Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HPW: Noam Chomsky Denied Entry to Israel

I'm sure the editors at the Huffington Post were positively drooling when they saw this story. I have already written some of my thoughts about it yesterday so we'll just jump right to the comments. Most of the comments were slanders of Israel and claims it wasn't a democracy. There were also many insults directed at people who didn't like Chomsky, but I didn't include them (there were too many). At the time I wrote this the thread has around 500 comments and is (sort of) unmoderated.
Last night on NPR, we heard Chomsky compare this Israeli government to apartheid in South Africa and to the Nazis. If those are good metaphors for Noam Chomsky, they are good enough metaphors period.

Flying Sparkz1
Israel is apartheid. It's basis for citizenship is ethnicity.This is contrary to all modern democratic principles, conservative or liberal. A democratic process which is available to a select group is not democracy.

boycott Israel before it kills us all

A fitting statement on the Children of Israel,
" And gave them clear proofs in matters [ by revealing to them the Taurat ( Torah) ] . And they differed not until after the knowledge came to them, through envy among themselves. Verily, Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection about wherein they used to differ." ( Al-Juthiyah 45:17) Holy Quran

this just shows the true color of Israel... Green!!!
You pay our politicians and you can get away with anything, especially murder.

The hated goy im!

Masters of horrible PR. If they had just let him in and let him speak his mind, what would have been different from the starting point? Now they show their fascist character for the world to marvel, and this thing is getting huge amount of attention.

Who'd have ever thought a Middle Eastern Theocracy would limit free speech. 

Another example of the apartheid that exists in Israel.

Racism, that is exactly what this is about. 
 [follow up]
lawrence of america
Its simple. Israel is Anti-semetic. (against real semites not the european knock-offs)

What makes him a "self-hating Jew"? Because he criticizes the actions of a nation built on the same violence that states "never again"? You playing yourself!

"Israel under seige for 60 years"...s
orry Israel ruthlessly murdered palestinians to establish their state and have been terrorizing Palestinians ever since...
It should be noted that Chomsky actually considers himself a Zionist and participated in a Kibbutz almost half a century ago. He was also a camp counselor at a Zionist camp where he instructed none other than Alan Dershowitz!
I say that to say that Chomsky's bitter criticism of Israel's practices comes from a very personal place - Zionism has been distorted and the good name of the Jewish people has been dragged through the mud by the vicious, racist policies of the Israeli state, which falsely attempts to claim that it acts in the greater interests of the Jewish diaspora. It does not.
And as this incident (among too many others) illustrates, it is no democracy. 

Apartheid will fail again.
Truth hurts doesn't it Israel. This move just proves how petty and self-serving a country you are. 

And if you read the Zionist posts Israel is "the only democracy in the Middle East"... That's a good one!
When, oh when, are we going to stop funding and supporting this nasty, hypocritical, parasitic, authoritarian little theocracy? 
Paula Ann
it will stop when the zionist boot is removed from the us congress

The entire nation of Israel is experiencing the Stockholm Syndrome -- they hate the NazisSo much that they are now like them. 

For me, this action by Israel is the straw that breaks the camel's back. I intend to do everything that I can to see that not one more penny of Noam's tax dollar is sent to that apartheid country.

Free speech? Denied! Democracy? Denied! Nazism? Rampant! 

Um, Israel is a theocracy but thanks for playing.

Israel is a Jewish state---a theocracy. All goyim are seen as second class citizens because they are not "chosen". If this country was a democracy, "choice" would be up to the individual. 

its not "their" country, it is the people of palestein. stop being a colonialist f*ck

if any group of people that should have compassion one would think it would be the jewish people
who were ghettoized in poland and cut off from everything as isreal is doing today to the palestinians

Israel has once again outdone itself. This is the 'democracy' without a constitution who likes free speech so long as it is pro-Israel. Can we please stop funding this rogue nation. 

What is your picture meant to represent exactly? A veil or burka with the Israeli/Jewish Star of David on it... Are you trying to provoke a reaction? You are taking a Muslim religious symbol and slapping an Israeli tag on it?
So Israeli... occupying anything and everything in your path. Mine, mine, MINE! Wow - take an aggression break for a second and consider your provocation on a human sensitivity level.

Looks like the IDF and the Israeli PR machine Released the Hounds called Oleg1! Everyone be wary of what you say, you are currently being monitored and any statement that alludes to the lack of democratic principles in Israel might lead you to the same fate as Chomsky.
Israel nice. Humans who refuse to succumb to Israeli propaganda, BAD. 

Fatuous hasbara prattle [In fairness, the comment this is in response to is *very* racist but "hasbara" is still something we pick up on.]

Zionisms' death throes, that's all this is. And someone on here says that Israel is a democracy, and that we ignore what their neighbors are doing. Just because you elect your leaders doesn't necessarily mean they believe in democracy, they just know how to lie very well. Democracies can spoil and rot from the inside out; Americans see it happening every day. Modern day Israel's days are numbered; you need to change your ways, or they will be changed for you.

Yank in France
That is one very incomplete definition of democracy, my neophyte friend.
South Africa comes to mind a a country that had democracy for one ethnic group and barbarism for the rest.
Does that remind you of a certain country in the Middle East? 

So much for the notion that Israel is a democracy.

Yank in France
 But the worst of it is Israel's lapdog supporters in the United States who are willing to support that country until the last drop of their blood...
Well no, that is unfair: to the last drop of American blood too!

Despite Israel's attempts to stop the flow of information, to silence dissenters who expose their brutal, illegal land grab and never ending human rights violations we will continue to resist the Zionist regime and work to overturn what injustices we can.
Chomsky is my hero. 

I agree. Only speech approved by the government should be allowed. Israel uber alles!

In a number of countries there are actually laws in place that criminalize hate and racist speech...b
ut Israel touts itself as a 'democracy' while gagging reporters, citizens and pulling power plays like this to keep 'dissenters' from being heard.
They are the modern day poster child for Nazism.

Faved. Amazing how Israel curtails free speech these days. Anyone who criticizes the state or exposes its brutal, inhumane policies is subject to gag orders, deportations, even imprisonment. Methinks the state is in full panic mode about not being able to make their fabrications stick any longer.
Love that Chomsky, Finkelstein et al are back on top with more and more of the global discourse supporting their viewpoint on Israel. 

Chomsky, like 50% of Israelis, supports a 2 state solution. He doesn't advocate violence or the dismantling of Israel proper. He is 81 yrs and old and an American citizen.
Where's the threat? Israel slides further into fascism.
For good insight, read Peter Beinart's gimlet eyed analysis of the former democracy in the current New York review of books.

Poor righties dreaming about the White South Africans rising from the ashes to reclaim their place next to Israel as masters of apartheid. 

Karin Barton
Probably doesn't see it. Brainwashed Ziotrolls are so used to Doublethink and Doublespeak that they have become immune to contradiction

nice one. Israel is a Democracy? They can't stand the heat. They also torture. And we pump our money into this dump. 

We care because America has a responsibility to support Democracies, not Totalitariast Regimes who hide from truth.

Karin Barton
"THEY CAME FIRST for Finkelstein,
and I didn't speak up because I didn't agree that Israel was acting like Nazis.
THEN THEY CAME for Goldstone,
and I didn't speak up because I didn't agree that Israel committed war crimes.
THEN THEY CAME for Chomsky,
and I didn't speak up because I didn't agree that Israel was acting like a Stalinist regime.
and by that time I realized that Israel was not a democracy.
Tony Andrews
Hear! Hear!
Like other oppressive regimes before them, Israel would hope that the world will ignore its oppressions while it quietly gets on with them, and attempting to stifle the commentary of its critics through the use of propaganda and alliances with bedfellows like the proponents for that regime who appear in blogs such as this one. 

The Taliban-like quasi theocracy is rearing its ugly head more and more and this is one result. Earlier book banning, accusing israeli arabs for being unloyal etc.. welcome to the new israel!!

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  1. Noam Chomsky is a fellow traveler of the Khmer Rouge and Hezbollah. He is a real threat to democracy and the Jewish State nor the Palestinians deserved to be exposed to his hateful views.

    It is exactly like keeping a Nazi out of the Jewish State. Israel owes no one an apology for refusing to admit him.