Thursday, May 13, 2010

HPW: Lieberman on "Axis of Evil"

The Huffington Post was all too happy to cover a story in which Avigdor Lieberman accused Iran, Syria and North Korea of being "the new Axis of Evil." It seems old Bushisms never die, they just get repackaged somewhere else. Also, weren't Iran and North Korea on the old Axis of Evil?

Anyway, as near as I could tell Lieberman was speaking from his own head, rather than speaking for his country, but there is no way to know for sure. What we do know is that the HPers immediately attacked Lieberman for using combative rhetoric (a fair criticism to be sure), while others claimed that it was in fact America and Israel who were the Axis of Evil, and finally there were some who just took it a little too far. Those are the ones who are tracked below.

The thread has about 280 comments at the time I wrote this, and is fully moderated.

Hey! He "forgot" to mention ISRAEL. Oh, that's right, we(the U.S) don't acknowledge how many thousands of people they murder. Someone must control the media, even YOU Huff!

Israel is the new axis of evil: terrorist state, apartheid state, and 1984 state (calling anyone who opposes their Gaza War and settlement policy anti-semitic with excessive vitriol and pure hatred.) This is not a good combination for a U. S. ally, which makes me wonder how much longer Israel & its defenders continue on their present course we can remain allies.

Except he forgot to include his own

The reason he is wrong is that he left out the biggest of them all - Yesrael.

Sorry, man, you will still get us to attack them for you. Go back to smuggling girls from Eastern Europe.
...and harvesting organs for profit and endorsing killings because it serves a Zionist agenda.

to the rest of the world .. except their puppet (US) they are what they claim Syria, Iran & NK are ..

You left out your country...
........................israel, I believe it should be at the top of the list.

'The Axis of Evil' ; Israeli apologists are desperately scraping the bottom of the RW propagandist lexicon for metaphorical diversions to shore up their failing propaganda campaign.

I suppose you include Israel and the U.S. as the civilized world. We had a leader that bragged about being the worlds greatest polluter. Israelis target kids and use white phosphorus on civilians. Quite the standard you have there.

The primitive nature of Sharia law has no bearing on whether or not the country you are inhabiting is civilized, at least in certain respects. By the standards of modern liberal civilization, The United States and Israel are not civilized. These societies militaristic nature, combined with the brutal policies carried out by their governments, preclude this!

No. Let it be obvious that they are grasping at straws. Let the world see, for sure and without any excuse to revoke, that the Israeli regime is an actor in extreme bad faith.

Is this the best Israel can offer the world? Israel has transformed itself into the land of Herod.

Get ready America . . . .when Israel talks . . . America jumps and asks how high.

....and Uncle Sam is the new Axis of Cash and provider of troops to fight for Israel...

Richard Pearce
Gotta love that definition of agression Israel uses. Who was the last group to define defence against their attacks as agression? Oh, yeah, them.

says who? Lieberman? ok I beleive that. And so what if those weapons were being sent to Hamas and Hebollah. Maybe they are tired of fighting tanks with rocks. Maybe they are tired of their children being burnt alive by cluster bombs and phospherous. I'm gald they are getting weapons. Give Israel a little taste of their own.

Michael Miles
In my mind it means they want to distract the world from it's focus on their colonization of the West Bank and themselves as a pariah state.

Rubal Khali
They also attacked us. Remember the USS Liberty and all those killed by the Israelis

Does this mean that the US will soon get to fight more proxy wars for Israel?

Agreed. Israel has attacked and killed US servicemen and women and is a terrorist, racist state. I know that is an inconvenient truth. Remember the USS Cole!

Lieberman conveniently forgot to include Israel as the leading AXIS of terrorist.

AIPAC, the American Enterprise Instute (AEI) and Neocons of Israel are the axis of evil..

Everyone with a functioning brain knows that the US & Israel (along with agencies like the IMF) are the axis of evil.

Actually its A$$es of Evil
Have some guts Huffpo, publish my extrmely funny and marvelous comment.

typical israeli war drum pounding . . . but they conveniently forget themselves . . . bunch of hypocrites . . .always pointing the finger the wrong way . . . and planning to start another war . . . the sooner there are sanctions, trade embargoes, et al against israel the better

Yes, Israel is acting barbarians in the civilized world.

Israel has nukes, and used American cluster bombs against woman and children. Israel is the danger to the world.

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  1. Its not America and Israel that get defended on the HP.

    Its their adversaries.

    Go figure.