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HPW User Profile: EnMasse

EnMasse is a user that has appeared within in the last couple of months. At this point her comments are nothing we have never seen before: Criticism of Israel that often leads to attacks on Israel itself or her people, which in turn leads to comments that toe the line of anti-Semitism. Usually of the kind that "Jews as a people have no rights" or "Zionists control the US government." She also is quite active in defending Iran. Palestinian terrorists ("by any means necessary") and calling people who she doesn't like "hasbara." At this point I will simply let the comments speak for themselves. Click below to read them.

EnMasse has been active since December 2009 and about 275 comments. Fans of note include skialethia, CigarGod, Anbreen, and zbowling.

Israel and the Flotilla: On the Dangers of a Binary View

“Actually, there are a few of her. They are called Zionists. Those beasts come with all kinds of different stripes. Lots of Egyptian and Jordanian zionists in their respective governments. Some of the most heinous torture chambers in Egypt are run by Zionists.
Omigosh! We just discovered where the Muslim on Muslim killings are coming from - Muslim Zionists! See how that works?”

Israel and the Flotilla: On the Dangers of a Binary View
"Don't tell me who I can compare Israel to. There is no decency about Israel - a group of ethno-nationalists (just exactly like the Nazis and their Aryan race) decide to create a state and begin a colonial-settler movement to wipe out a people from their nation so that they can have it. And because they have a mastery of western sophistication, language and connections, they manipulate this heinous crime to seem as though they are the victims."

The Day US Jewish Groups Went Too Far With the Word "Terrorist"
"Your view of Lebanon is warped by the minority view expressed by your sect. And you appear to have more loyalty to Israel than to your own nation.”

The Hezbo(ti)lla
“The rockets will stop when the Occupier packs up and goes back home to Poland, Germany and the Unites States. Haven't you heard?"

Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally Against School Integration Ruling (VIDEO)
“Racist to the core. Amazing how long it has taken for Americans to see this.
See how they act? And this is toward fellow Jews. Now imagine a Palestinian child facing anyone in this mob. I shudder at how much the Pals have suffered - and how, with all their pain and humiliation we still call them terrorists.
Shame on us.”

Israel vs Turkey: Which Serves US Interests Better?
“Pure deranged paranoia... Your realities exist on a whole other cosmic plane, don't they?”

Israel vs Turkey: Which Serves US Interests Better?
“That's great. Let them all relocate to Silicon Valley then. Take them all, will you? Back in the Middle East all they do is shoot kids.”

Israel vs Turkey: Which Serves US Interests Better?
“No country has the "right" to exist. Israel less than most. It is a country built on the blood and bones of a harmless population that had nothing to do with European anti-Semitism.
No, Israel most certainly does not have a right to exist. Horrible little nation. Will do anything to survive, including pushing for a clash of civilizations.”

Rahm Emanuel Heckled By Protesters In Israel
“Ignore the twits - they are all trying to make sure the narrative doesn't swing the other way so they don't have to turn in their Israeli citizenships. Because then they'd really have to choose! :-)”

Rahm Emanuel Heckled By Protesters In Israel
"On the other hand, the issue of dual-loyalty among American Jews is front and center these days. We barely hear about Congresswoman Jane Harman giving national security info to AIPAC officials - and about convicted or indicted Jewish-Americans accused of transferring US secrets to Israel like Jonathan Pollard or Ben-Ami Kadish or Larry Franklin or Keith Weisman or Steven Rosen, etc, etc, etc, but Washington does discuss these things. And many, many, MANY more Americans discuss the fact that US foreign policy in the Middle East seems to be determined wholly by Israel and its US-based lobby groups."

A Self-Defeating Fixation
“The West is responsible for this mess. They wanted a safe haven for holocaust survivors and now it is a terror stronghold run by fanatic Jews.
How does that sound from another angle?”

Noam Chomsky Denied Entry To Israel
"So Israeli... occupying anything and everything in your path. Mine, mine, MINE! Wow - take an aggression break for a second and consider your provocation on a human sensitivity level.”

European Jews Sign Petition Critical Of Israel
"That entire state occupies land that was taken illegally by foreign colonizers. As such, the occupied have every right to reclaim that territory with whatever means they have at their disposal.
Should have taken two states when it was offered to you, bud. The narrative is heading back to One State right now, with one-man, one-vote, as it should have been always.
And, for the record, it wasn't a "war of genocide" - it was a war to reclaim territory occupied by foreigners. Jews and genocide are not synonymous, you know.” "
[posted twice]

European Jews Sign Petition Critical Of Israel
"Israel doesn't want to play, honey. And their army of Hasbara activists like you are there to whine "it is the Palestinians who don't want peace!"

US, Canada, Australia Warn Of 'Imminent' Terror Attacks In India's Capital
"“Uh, Arik...I don't know if you Israelis realize this, but we don't have to be paid by "Arabs" to take the position that Israel is an apartheid state and that Palestinians are victims of state-sponsored terrorism."

Hamas Allegedly Taxes Poor, Robs Banks To Fund Itself
“Frothing, delusional, rabid, desperate, pathetic, sad...
You know - if we altogether ignored his rants, you would have a gazillion comments just by Oleg. Funny, that.”

Hamas Allegedly Taxes Poor, Robs Banks To Fund Itself
“I'm sure your paymasters have that human transfer already in their blueprints, my dear. But as they are not making any efforts to move them into other countries, and are basically just shooting, bombing and burning as many Gazans as they possibly can at any one time, you will excuse me if I don't buy your "immigrate" theory and stick to the now widely-believed "exterminate" evidence.

Memo To Bibi: You're Screwed
“Hiya James.
Listen: Israel - Occupier. Palestinians - Occupied.
Palestinians don't have to "behave" in any way or form to suit the narrative and interests of the "Occupier.
" They should instead expend every effort to end the occupation in any way or form.
You'd "happily support" the Palestinians being your lil performing monkey, huh? Get a life.”

Memo To Bibi: You're Screwed
“Ooh - an innovative way to keep propping up a morally bankrupt, colonial-settler experiment based on the vilest sort of ethno-nationalism when its ONLY remaining sponsor - the United States - decides to bail out. A telethon!! How very novel!
Might I suggest that any US citizen that contributes via this Telethon to the coffers of a nation standing accused of war crimes be immediately and irrevocably stripped of their citizenship. Don't worry about them - a "homeland" awaits..."

VIDEO SHOCKER: AIPAC Official Mistakenly Admits How It Operates
"Wow. Kessler feeds into every stereotype out there on the pro-Israel lobby. Arrogant, one-issue ideologues who should be registered as foreign agents. "

My Parent the President
“Israel is no friend - it does exactly what it wants, when it wants. This so-called "strategic alliance" based on "common values" is a misnomer at best. It has had nothing but tragic consequences for Americans and our foreign policy. The Middle East is an area where we once had many friends. Today, our cozy relationship with Israel and the many double standards we exhibit because of this alliance has earned us enemies and scorn throughout the world - and rightfully.
Israel has dragged us into numerous wars and conflicts and made the US a major target for radicalized people who are sick to death of our hyporcisy and active policies that kill their people. We would never have entered Iraq if it weren't for the Neocon-Zionist machinations, and we never would have been attacked on September 11 if it weren't for our knee-jerk support of Israel's conitnued crimes against humanity.
Eliminate aid to Israel now. Let that country sink or swim based on its own merit. Reminds me of some of the stupider internet companies that were propped up by smug venture capitalists - in the end they just didn't take. Nobody bought into them and they only existed because the big boys were there with their handouts. Sink or swim, Israel - not my problem.”

'Israel Is Not The Problem. Israel Is America's Partner'
“Trying to dump this crisis on Obama's head is not going to win you any friends here.
This crisis was entirely initiated by Israel's occupation of Palestinian land and the arrogance with which it has continued to violate international law and countless Security Council Resolutions.
But what else can I expect from someone who orchestrated "media and public affairs" for this rogue state?”

Netanyahu Humiliated After US Trip Goes Awry
“I feel what you are saying. But I wonder if it is not time to sever the umbilical chord. The state of Israel is the Frankenstein of a handful of Zionists - militants who managed to sell slogans to tug at the heartstrings of many, precisely because of crimes taking place against Jews at the time.
There is no legitimacy for a state that is built over the bones so many dead Palestinians. Cut that cord now!”

Netanyahu Gets Support Within Israel After White House Dispute
“You have got to be kidding. Remember who got us into Iraq? And who is yelling the loudest for us to get into Iran? Yeah - they will be standing BEHIND us screaming alright. Screaming at us to "get on with it" and do their dirty work.”

Iran: We Can Have Our Yellow Cake and Eat It, Too
“Paranoid. Seriously. Where's the anti-semitism in what she said?
Talk about the unjustified use of the term to silence intelligent criticism.
..” [What a surprise.]

Israel: Settlement Construction Will Continue In East Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Says
“You GO, Thelonius. Palestinians have the right to resist Israeli aggression and occupation in any way they choose. What always surprises me is how restrained they are. If you killed a member of my family, there is no way I would not go nuts - especially if the next day I was faced with the killers-in-uniform doing more of the same. How can they be SO calm??”

This US-Israeli Crisis Has Yet To Peak: Diverging Interests Never Clearer
There is no Jewish "people" - there is a Jewish religion.”

Mideast "Proximity Talks" -- The Theater of the Absurd
“Propaganda. There is no real "peace" between Israel and Egypt, Israel and Jordan. Israel's arrogance and continued occupation have seen to that.
Nope. Real peace will only come when Palestinians and Israelis decide to share a state - One State for all. Like it was before the end of the British Mandate, when Jews, Muslims and Christians lived together peacefully. It is the racist occupation of a foreign colonial movement that has sent the region into a tizzy these past six decades, and the chaos will stop only when that unfortunate incident in 1948 is reversed and everyone can be fellow citizens of one state.”

This US-Israeli Crisis Has Yet To Peak: Diverging Interests Never Clearer
“Oh for God's sakes. What a bunch of crap. Why don't you toss in stereotypes about every single ethnic grouping around the world while you're engaging in your racist rant?

This US-Israeli Crisis Has Yet To Peak: Diverging Interests Never Clearer
“You're actually crazy.”

Memo To President Obama: Want Peace? Make them Stop the Hate!
They will start loving you when you start loving Nazis. It is that simple. For a man of God you are incredibly obtuse about human nature. They will never love their oppressors - ever.
Abe Foxman used this line on his latest blogpost - I think this is more of the same Hasbara, folks. Israel's latest precondition for peace is that Palestinians stop hating them first. Snort.
Someone is trying to hold up peace indefinitely while they steal more land...”

After Biden's Israel Contretemps, Stepping Back
“"the most trusted member of the U.S. administration, Vice President Joe Biden"
Whaa? On which planet is Biden the most trusted member of our administration - planet Israel? Shows exactly where your loyalties lie, Foxman.
"Palestinian unwillingness to compromise for peace and to stop the hate are the real obstacles to peace."
Why should the Occupied offer up compromises to the Occupier? How does one compromise on injustice? Steal half of me? Kill half of me? Snort. And you have the indecency to blame Palestinian "hatred" as an obstacle to peace. Sorry, but the day they will love you is the day when you love the Nazis. Got that?”

This US-Israeli Crisis Has Yet To Peak: Diverging Interests Never Clearer
“I meant "who cares" about the rhetoric. Figures your paranoid self would twist this up and spit out racist gobbledygook. If you dropped for a second your brainwashed persecution complex, you might see things with clarity - and realize that the vast majority of Israel's critics don't have a beef with Jews.
I feel sorry for you. No, really. It must be hard feeling that every comment is nefariously targeting Jews. That just feeds the paranoia. For the record, I feel zero animosity toward Jews - have even lived in Israel. Am proud as all hell when Jews speak out on this issue - what great moral strength to speak out against something that has been so ingrained for so long. That's a Herculean task for most mortals.”

This US-Israeli Crisis Has Yet To Peak: Diverging Interests Never Clearer
“The US Congress is hardly a gage of anything as they have "paid for by Israel" tags under their lapels."

A Resoundingly Ill-Timed Accident in Jerusalem?
“What you would like to call fanatics on the Palestinian side are people dead-set on getting back their homes and land stolen from them by a terrorizing group of foreign colonial-settlers. Bravo to them. That's not fanaticism - that's national resistance. You'd do it too.”

Israel's Dubai Hit Continues the Country's Moral Decline
“Utter rubbish. They don't allow Israelis in. Now that's a policy I can live with.”

Clinton, Gibbs on Iran Nukes -- Out of the Mouths of Babes
"The AJC and Transatlantic Institute are trying to replicate the model of the US's Israel Lobby in Europe - stifling free speech and blocking funds to NGOs and Human Rights groups that condemn Israeli actions in Palestine.
"Ottolenghi has authored several booklets for European and British politicians that advocate a closer relationship with Israel, regardless of how this affects peace prospects. He is also a longstanding supporter of linking anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel - a horrific new tool to try to stifle debate around Israel's human rights crimes.
"Your drivel, Ottolenghi, is classic Hasbara in action. Take it elsewhere. We value freedom of speech on the HuffPo as you can see by the comments below. But nobody likes a paid professional disseminating their propaganda.”

On the Eve of Passover, Israel Has Forgotten it is a Jewish State
“Excuse me. Are you completely obtuse? The government of Israel wants the world to accept the Jewishness of the state - they says this ALL the time. And you want us to believe that there is equal treatment under the law for Jews and non-Jews? Exactly WHAT part of this argument for the Jewishness of the state do you NOT find racist?
And spare me the "we were persecuted and deserve a homeland" rubbish. Who cares? Everyone has been persecuted at some point in history. Now we have to accept Jewish persecution of others because Jews have built an industry around this?”

Kissing Cousins: Assad Hangs Tough With Ahmadinejad
“Enough with this "left" business. The number of Palestinian supporters I know in the US who are leftists are...two. Most are pretty darn mainstream and fed-up with the hijacking of our Mideast policy and security interests by the Israel lobby and its supporters.”

Jihadi Salafis, Muslim Firebrands, Challenge Hamas Rule In Gaza
“Maybe because their goal was to serve and protect in a domestic capacity. Not like Israel's extermination policies in a territory not their own.”

Will $40 Million US Tax Dollars Subsidize UN Agency That Tolerates Teaching Martyrdom to Palestinian Kids?
“So Palestinian kids are exposed to textbooks "denying Israel's right to exist, dehumanizing Israelis and Jews, and lacking any concrete perspective that would point towards a nonviolent resolution of the conflict, such as a two-state solution."
I don't understand the confusion? Their educational material rails against their occupiers and killers and you want - what - praise? You do know that you cannot beat someone into loving you, right?”

Small Countries Make Huge Contributions to Assisting Haiti
“The way the MSM is playing out Israel's participation in Haiti aid efforts makes them seem omnipresent. You wouldn't have to be too smart to realize that this is Israel's attempt to rebuild its reputation after the Gaza massacre a year ago. Many Mideast countries have given more.”

Obama's First Year: Pro-Israel
“This is a frightening blog. Are you an Israeli? If not, I suggest you talk about what is good for America. That's right - America! Because at least two-thirds of the things you mention here are not in the national security interests of this country. And supporting Israel at any cost is not in the interest of the United States - it has ostracized us globally and brought extremism to our shores. Furthermore, I am not remotely certain that Israel is the best interest of...Israelis."

Maybe In 2010, Zionism Means Enduring Prison
“Actually Jews escaped European persecution and moved to the Middle East - remember Cyrus the Great king of Persia taking them in?
You are delusional if you think Muslims have not been persecuted far more by Jews.” [I think Hitler might disagree with that.]

Maybe In 2010, Zionism Means Enduring Prison
“And I guess in the Old Testament a woman has the right to be beaten by a whole busload of men.”

Maybe In 2010, Zionism Means Enduring Prison
"Your sense of superiority over others manifests in the kind of arrogance that thinks its is okay to level a nation or group. Disgusting and inhumane, if you ask me."

Maybe In 2010, Zionism Means Enduring Prison
"Why? Its scary enough being a woman in Israel, JuicyJu:
Five Orthodox Jewish men beat up woman who refuses to move to the back of the bus. All that beating up on Palestinian Christian and Muslim women must be affecting the general psyche...” "

Emanuel: U.S. Is Fed Up With Israel, Palestinians
"Israel is a welfare state and we foot all the bills.”

Being Anti-Israel and Anti-Zionist Is the "New Anti-Semitism"
" Try reading without your bias goggles on."

President Carter: Collect Those Feathers and All is Forgiven!
“President Carter, do no such thing! Your feathers were all truths and should be allowed to fly freely where the winds take them. Rabbi, please don't involve a noble and honest peacebroker to do your Hasbara for you.”


  1. There is nothing that can legitimate Israel. When the anti-Zios are honest as EnMasse is, they do not really want a two-state solution. It should be no surprise then the Palestinians don't want it either. In short, its not Israeli policies she takes issue with; its Israel's existence. If the Jews would just stop pestering the world with their demands for nationhood, all would be peace and quiet. In her world, every one has rights but the Jews.

    Tell me again why why anti-Zionism isn't just an updated form of anti-Semitism directed at the national rights and aspirations of the Jewish people. You can't be an anti-Zio without hating the Jews' presence in their own homeland. That pretty much seems to be EnMasse's view of the Middle East conflict.

  2. There's no question that anti-Zionism is the hip, current form of anti-Semitism.

    It is the effort among left-liberal progressives (which, until recently, I considered myself one) to rob Jews of self-determination and self-defense.

    We need to be very clear about this and not hedge.

    Anti-Zionism is a form of stone cold racism.

    And these people consider themselves progressive?