Friday, May 7, 2010

HPW: The Israel-North Korea Comparison

I wrote at some length about this blog post by John Ferrer about the similarities between Israel and North Korea, so I see no reason to repeat myself. Here's the abusive comments generated by that thread.

Brilliant analysis. The arrogance and paranoia of Israel is something we have to stop enabling. It is hypocritical of us to demand North Korea act like a responsible member of the international community but allow Israel to continue to be the arrogant xenophobic bully it is.

Israel and Apartheid South Africa were indeed separated at birth, year of "birth", ideology, racial superiority, Bantustans, apartheid policies, nuclear weapons cooperation, moral and political and military support to each other, etc etc South Africa got sane, israel is still insane..

It is time for all Reasonable Israeli's to rise up and sideline the Apartheid Israeli's.

Its [Israel] a biological ethnocracy. Its not even possible for a Jew to marry a non-Jew in Israel...

Israel is starving Gaza

Its a very useful exercise to compare the two. It really challenges our preconceived notions of Israel. Israel is not a democracy is probably the strongest point the article makes. How can a democracy govern a group of people while denying them rights of its normal citizens. It obviously can not while still being considered a democracy. Israel will soon be forced to make some very hard decisions.

And Israel will continue to buy protection from the U.S. Congress until such time as we the people demand and institute a democracy here in this nation, once again. The Israelis are juicing us. They spend about 200 million a year buying our politicians and spending on elections they want to influence, and in return get about 3 BILLION DOLLARS a year from our bought-and-paid-for Congress. Its a racket. We need to publicly fund elections to put an end to it, because Israel is just ONE of the string-pullers. The others are the corporations which spread money so lavishly amoung our "representatives" and pollute and negate our democratic rights..
[leftist rant]

Every Day MILLIONS of Palestinians are tortured and persecuted in unconscionable ways by Netanyahus regime.

"Israel occupies swathes of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights, and exerts physical and bureaucratic control over these regions, without granting any political representation to the inhabitants. By governing de facto, without giving voice to those governed, Israel cannot be described as a democracy: not technically and not in spirit."
[posted twice]

Israel Nuclear weapons programs predated any suicide bombers. perhaps it was one of the causes!!

What that a scenario happening in your head? An Israel soldier helping a Palestinian find he/her puppy? What a fantasy... they do not even regard Palestinians as humans.

There will be a one state solution, in any case. Palestinians are reproducing faster than the Israelis, and are expected to outnumber them by 2020. 

When the white folks are outnumbered, apartheid goes bye-bye.

Israelis producing the MOST children are Orthodox, who tend not to be Zionist.,7340,L-3884633,00.html

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  1. The latter comment is ignorant. Young Haredim are serving in the IDF and they are increasingly playing a major role in Israel's economy. The view they all study Torah and do nothing else is out of date. But one wouldn't expect HP posters to become "multicultural" about the Jews - and it is thus no surprise that over there, ignorance parades as knowledge.