Friday, May 14, 2010

HPW: Obama Asks Congress to Support Iron Dome

Recently, President Obama asked the US Congress to approve a $200 million grant to Israel to support and develop the new Iron Dome system. This makes a lot of sense, as if the Iron Dome system actually works well, the US can use it to protect its own soldiers and bases. 

Naturally the HPers were not happy with this news item, and their anguished complaints and impotent rage gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. There were a lot of posts about how this is a terrible mistake, Obama is owned by AIPAC, etc. But good news! According to "bbsnews," Zach and I can retire! There is apparently no anti-Semitism on this thread. 

tizzy, point out one single instance of antisemitism in this thread. There is none, and you will never be able to do it.

But I'll make you a deal. You can take a look at the rest of the posts I collected and see if you agree. 


Mr Obama, how is giving money to Israel good for America? Who gave you the right to spend American money on Israel?

GOP Boss Limbaugh
OK, I finally get it!
WE are SLA'VES to Israel!
And SL'AVES we shall remain, until we organize a powerful COUNTER LOBBY to AIP'AC!
People, DO something or shut up and get BACK to work for your MAS'TERS! 

Let Israel pay for its own defense system for its space god memorial. Oh, I forgot Israelis never pick up the tab, It's always about the Benjamins with that group. 


Apparently so.
Those blood suckers should be sucking their own blood.

And all you have in your life is to defend a war criminal rogue state against those craving for justice... 


The only real terrorist nation in Middle East is Israel. They have killed more woman and children than all other coutnries combined by a factor of 10. Their cluster bombs are still killing kids in southern lebanon.

Have a life, you are full of propaganda.

This is extremely dissappointing. Can someone please explain why Israel runs the US?
Possible because of a very enabled Fifth Column called AIPAC and well placed operatives within Congress, Whitehouse and the Senate. Israel has a freakin office in the State Department for Pete's sake.

You see "axis of evil". They see "Coalition of the willing for regime change in Israel"

Obama is owned by Israel. He happily sends them US taxpayer money, but he doesn't have a clue as to how to create jobs for those taxpayers. 2012 and out he goes. His idea of peace in the Middle East is obviously a highly biased concept.

Well it looks like the AIPAC checks pledged at the annual conference/pledge drive clusterf__k have hit the accounts of our "leaders". The checks have cleared and the payback begins. 
There's nothing to see here, keep moving, as the 51st state exercises it's foreign power right to influence our government.

or stop supporting Israel. We're in Afghanistan because of the bad policy choices Israel's Lobby has made us make in the middle east. We are tired of amercian blood spilling for Israel.

How about that? We borrow billions from China to GIVE to an apartheid country
Hey Israel,
Go borrow from China yourself you welfare state!

you're kidding right? Israel is a bigger apartheid state than South Africa ever was. If our politicians hadn't been bought by their lobby there would be huge sanctions on Israel decades ago. Its ok soon enough Israel as a jewish state will be no more. Just wait

If the Palestinians had a fraction of what the IDF has in arms then IDF would be singing a different tune. Palestinians are modern day freedom fighters against a kid with huge guns and big brother ready to back him up.

To put things in proper perspective. Israel is the invader. Israelis invaded Palestine, killed the people and stole their land, and are still doing it today as we comment. What do you expect? For them to receive you with open arms and warmly take you in? You open your eyes to the reality.
[revisionist history]

Yes let's see Israel has expelled almost 25,000 Palestinians to Jordan (probably more.)It has used depleted uranium in the Gaza massacre which will effect the Palistininan for generations. Plus 1500 men, women and children killed during this incident. 
I dont see how you equate their deaths to the Palestinians. For ever one Israeli death the Palestinian lose two or three more. However to Zionist logic, Palestinians are beasts on two legs and have no love for 'infidels' the rest of us either.

Israel has been thumbing its noe at the U.S. about the West bank building, but we just keep sending this spoiled nation more money and more weapons with no strings attached.
If Israel wants security, it can quit the West bank incursions and go to the peace table like a grownup. 
And someone ought to 'splain to Israel that you don't thumb your nose at the President of the US. These weapons and guns deals are the only leverage we have to get Israel to modify its behavior. Hold something back. Wait for some change we can believe in.
I'm sick and tired of AIPAC pre-screening every presidential candidate and all of his appointments. Throw AIPAC out of the country - take away its lobby license. Let's get on with being the US of A instead of a branch office of Tel Aviv!

What utter nonsense. If it was so good for the U.S. we'd give every nation $3 billion and would be living in a paradise. 
The money would be better spent here rather than sent to a racist colonial regime.

Israel is the CAUSE and instigator of ALL terrorism in the Mideast... since its birth there has been nothing but blood and wars!!

Israel started by blockading and starving Gaza.. it's cause and effect. How many Israeli children were killed by Hamas? Answer: 0. How many kids were killed by Israel? Answer: Thousand

Incorrect. Israel provokes other nations to attack it. Israel uses this constant 'fear' so they draw more Jews to Israel. Israel doesnt want peace. It has been at war since it's birth. Every little conflict is supposed to be more terrority for Greater Israel.

tizzy, point out one single instance of antisemitism in this thread. There is none, and you will never be able to do it.

Malik Preston
does anti-Semitism really exist? what evidence do they have?

"anti-semitism" is a construct to stop honest peoples judgment of the barbaric actions of Israel against the indigenous people of Palestine .

Neither you nor "tizzy" proves any such thing as antisemitism. Real antisemitism is practically non-existent the world over and it has not surfaced during this thread.
These days if anyone criticizes Israeli government occupation policy, they are mislabeled
But in the real world they are simply in favor of equal human rights and Palestinains self-determination.
Sorry paid dudes. No one believes you except the very very gullible.

unfortunately the jewish influence in american politics has made israel the third rail in american politics. no president can ever question israel's importance to america's security. for some reason our security concerns have to dovetail those of israel. they're like 7000 miles away but for some reason their border security are more important than ours.

Dabblesome, either you are with the Israel propaganda machine or not very bright to the facts around you. Every fact you come out with has been either wrong or you have used misdirection on the thread. 
It doesnt matter. Israel's viel is finally being lifted for all the world to see. The "Chosen Ones" will have to follow the rules eventually or move to Argentina since Zionist Jews considered another good locale for their project.

Good question. And why should Palestinians be restricted to building, in imagination, to the West Bank? Palestine belongs to them - yes, Jerusalem, Gaza, "West Bank" and the undefined swathe of "Israel."
Obama is a disappointment, yes, but when I read his stuttering, distracted interview on the I-P question before taking office, I saw he would flabber along while backing the Occupiers.
Barack Obama - prove me wrong. Stand for justice for a change.

toghether with US MSM controlled by them [AIPAC]

The reason is there are so many people of the Jewish faith in all sorts of positions of power. How about they recuse themselves when votes and decisions are made when it comes to spending money on Israel? It's a conflict of interest that will guarantee the money and the arms keep flowing.

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  1. Amazing how the Lefties' blood boils when America is supplying Israel with defensive weapons.

    No double standard here.