Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HPW: Israel Supposedly Offered to Sell South Africa Nukes

The Huffington Post decided to cover the bogus Guardian story about Israel supposedly offering to sell nuclear weapons back in the 1970s a few days ago. I say bogus because CifWatch effectively proved how the story is based upon a completely lack of evidence. Of course this did not stop the Huffington Post talkbackers from eating up the story with a spoon and demanding more damning information against Israel. Truth was effectively trampled under the comments.

The thread has about 500 comments and was fully moderated.

And why not? - Israel is the most (and only) bellicose Middle Eastern rogue nuclear proliferator state in the Middle East and has spewed her Neocons and Israel Lobby forth out to America to lie/lead America into her disastrous and illegal war in Iraq, who currently has us on the verge of a thousand-year disastrous (and illegal) war with Iran, and, who with it's proto-Neocons in the Reagan administration, engineered/played, thru it's support of Saddam H, murderous Iraqi war against Iran. Israel is the 'Cast Lead' murderess of Gaza, the assassinator of Lebanon, the one repeatedly, over and over again, threatening Iran with devastation. Over and over again threatening Iran because Israel (narcissicism maxed) wants ME hegemony, her ego existentially threatenedly by anything else. Narcissism/insanity

tools and fools. israel is completely fine with bankrupting our country and having our citizens die to fight their neocon wars to secure their economic domination.
At least Irving Kristol, founder of the neocon movements and father of leading neocon Faux News blowhard Bill Kristol, was honest in his agenda: "it is now an interest of the Jews to have a large and powerful military establishment in the United States... American Jews who care about the survival of the state of Israel have to say, no, we don't want to cut the military budget, it is important to keep that military budget big, so that we can defend Israel."

Istanbullu Aykut
But on the other hand, of course when an openly racist government makes connections with another racist and religious fundamentalist entity, it catches some attention; more than it does with the seemingly not-so-racist ones. I'm not saying this is correct but that's what happens. Same with the public surprise on the face of the news of Israel-Pakistan nuclear cooperation, as it seems they are not of the same school. But I guess, if a disease needs to spread, there are not many rules saying which direction it cannot go.

Rogue: One good Aparteid State deserves another.

Now this is the type of information that the Tea Party (if it was sincere) should be in the streets raising hell about. Our US tax $$ support this corrupt rogue state.

Zionist nuclear proliferation to an apartheid state. Whats not to believe. Birds of a feather flock together and get nukes.
From one apartheid state to another.

Israel is, once again, clearly seen in the entire world (except to themselves and Bill Keller, who cleverly think they are ‘invisible’)
1- Israel is lying about South Africa: she tried to rip South Africa off on nuclear weapons deal. Verdict: Israelistan has attempted PROLIFERATION
2- Israel lied about Iraq: thru her Israel Lobby, her AIPAC, her Neocons, and especially her Feith’s ‘Office of Special (Israeli/Neocon) Plans’. Verdict: 4400 American dead, 0 Israeli dead, and the greatest strategic disaster in the history of the US
3- Israel is lying about Iran: thru forged documents (unlike the S. African documents), outright huge lies, and AIPAC blackmailed US congress. Verdict: I demand the Obama administration force Israel to join the NPT and submit Dimona to IAEA inspections
4- Israel has been lying about her nuclear weapons with which she threatens the entire Muslim world in order to continue her illegal occupation of Palestine. See verdict #3

Matthew, that is just one of many legally binding documents which would prevent the US from preventing any aid to Israel if all the realities of today were suddenly "uncovered". The Israeli lobby prevents that fund being touched via the various pressures it is able to exert on our politicians and manipulations of our social and political atmosphere via the media (Hollywood movies like Ironman 2, 300, etc. included). They also prevented the attorney general from reclassifying AIPAC as the foreign lobby it actually is. There was an official request by the attorney general to clarify and investigate the matter, and it was basically ignored at that point several decades back (likely due to administrative requests to let the Israelis just be and to turn a blind eye). In other words, they have forces at work to make sure no one ever bothers bringing up the Glenn and Symington amendments on the Congressional floor, and if it is brought up, that people are ready to quash any political action vis a vis the Act and the Amendments.

David, Israel is an expert at turning stomachs via their blatant hypocrisy. If only Americans like us would open their eyes and do some quality, independent research, this truth would be more accepted and prevalent. Instead, people are taught that Israel's interests=American interests. Our politicians virtually make love to them: "Israel is our stalwart ally"; "we have an unbreakable bond", etc. It's time we assessed whether Israel is really worth sticking our necks out for in the region on top of giving all those billions of $$$$ each year they won't return and use to engage in belligerence across the region. Here are some simple facts about Palestine/Israel EVERY American should know:
It's time to tell our ally we don't like apartheid-
states... we REALLY don't like apartheid states. Write your congressman.

When looking for a partner in peace, I would chose a country that has not attacked any of its neighbors first, then I would consider the degenerates next.

Your post is filed of hate towards Arabs and Muslims. I can't believe it was not flagged. Israel is the real threat to world peace and I am not the one saying it but Israelis themselves who are telling the world by their actions. Israel was a true friend to Apartheid South Africa. Go figure!

Israel is located right in the Middle East. How many troops have they have committed to OUR needs in Iraq? 0. How many troops for Afghanistan? 0. Fellow Americans, it's time to assess these facts for what they're worth and act by calling your congressman to demand immediate detachment from this apartheid-
supporting, apartheid, rogue nuclear arms dealing regime !

capt ayhab
No matter how much you as an Israeli apologist want to distort the truth about the human tragedy that Israel has caused. No matter how much slanderous comment you post about the people[tax payers] who pay your way though blatant gen@cide, facts and truth will remain the same.
Israel is an Apartheid state which is funded by US at the expense US citizens who are targeted throughout the world for unconditional support of illegal land grab and gen@cidal policies of Israel.
End of conversation.

Kevin Atlanta
One more graphic demonstration of the Terrorist State of Israel in action. The USA is on the same footing.

Is it any surprise that two apartheid regimes are in bed with each other?

Talk about a double standards. Total hypocrites! The U.S. continues to pay a heavy price, both in lives and treasure for their unabiding support of a terrorist state - Israel!

This is a bomb shell on a least two levels...
1). Proof of Israeli nukes (more proof)
2). Israel was willing to sell them to the aparthied state. And Rand Paul is the big concern??????
Incredible! Why is this story buried way back here??
AIPAC has an incredible reach.

The rest of the world is finally opening their eyes. As usual, the US will keep it's eyes shut, or the AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies, will put blinders on the US.

Proliferators of nuclear weapons. Offering to provide a failing racist state with the world's deadliest weapons (to attack whom precisely?). Lie to their strongest strategic partner about even having them -- for decades. Lying again TODAY when faced with prima facie evidence. Why on Dog's Earth do we continue to make ourselves the enemies of so many countries (and fight wars on multiple fronts) because of our blind support to this country? When can we move on from our guilt over the events of the 30's and 40's?

It's been Israel's policies since from its conception, hasn't it? We support and fund an Apartheid regime in Africa and even offer them WMDs and nukes so that the regime can cleanse and wipe out all indigenous Blacks, and in return, that regime teaches us the techniques of Apartheid that we can implement to cleanse and wipe out indigenous Palestinians, short of using nukes on them and call the attention of the world.
Sounds like a deal Israel and Peres would make!
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capt ayhab
Seemingly you have the one projecting lies of Israeli regime.
World has had it with your lies and propaganda and they are on to Israel's blatant lies and distortion under the guise of so called defense in order to drop phosphorus bombs on innocent and defenseless women and children.
No matter how mush you recite Hasbara and no matter how many people you slander facts remains the same . Being that Israel is nothing bot a Apartheid nation.
End of conversation.

This was not a Faustian deal betwen Israel and South Afcrica (as some are trying to justify), but rather, a deal between two simiular rotten ideologies.

When Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1996, his tour to the US was marred by criticism, demostrations and boycotts by Jewish Organizations because Mandela hugged Arafat at a meeting. Thsi is the extent of how israel is FIRST for these crowds.
Israel never lets us forget the wrongs done to Jews. But want us to ignore the wrongs done to blacks.

Grim Al
Let's face it Israel is a paranoid, pariah state that would resort to virtually anything to maintain their alleged victimhood by enemies real or perceived.
They have effectively infiltrated the entire political structure of the US in order to manipulatively preserve that status. So pervasive is the infiltration that they are able to openly act against the interests of the US and yet still recieve unquestioned support.
And corporate media is dominated [not controlled] by Pro-Israel executives and content gatekeepers.

Of course he [Peres] denies it. Since when do criminals admit to being criminals.

We hardly need help.
Israel does a fine job demonstrating its apartheid nature by itself.

Zionism and the Afrikaners, same philosophy on race, same ideology of superiority, same colonial settler project, similar bith of their states ( from Britain, in 1948), same violent subjugation of natives..s
ame reasoning for owning nuclear weapons.. feeling of illegitimacy runs deep..etc etc

It's an odd, futile and nihilistic dialectic he's putting forward. It's depressing that is mirrors Isreael's foreign policy.

Israel has no reputation to besmirch. Its quickly becoming an international pariah.

This is hardly surprising, racist South Africa and racist Israel were natural allies.

I had a friend who's Israeli boyfriend spent time in SA being trained by the SA military. Israel was very close to SA, because Israel needed their help in maintaining an apartheid state.

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  1. To those who hate Israel - the truth doesn't matter. One libel is as good as another with which to beat it up with. Something demonstrated clearly by this fact-free HP thread.