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HPW: Rosenberg on Goldstone

Zach talked about MJ Rosenberg's recent defense of Judge Goldstone's actions during his reign as judge in South Africa, but here's a watch from the comments generated by that thread. There's not too many, but there were comments that stated outright that Israel is an apartheid state and other abusive ones. Read on for them.

First, I want to clarify, the blockade isn't a year and a half old. The blockade has been going on for over 3 years.

I'll assume Mr. Rosenberg meant that despite Cast Lead and the destruction it caused the blockade has been extended beyond this destruction by one and a half years and counting.

I just love the hypocrisy of the Israeli apologists now rallying to denounce an Apartheid that was defeated years ago, but ignoring the one in front of their noses.

Israel projects a siege mentality that is either a front or a real psychotic mass hysteria.

In either case, it is time for Israel to stop playing the poor victim and dropping the holocaust card.

Enough is enough. We are all tired of this problem and the unilateral blind support for Israel only enables an arrogant Israel to maintain status quo.


When there's no other argument...reach for HAMAS. It works every time Notice the last sentence:

(hamas) and evil are repeated 3 times in one sentence...for more effect.

Still doesn't explain or justify why the Hasbara crowd is digging around in the past to exploit Goldstone's role in South African Apartheid.

And so thanks to Hamas (Hasbara's talking point of last resort) and a whole bunch of self-righteous hypocrisy the evasion and manipulation continues.
[Hamas is just a "talking point" apparently. What if the settlers were a "talking point"?]

Marshall Lucky
The USA was an apartheid state in the 1940s -ever heard of Jim Crow?
[changing the definition of apartheid]

Yes, it can't be said often enough that our leadership in govt. & the US media has promoted all the injustices of the occupation of Palestine. The international audiences know it, but this has been hidden by outright filters or diluted reporting of the IDF's actions from much of the American public. I blame not only our foolish leaders, but the pro-Israeli advocates in our corporate media who bury or contort much of the real news. Because of the new technologies, however, their attempts have been losing considerable ground recently. Their frustration is evident as their voices become more strident & angry. It's just so much easier these days to find multiple views, not the same old, nasty routines that have been forced upon us for decades.

The use of the Holocaust to win sympathy for Israel's criminal occupation of Palestine no longer works and it cheapens the memory of the Holocaust.

patrick white
It is a symptom of our time that when you can't attack the facts -attack the messenger. Goldstone only reported what the whole world already knew, that this apartheid regime had indiscriminately killed hundreds of civilians by dropping 500 pound bombs in residential neighborhoods, that it used disproportionate force against a defenseless population, and that it was collectively punishing 1.5 million people by locking them up in an open air prison. There are currently over 220 UN resolutions against this apartheid state- a fact often overlooked by its blind supporters. The tide is changing and the world is waking up. This criminal state will have its day of reckoning.

Peace will come when the Palestinians outnumber the European Ashkenazim. Per the CIA, that will be around 2020.
[depends on your definition of peace]

MJ Rosenberg
Judge Goldstone already has ensured that the Gaza war goes down in history as a war crime. Hence, he did his part to end the occupation and save Israel from the Jewish right.
He could murder his grandmother and nothing will change that. Israel knows that and will keep trying to discredit him.
Let it. The facts of Gaza remain what they are. And the occupation, and the evacuation of the settlements, will end within a decade.
Yigal Amir delayed the inevitable but it's inevitable anyway. Goldstone just hurried things up. For which I honor him.

I think it would be worth tour while to check out the definition of apartheid !

The crime of apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity "committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime."
does this help ?
while you may say that Jewishness is not racial grouping , but the philosophy of " specialness" and being gods chosen people etc. smells suspiciously like racism !

On the other hand, Zionists have a history of maligning those who don't agree with them.

They've ruined the careers of a number of anti-Zionist Jews.
[ooo Zionist conspiracy!!]

MJ Rosenberg
It is amusing that people who cared not one whit that Israel was apartheid South Africa's major arms supplier and conducted joint nuclear tests with RSA back in apartheid days are suddenly concerned about Africans.
These people care about nothing and no one except Israelis (excluding of course all the wonderful lefty secular Israelis).
These people will be the death of Israel but their existence in the farthest rightwing of the Jewish world wont stop people like me and J Street from defending human rights (including for Palestinians) and Israel too.
The Gaza war was a crime. Deal.

Israel delegitimizes itself by establishing and enforcing laws and regulations which determine that all Arabs, Palestinians, Gentiles, and even Jews who disagree with the state and treated differently. Our network media never reports Israeli crimes and never gives Palestinians their due. The administrative steps Nazi Germany took to curtail Jewish rights are the same laws and regulations Israel uses to deal with Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. Anytime someone disagrees and argues for equal before the law the Zionist and their supporters scream "anti-semite" and then play the Shoah card.

And, I'm sure you feel the same way about Israel, which is an apartheid regime.

Karin Barton
You join Goldstone-basher Israel in questioning the morality and politics of Goldstone. Both are irrelevant beyond the fact that he is a Zionist and beyond any reasonable suspicion of being an anti-Semite or Israel-hater.
The authority of his report rests squarely on his stellar international reputation as a legal expert, which still holds, no matter how much malicious and transparently deceptive PR is being thrown at him.
As for Goldstone's ruling in the illegal interracial affair between a black man and a white woman: Explain to us how this is any more racist or incompatible with what is still, and increasingly so, promoted in Israel:
The infamous Nuremberg laws, which defined Jews as a 'race', banned interracial sexual relations and marriage from 1935 to 1945. Similar laws existed in some states in the US until the late 1960s against "amalgamation" or "miscegenation" , and in South Africa until 1985.
As Rosenberg notes: "none of the people who write with such fervor about long defunct South African apartheid ever write about the only apartheid they can do anything about: it's on the West Bank. Right now. And these guys tend to flip out if you even mention it."
Sex, war and the Zionist dream: A Jewish majority ruling Greater Israel.
Who is being exposed as an 'egotistical lout' here: Goldstone or Israel?

Israel delegitimizes herself.

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  1. None of the comments address Goldstone's odious apartheid activities or his personal character. They are all non sequitur and are thus irrelevant. The Lefties are deeply embarrassed and they cannot bring themselves to see their hero has feet of clay. I'm amused at their efforts to wriggle themselves away from the real Goldstone by attacks that have nothing whatsoever to do with him.

    Nice try - but no cigar!