Friday, May 28, 2010

HPW: Netanyahu To Visit White House, Invited by Rahm Emanuel

I've been having trouble keeping up with the latest flurry of Israel-related articles on the Huffington Post. Here is one from earlier this week. Rahm Emanuel, as we noted, went to Israel because of his son's Bar Mitzvah. While there he invited Netanyahu to the White House to try and get peace talks back underway.

The Huffington Posters reaction was basically endless variations on "the Jews control America" watered down for public consumption. You can read the ones below. There were more but I think they were deleted before I went back to the thread to collect it. The thread has about 780 posts and is fully moderated.

The MSM is in LaLa land when it comes to Gaza. They are forbidden my their masters to speak about Palestine.

but I do know Congress is in the pay of the aipac .. so . . . I really think there have to be big protest marches against israel in DC and in every major American city . . . huge disinvestment, etc etc . . . otherwise it will be more of the same old crap while israel continues to steal, lie and kill

School books and pencils are the weapons that Israel fears the most because knowledge will defeat even the most blood thirsty regime !

Wow ! Obama is stronger than i thought . It took all of 7 weeks for his AIPAC to bring him to heel !
poor guy , sic now its back to business as usual !

End of Zionism = Peace

WHo is the Boss? Remember the sitcom? Now it comes to you in political terminology. Israel is the BOSS and America the Servant.

What thaw? When were things ever icey?? Rahm and Bibi have been best friends for decades. Looks like business as usual to me. But which one pulls the strings on the puppet Obama?

It is ironic that Israel’s present behavior is now a main cause for anti-Semitism.

Estee Lauder and Revlon are bigtime Zi onist. Boycott!

True enough, but our government has long been under the heel of AIPAC and I see little sign that it can ever change.

I agree almost totally. My only point of difference is where you call for the expulsion of pro-Israel Jews, I say get rid of everyone in our government that is pro-Israel and puts Israel before the United States, this seems to be the bulk of them as per the various letters signed to voice concern for Israel in the face of silence towards what's happening in the US. But not only the pro-Israelis, anyone that is not in service to the people in any way must go.

Emanuel is a Double-Agent.

Enroh Mot
Why not it's his house.

Rahm Emanuel is an Israeli. He served in the Israeli Army. We know where his loyalties lie.

Israel spits in the eye of foe and friend alike. A welfare state through and through, who feels entitled to virtually unlimited support from the US who it publicly humiliates time and time again.

Here we go again. U.S. government bows down to Israel. Why can they hold this country hostage? Please can one person explain?

He forgot about the harvesting of organs...

Do you mean how the Office of Special Plans was staffed by mainly jews and they were the ones that pushed the WMD rubbish and the Niger yellow cake rubbish and the Atta /Prague/Iraq meeting rubbish ?
And the story about the over 120 Israeli spies arrest in the days after 911 and particularly the "5 Dancing Israeli's" who admitted on Israeli TV to have foreknowledge of 911 and they "were only documenting the events" of 911.Or that when polygraphed the "5 Dancing Israeli's" failed when asked about 911 .

There are no rockets falling on Jewish homes because those homes don't belong to Jews in the first place. Now, if rockets were coming down in certain areas of the Bronx, then you got a point.

tzippi, I went through all your comments on HP and out of 140 posts over 136 are supporting Israel and condemning Palestinians and the remainder were about health care. I am starting to think there is truth to the accusations that Israel aggressively plants posters on progressive websitesnto counter criticism. Are you a plant here or is that you are a one issue person and don't care about anything in the world other than to support the criminal state of Israel? Are you an American or a part of the criminal enterprise of Zionists? It is difficult for me to believe that you come here for that one issue without being a Zionist plant.

If you want sympathy for the holocaust then you can not support the genocide of Palestinians.

Capt-Let's start the movement to initiate a Constitutional Amendment that would prohibit anyone with dual citizenship from being a member of Congress, a Congressional aide, political appointee,Et Cet. We find too many persons with a dual citizenship with a divided sense of loyalty to another country. If they are going to be in these important government positions, their allegiance should be all the way to the USA.

Its the only Ally screwwwing Americans and getting them into wars to serve Israel only. America is sleeping with the enemy.

True, we send billions of our own money via the Wall Street Banksters that robbed our 401K's. These folks I'm sure they have dual citizenships.

Kevin Atlanta
No News... Rahm's just delivering another fat Goldman Sachs, FED cosigned certified check for Netanyahu's service.

Remember the trail of tears, you would thing Israeli's had a bit more compassion!

And are the Israeli's censoring these posts, too?

Why not just move the White House to Israel?
Where were you for the past 60 years?? It's already there!

how do you conquer a nation without firing a shot? AIPAC.

To Jews as Jews, we hold no malice but to Jews as zionists we hold contempt.

Rahm Emanuel runs this country! David Axlerod programs Rahm every morning.
I'm feel for all who thought Barack was in charge....
Barack is finally showing the true structure of his organization......he's a talking head.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist extremist and should be treated as such but instead will get the royal treatment. We are missing a great opportunity to stand up for justice in the middle east but we have chosen to support the oppressor no matter how disgusting their behavior.

and if we discriminated against jews we wouldnt have aipac and jewish interests controlling our congress,or have a media that is loyal to israel over america (94 percent jewish owned) and jewish college proffessors like kagan who hired 29 people ALL of them jewish, or the subprime brokerages that destroyed minority communities (96% jewish owned) or pornography( 98% jewish owned) hollywood movies that laugh at and subvert christian family values, banning prayer in school,any mention of jesus in christmas displays or school plays(all acomplished by the jew first anti christian ADL) looks like the arab countries protected their citizens ,if only our leaders did the same

google" jews spitting on american christians in israel" that is who the jew is when they are in the majority.j
ews are the only people who have set up a country to run to when their host countries get fed up with their after country has expelled them for the same behavior which is acting as a collective to further jewish interests to the detriment of their host country.

It is a contrived, grotesque entity that is based on virulent racism, apartheid and an apparent promise from god, when god was doing real estate.

nym22 i agree its like the "jews have been persecuted for no reason" canard similar to the "6 million jews were gassed"canard

Is Rahm Isreali or American? Which is it? Or am I an anti-semite for asking? By the way who is a semite?

Is America being held hostage by the state of Israel? What do they have on us? It's just very bizarre.

they hate us for supporting an oppressive regime that kills innocent residents to take over their land and sell their organs in the black market.

There are lots of dual citizens of the US/Israel serving in governmental position.
Do we have the right to wonder if they are compromising American Security?
American interests and the interests of Israel are not the same.Ameri
can / Isreali Dual Citizens in the American Government
Here's an old does not include the Congressman and Senators that pledge all loyalty to Israel. One Congressman is quoted as saying, "I can't vote against Israel. Israel is in my DNA"
[a long list follows]

That picture of those two together says it all. This is who really runs our government.

[Palestinians are] Abhorred and oppressed by Israelis.

He is a free thinker ...something you might try when come down from that blood-money high your folks so enjoy.

Why doesn't he invite some Palestinian kids without limbs, who picked up illegal Israeli land mines. Can we please cut these bullies off. They provide nothing to the security of this country.

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  1. Yup. The leftist atmosphere is poisonous to Israel and Netanyahu, I think is ill-advised to travel to Washington to be used as a prop for Obama's PR charm offensive. The truth is the Left is no longer in sympathy with Israel.