Tuesday, May 4, 2010

HPW: Schumer on a Mission From God

MJ Rosenberg's latest blog post covers no new ground, discussing Senator Schumer's alleged loyalty to Israel over the United States. Naturally, the HPers provided an effective echo chamber for MJ's views, declaring that all "Israel-firsters" should be deported. This is pretty frightening stuff, it's not hard to imagine the movement from Israel-firsters to Israelis to Jews would happen quickly and subtly. There weren't too many abusive comments, but I got the ones that were below.

It's really amazing how casual the Americans are about the fact that Zionists are entrenched deeply into the media, corporate and governmental institutio

The elites of a society are a small minority as well. That doesn't stop them from controling the masses through effective use of media and state institutions not does it? And i didn't say Jews, i said Zionists..

Well judging from the problems the Zionists have created in Israel, i'd say you've actually gone a little too far... The days of this Zionist campaign are numbered. Their spine has become jello and only held up by sticks.

Can someone please call El Al and book a flight so Chuck Schumer can go back to Israel? We don't need anymore double-agents in our government.

Re your last point, I believe Israel does not fund ANY aid programs (as a nation) that is not of direct benefit to Jewish people.

The attitude on the part of these congessman toward the interests of the United States as opposed to Israeli interests is a mirror of the immigration debate. In both instances many congress people whose sole job should be to hold the interests on American citizens first and foremost of prime importance
.In the case of immigration the open borders lobby (the ethnic lobby groups and the corporations) have gotten control of our representavies in washington and have sold ordinary American workers down the drain. As far as the Mideast issue, AIPAC is fully in control of both houses of Congress. This despite the fact that it is costing the U.S billions of dollars, dragging us into endless wars and the loss of American lives. I really am sorry to say it, but hopefully in the future when real American patriots gain control back from alien interst groups we will be able to put these 'representatives" in trial for treason against the U.S

More inane hasbara. You just don't get it. It's a new world in which people everywhere are increasingly comprehending the fact that the Palestinians are the victims and Israel is the victimizer.

Schumer and these other fanatics have put Israel first above all else for too long and it is amazing how much of US foreign policy is controlled by these foreign agents.

One of the main reasons these American turncoats can say what they say and their colleagues just go along, vote right with them against America's best interest time after time: the sayanim "so-called main-stream media" that will castigate anyone who dares say 'boo' to or about Is rael's policies and actions. Former Cong Paul Findley's living proof of that, and Cong Moran caught flack for speaking truth a couple years ago.

So if we start yet another fake war, this one with Iran, a year into it, if Moran were to say again that the Israeli-firsters in the US, the media, the Capitol, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, were all for it and pushed it --- as we're seeing EVERYWHERE, will he be castigated again, shouted down that he's an anti-semite and there is no truth to what he says? Go ahead and read any crap article out this week and see which way the war-mongers for isr ael's winds are blowing, 'cause the big lies start immediately after action's taken.

Canada is in Israeli pockets as well.


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  1. Its enough to be a Jew to make the anti-Zios see red. Never mind that Chuck Schumer is a hard core liberal. But he says Obama is wrong about Israel and then his loyalty is open to question. They'd never say that about a non-Jewish politician. But then again, there is NO double standard on the HP about Israel-related issues, now is there?