosen people etc. smells suspiciously like racism !”

Israeli Government Says "Get Goldstone" and Lobby's Media Friends Seem to Comply

“Discredited by whom ? Hasbara paid lackeys.? please give me a link to someone who is impartial who discredits his report,”

Ahmadinejad: Osama Bin Laden Is In D.C. (VIDEO)

“Does America have a free press ? the MSM media wants you to demonize and hate the Iranians by hiding relevant information and lying to the people. please check out this video !”

[note the thread. Youtube videos are to "If Americans Knew" about the lack of media coverage of Israel]

Where Are the Moderate Jewish Voices?

“One of the reasons that moderate Muslim are not heard is because the western press is owned by persons not interested in such views! we are told it is anti- Semitic to say that the press and media is owned by Jews but is this not true ?
I personally have always found Jewish people to be hard working and very liberal in their views but i have always been struck by the Primitive tribal view of many at the same time.How can a just God favor one desert tribe over the rest of humanity and support the pillage and murder as described in the Old testament Bible ?
Is it not a hallmark of civilization to see all men as equal and brothers ? Is not Tribalism a primitive throwback to a time when mankind was ruled by the reptilian brain?

All divisions of mankind int tribes religions and petty nationalities with its attendant hatred and wars is the hurdle or mountain we must climb to fulfill our destiny as an evolved species.
The only people who benefit is the Ruling elite who themselves do not live by such primitive rubbish but only use it to further divide and plunder the weak and foolish.”

It Takes Two Sides to Achieve Two States, or Why Mearsheimer Is Wrong on Israel

“I notice that the pro- Zionist lobby on this blog constantly baits the American taxpayer by asserting that US taxpayer cash will flow in increasing amounts to Israel ! as if to say there is nothing that they can do to stop it, and they are right ! The Zionist influence extends to control of the US media and the banking system.
The Arabs and Palestinians have repeatedly agreed to recognize the state of Israel if it would change its predatory policies . yet those Zionist apologist keep repeating the lie that everyone wishes to destroy them.what they wish to destroy is the malignant cancer of Zionist expansionism and the philosophy of racial and tribal superiority ,destined by a desert god . 
The majority of Jewish people are liberal and just people, it is the Neo-Con regime that has captured the government in Israel that is the problem and Americans need to understand that this is the same crowd that leads them into perpetual war and the rape and pillage of the American middle class for the benefit of the economic elite.
The majority of the citizens of the world are opposed to the brutal and inhuman policies of the Israeli regime and no amount of posting by paid Hasbara agents will get rid of the stench of exploitation racism and hate espoused and practiced by the State of Israel and supported by the power elite in America and Britain.”

Israel Warns Palestine Not To Declare State

“Please help me ! where in the Muslim world is Jews treated badly ? 
why would Jews live in Iran if they were badly treated ?

History has shown that Jews were better treated in Muslim lands than Europe or Russia.”

Israeli Warplanes Reportedly Bomb Gaza Strip

“That has been the dream of the Zionist since 1948 !

please tell me what this series of maps tell you !

This link tells a different story !”

The Ugly Head of America

“Were millions of Americans not cheering at the " shock and awe " attack on Iraq for the supposed 
One of the most disgusting characteristics of pro- Zionist/ imperialist apologist is their complete lack of empathy for other human beings outside of their tribe or national grouping.
Also a complete lack of self- analysis and balance in any situation which involves the demonized group.
Some Muslims are criminals , even some Muslim leaders but so are Israeli and American leaders and citizens . please look at the History of Christianity ? does this make all Christians nations and peoples worthy of the same crimes Muslims in general are accused of and the racist attitude expressed by persons like your self 

Petraeus Explains the Reality of Middle East 'Linkage'

“Right at this moment they are thousands of Jews living safely in IRAN and Jews have been safer traditionally in Muslim countries than even Christians lands.

When food is about to spoil one has to put plenty pepper on it to disguise the taste !
This may explain why apologist for the criminal regime in Tel- Av iv lies so indiscriminately."

Drone Wars, Without Any Rules

“My brother ,you are the one that needs to educate yourself ! regurgitating the story told to you by the press is not enough.

The Pakistani government for many years has been one of the most repressive regimes in the world.
All the US is doing is propping up another corrupt regime and eliminating any resistance to their client regime in order to control the energy routes between Europe- Russia the Middle East and Asia.
Your government has perpetuated a hoax of epic proportions on you and you have bought the story hook line and sinker.
9/11 was a false flag ops. and soon when the rights of Americans are entirely gone you will wake up and start actually researching facts and truly educating your self.
Please wake up !”

Clinton: Israel Faces 'Difficult' Choices

“Its not Is rael that needs to make difficult choices, its America ! will the US take a stand on the principles of fairness and the equality of all human beings or will it continue to support tyrannical and despotic regimes such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Is- rael ?

The USA cannot go around the world preaching Democracy while itself being controlled by a group of desert tribesmen circa 1000 BC.
How can we respect Uncle Sam when the government of the greatest military power on earth has to bow down to a doctrine of Special people and the chosen of God ?
America needs to stand up for the UN charter on t Universal Declaration of Human rights and be evenhanded in the way they treat both Arabs and Jews ."

UK Expels Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Murder Case

“The concept that because we use computers and I-phones that we are civilized people is patently false !
How can anyone using their cerebral cortex ( a sign of being civilized ie non- primitive ) look at the treatment and condition of Palestinians in their own land ( please google a map of Palestine pre- 1948 ) and not see tremendous unfairness and persecution is beyond me .

How can a people who themselves were so horribly treated for centuries become in a few short decades no different to their past persecutors ?

I know that the majority of Israelis are wonderful and caring humans but after being propagandized into a fear and hate based mental state for decades by the primitive and anti- progressive regimes in power ,they too have been reduced to the mental state of a desert dwelling tribesman circa 1000 BC.
For the sake of your children and indeed the world please look into your hearts and minds and look with an objective eye on what your government does and then take a step into the modern world where there is no special people chosen by God with the rights to forcibly take over everything in sight and kill and pillage whoever you wish to because everyone else is HEATHENS !. Welcome to the 21st Century !”

Ban Ki-Moon: Israel Must Stop Building On Occupied Land

“I see you have called yourself a troll! where did you get your facts on Africa ? Is Israel a Democracy ?
The Apartheid State in SA also called itself a Democracy while denying the black pop. a vote just as Israel does to the original population. 
Obviously you are speaking from your reptilian brain and not your Cerebral Cortex. Israel has been supported by the UN from the beginning , It was a UN mandate that set up the State of Israel but of course the Special Chosen people of God can do no wrong and any criticism has to be anti- Semitic !”

Fareed Zakaria: Netanyahu Is Undermining Israel's Security

“Guys , its great to see Americans being objective and standing up for fairness but the sad news is America is the junior Partner in this relationship !
Remember the Golden rule , he who has the Gold Rules ! Through the Fed and the Major banks the Financial health of America is controlled for the benefit of the World elite.
Please research who owns the major Banks and control the Fed and you will see the long and greedy hand of a certain 2 percent of the US population.
Please research who were the original Bankers and who controlled the wealth of Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

America is just the muscle and feeding ground for the world financial elite. I will bet my b--lls that the Obama Administration will eventually back down when Israel throws them a bone to save face !”

Jewish Americans Increasingly Angry, Radical, Split on Middle East

“The statement that Hamas will not recognize Israel is very deceptive, Hamas will not recognize 
the state of Israel as defined within its present borders !
please check out a map of Palestine pre 1947 and now in 2005. The apartheid regime in Israel has taken over 75% of the territory !”

Obama at Oslo: Israel Exempt From International Standards

“And the Israeli - American hegemony killed over 1,000,000 Iraqis in the war and over 500.000 children under the sanctions !
Hundreds of thousands of Afghans. Oh i forgot they are not " god;s chosen people " destined to inherit the earth !”

EU: Jerusalem Should Be Joint Capital

The Israeli and American Neocons have controlled the American media for ages.
Do a check on who controls the press and movie studios in America it is mostly Israeli owned and they control American policy to the detriment of America..

All this propaganda cannot hide the basic injustice of the Israeli state with its US veto against sanctions and Nukes plus over 2 billion in American taxpayers dollars every year.
The Israelis deserve a safe and protected State of their own but so does the Palestinians.
We are all Gods children , not just Israelis !”

U.S. Seeking Tougher Sanctions Against Iran

“Glad to see that Americans are finally beginning to see the truth about Israel.
research will show that the Federal Reserve is controlled by the same Elite that controls
the British Financial systems. and the real Headquarters is in Israel.
Americans are owned by Israeli Financial interest ! What is the most powerful lobby in the USA ?
The Israeli lobby and the Wall street interest.
I like Obama personally but the sad truth that just like most US presidents he is a General Manager for Israeli and Wall street interest .The admin staff is the US congress.
Follow the money, who has benefited from the Iraqi wars ? The creditors of the US government and the Israeli Government.

You the American people are left holdi
ng the bag !”

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  1. Hilarious... I guess he never heard what Muslims did to Ilan Halimi in France... those are the "moderate" Muslims he thinks the media isn't paying attention to. Of course since he hates the Jews, it stands to reason he loves Muslims, who deeply hate the Jews, too. "Moderate" Islam? There ain't no such animal. There is only Islam, stupid.