Thursday, May 27, 2010

HPW: Israeli Warplanes Strike Gaza

If it's deja vu you are experiencing when you read this story, don't be surprised. It's almost a mirror image of this story from April, right down to the picture of the IAF plane. Israel hit targets including a Hamas training camp after (a) a donkey laden with explosive blew up on the Israel-Gaza border and (b) several mortar rounds were fired into Israel. The terror attacks did not make the Huffington Post, the response did.

The HPers reacted in more or less the same way they did last time: It's all Israel's fault, Israel attacked Gaza for no reason, how can you blame the Gazans for fighting back, oh isn't the whole thing just so unfair. At the time I wrote this there were about 450 comments and the thread is fully moderated.

yes we do Swami Salami . . . but israel controls congress . . so how to we get control of Congress so that it works for the American people . . 

How is Gaza any different than what happened in the Warsaw ghetto? The similarities are there and there is a no more perfect example of the abused becoming the abuser.

Higgs Boson
Gaza itself is a death camp .......................

No, they kill them on the spot. Saves transportation costs

they should of known the risk of being part of a state that kills thousands of innocents because they are non jews.sometimes the victims strike back,thats life

Higgs Boson
Blaming this on President Obama is one of the most absurd things yet . Every President has tried to make peace between Israel and Palestinians to no avail and yet now it is Obama's fault that the two state solution is slipping away . Blame Israeli land greed for the lack of progress . Israel will continue their unabated genocide until all of the Palestinians are gone and no one seems to be willing to hold Israel accountable for their atrocities .

Higgs Boson
Israel is no ally of America , just ask the sailors from the USS Liberty . What has Israel ever done for America except take our money and thumb their nose at us . Prescott Bush funneled money to Germany even after the wars started and had his banks confiscated for working with the enemy . The holocaust IS upon us , just ask the Palestinians . It ticks me off every time I hear someone use the term " never again " because apparently the term only applies to Jewish people . 

Have you ever watched these videos about the MoneyMasters.
It is about three hours total but well worth the time.

Okay, let's let your accusation stand. Given that you are speaking to a formerly strident supporter of Israel's right to exist, what do you supposed changed my stubborn mind about them? You must at least concede that Israel has a huge PR problem on their hands and for every Chomsky they ban or Goldberg they demean, millions see their infamy and turn to oppose them. 

I don't get why Hamas would use such silly rockets unless individual hot heads are doing this on their own. Look at the consequence. Their only benefit is to get the attention of the press and look who control the media message. Doesn't make sense unless they are of the very same spirit of the desperate who defended Masada so stubbornly that they refused to grant the Romans the final pleasure of their blood lust, or perhaps the spirit of hopeless rebellion demonstrated by those proud few who remained of the Warsaw Ghetto. The Israelis obviously do not recognize the tragic irony they portray as they now become the perpetrators of madness. 


Yeah, napalm those women and children, drop those bunker busters on those hospitals, show those sub-humans what real uber-menchen can do when they work the will of a superior race!
No wait. Haven't we heard that before somewhere?
Oh well, who cares about history when you can fly neato jets with no chance of the smallest danger to yourself.
They had good teachers! And now, we're learning from THEM!
Higgs Boson
The israeli's are using the same " solution " that was used on them

When it comes to topics about the "I" country, I'm convinced they're using a "dark" list of folks not known to be in step with the party line dictated to our congress and the media. 

I'd like to know where those prisoners in that concentration camp tat they call Gaza got hold of a weapon of mass destruction like a donkey cart? They need to fire the warden. 

He's also forgetting who controls the media. 

Your tax dollars at work.
If the Israelis are God's chosen people, why can't they get their money directly from China?
Why do they need the help of "our" politicians?

Swami Salami
is easy being a brat with someone else money. stop giving OUR money to warmongering israel NOW!

Those F-16s are very effective at killing civilians.

I saw it, and its just heartbreaking. They don't have souls and have lost their moral compass. May God never make me one of them. Amen.

Last time I checked Hamas wasn't in the West Bank. But hey don't let that little fact bother your blind support of Israel's atrocities.

Higgs Boson
American made F-16's used by Israel against defenseless civilians in Gaza .......... AGAIN !

I suppose hospital patients shouldn't be thought of as needing treatment either.Babies are legitimate targets to the IDF
Babies make good practice! For phosphorus bombs. Ask the Lebanese.

So 15 civilians get blasted by a high tech bomb dropped from an advanced warplane in retaliation for an exploding donkey cart that injured no one? To Israel Palestinian life is too cheap in my opinion.

Israel decided to let them [Free Gaza] in. Israel is going to show them Palestine, providing them with a nice lunch on the spot where Rachel Corrie was murdered. Then, they will show the Freedom Flotilla how the bulldozers work......

cant think of anything more offensive than people calling themselves the chosen people

When is Israel not striking gaza? On and on it goes and the world does nothing.

Looks to me like Israel is worried cause Hamas isn't firing rockets anymore and the Hasbara talking point is getting lamer every day. What do the IDF do when they're bored? They shoot at the fish in a barrel...rather the prison camp next door.
Fortunately, help is on the way led by the "Rachel Corrie" and backed by Turkey. Israel better behave! The world is watching!!

More disturbing News from the Israelis. My guess is the hole was blown in the wall so the Palestinians could get from point A to point B.
They have NO SHAME.

Another day, another Isr@eli w@rcrime, another slew of zi0nist religious freak supporters of the worlds #1 terorist state, blaming the women and children of Gaza for not getting out of the way of the F-16.
Good to see this story completely buried, like pretty much every story of Israeli w@rcrimes.
Nice to know I have to misspell words to make it past the censorship here. Free speech at its finest, as long as its approved. Too much truth is not permitted.

And AP will believe Isr@eli w@rcriminals that they attacked a Hamas "training camp" and they'll print that verbatim without fact check on the ground.
But then again how can they when Isr@el blockades all foreign media so the world can't see its w@rcrimes.

Ick Fusreal

So in other words, the Palestinians should just let themselves be herded into camps, and slowly exterminated, while the world watches, and the US pays for it.

nothing more zealous than a convert i guess. No use in arguing with you  [I highly suggest you click for context.]

No, the underdog happens to be a group of people who have had everything they own stolen, and have been rounded up into camps for extermination. Only these underdogs at least have the cubes to fight back.

Boycott Israel, it worked in South Africa.
How long before Israel kills us all?

Israel has already said Uncle, "Uncle Sam I need more money, guns, ammo, planes and a nice new missle system. And if I don't get it you are out of office next election."

ethics...they are devoid of these values!

There's nothing like a spoiled rotten bully.

Mishaal Zeera
Sickening. The usual Israeli BS.
You notice the usual Israeli apologists are strangely absent in this thread

Tony Lunchmeat
Yeah, because with the Israeli jack boot on the necks of the native Palestinians, it is those people struggling to breathe that are at fault for the actions of the blood-thirsty jack-booted bully.

f-16s against donkey carts. :( The victims of Palestine don't have a chance. When will the world bring this rogue nation under control?

Tony Lunchmeat
Because she and Obama and the rest of the American political establishment is bought and paid for by the pro-Israeli lobby.

Usual response by Israel for an attack that did no damage. Go after the civilians.

Perhaps the Israelis shouldnt imprison a million people and force them to suffer increasingly every single day, bombing and shooting and starving them.
Perhaps the Isralis should realise that the world is watching their increasingly paranoid governments actions and coming to the conclusion that they "never learn" and need to be taught a painful and permanent lesson in the form of UN sanctions and an imposed, enforced return to the green line, the dismantlement of its wretched ghetto walls and a total end to the US billions which allow them to lord it over people with a brutality not seen since the middle ages.

the usual racist hate.
Also, not only are they being starved - with over half of Gazans living in EXTREME POVERTY and malnutrition climbing over 10%, but Sewage and water treatment facilities remain non-existant, leading to huge rises in cancers and kidney diseases. More of Israels crimes against humanity.

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  1. The Jews just act of the blue for no reason whatsoever. And the context usually gets erased in the process. Why, then Israel is just hammering poor Gaza because the Jews had a fit of pique that day.

    ITS THE CONTEXT, STUPID. But they won't admit that on the HP. So again, its all the Jews' fault.