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HPW: European Jews Sign Petition

As mentioned earlier, about 3,000 European Jews signed a petition that criticized Israel's settlement policy and questioned the value of the unbreakable Israel-US relationship. Because these petitioners are, in the words of one HPers, "the good Jews", many HPers came out in support of them. A lot of HPers wondered when these Jews would be called "anti-Semitic" or "self-hating", a statement that never arrived (although one pro-Israel poster did question how Jewish these European Jews are). There were a lot of abusive comments, which I've recorded below

Good luck staying committed to Israel. In order to do that you have to turn your back on the imperialist colonization by a mass immigration of Ashkenazim from Eastern Europe who, with god on their side, began the genocidal strategy of Zionism against the native peoples of Palestine. Remember, the first war crime (the invasion and occupation of Palestine) was the crime that facilitated all others. Israel has proven itself to be a rogue, terrorist nation with no rightful claims to ANY land in the Middle East. What they have participated in via the Balfore Declaration and the events following through to the end of WWII and the fall of the British Empire has been nothing less than a more subdued version of the Final Solution. It's a shame but sometimes Karma is a b**.


Oh these liberal Intellectual Jews of Europe, always causing trouble. Hurrah for them.

Its a pity that the cryptofascists who support Israels decades long abuse of the Palestinians cant see how their strident nationalism appears so very close to national socialism.

None of them [Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Syria and Iran] are currentely killing anyone or taking people out of their homes. Stop playing the old stereotypical game....THE BUSH YEARS ARE OVER!!!!!

right, critical of Zionism and its underlying motivations driven by the agenda of those who created Zionism - the Rothschilds who are partners with the sons of Mars - the Hapsburgs.

Nope. You make the mistake of assuming I am talking only of events after 1967 and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. I am speaking of events leading up to 1948 and Israel's unilateral declaration of a state NOT based on the UN partition plan, which I reject anyway - its not up to the UN to give away someone else's land, after all.

That entire state occupies land that was taken illegally by foreign colonizers. As such, the occupied have every right to reclaim that territory with whatever means they have at their disposal.[supporting terrorism]

Should have taken two states when it was offered to you, bud. The narrative is heading back to One State right now, with one-man, one-vote, as it should have been always.

And, for the record, it wasn't a "war of genocide" - it was a war to reclaim territory occupied by foreigners. Jews and genocide are not synonymous, you know.

[I]srael is there to stay.
Is that so, Jimmy Rawl?
Time will tell.

Right wing Zionists in the Bay area AKA as the Jewish Taliban , last night attacked rabbi Michael Lerner's home in Berkeley because of his conciliatory views and aspiration for a peaceful solution for the Palestine/israel problem. He is the publisher of TIKKUN magazine. As I said before, the Israel firsters are very intolerant, and would use terroristic actions to scare the good Jews, into submission and or silence. This is the response of the extreme right wing Zionist to the European Jews letter..wh
at a difference!!


Each time I, as a concerned citizen of the World, stood up for the truth and against the self destructive policies of the Israeli Gov't, I was attacked here as being "antisemitic"! Even though I was standing up for the Palestinians, who themselves, are a SEMITIC people!

you do know Israel did not become a sovereign UNTIL 1948, when it used terrorist methods to seize land from the Palestinians

Arabs don't have to make any concessions. They have nothing to give except recognition, which I can assure you, Israel does not give a toss about. Only party that has something to give is Israel. It is the Occupier. Why does the illegal Occupation of territory and the systematic persecution of a people deserve anything in return? What is there for Palestinians to give?

Amazing how this little myth about "concessions" was hatched and spread. Snort.

read deuteromony. only when those plucked out of israel (for serving other gods) and sent into slavery in ships after fleeing to africa (many of the real jews still live in somalia and central africa-lem
bas-falshas etc.) will the lands be cleansed and the new temple rebuilt.there will be people whose only job will be to mark the spots where bones are found for later burial in order to cleanse the land.deut. does not say how the radioactivity will be cleaned so the returners are probably resistant to the radioactivity.the japethic jews(ashkenaz , magyars, khazars) will build a new temple but adjacent to the original spot.only the "returners", decendants of abraham thru isaac and jacob can rebuild on the original is this possible? genesis chapt 10 verse 3 states: and the sons of gomer: ashkenaz and ripath and's a total bust all around because the arabs trying to destroy the ashkenaz in israel are not even arabs. they are greeks persians. the real blueblack arabs have been driven to the edges of the kingdoms.what a mess.the ashkenaz have every right to live in peace now because everyone in the world will live in peace after the returners return and rebuild the temple.for now, the fake jews and the fake arabs have put the world at the edge of a cliff.

Stop becoming the evil people they (the jews) were supposedly running from until they were handed Israel after WWII

LMPE - that is worth noting and it is worth noting that Jews who disagree call the Jews who criticize Israel self-hating Jews to make their criticism somehow worthless like the term anti-semitic makes non Jew's criticism appear worthless.

Moshe - if Israel has anything to do with the ideals of Judaism then please explain it to me how it demonstrates these ideas What I see is barbaric and irrational. I thought Judaism was all for justice but I guess I was wrong.

Which is great and all, and a big pat on the back for the democratic Jewish community. Now could you please stop bombing and occupying other peoples' lands and relax your genocidal death-grip on Gaza?

Mencken Today
While they can get away with it, in this country there is widespread criticism and censorship of any critical comments about Israel's behavior.

Attacks by crude home made rockets from occupied Gaza started in 2001 and took their first Israeli victim in 2004. Since then, there had been 14 Israeli victims prior to “Operation Cast Lead.” Tragic indeed, but hardly comparable to the seventeen hundred Gaza Strip Palestinians killed by Israel during the same period, including many innocent men, women and children.

That includes much of the image media and certainly true of the print and net media; yes, even her.

You mean the thousands of rockets that hit pretty much nobody? You do realize the "rockets" are less accurate than a bottle rocket? Why are you playing up this as a "great danger" - dishonest much? Why are most people who defend everything Israel does dishonest? Says a lot about their argument.

You mean just like AIPAC members who predominantly pledge allegiance to Israel first even though they are US citizens?

Doesn't matter. The standard Zionist response to real Jews is to label them as Anti-Semitic even though Zionists seem to not comprehend what the true definition of a semite is.

Oh, these must be antisemitic Jews--right, hasbara?
[just one of dozens of similar posts]

dspier said, "...expand Israel expand - Israel should do what is right for Israel"

Except they have no right to be there. "Israelis" are illegal occupiers of invaded lands that do not belong to them, either historically or morally. The land is Palestine. Even in biblical times it was Palestine. Jesus, if he lived, lived in Palestine. There is no such legitimate thing as "Israel".

But the Jews left Judea, which is in Palestine, a looooong time ago. And the semitic Palestinian people have been living there ever since. It is their land.

Least of all would it belong to Zionists who have no cultural, ethnic or historical connection to the Middle East. Zionists are converted Khazars who moved west into Europe. They were never semitic nor did they ever live in Palestine, not until 1948 anyway, when the invaded and threw out the peaceful people who had been living there for thousands of years.

Just read the Khazar history. It's very clear. The Palestinians were living in Palestine from biblical times until 1948 when the Zionists invaded Palestine, dispossessed the Palestinian people and took their homes and land. That's the history.

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  1. Peace is an Israeli surrender to PA dictates. Incidentally, I just read a blurb on the Jerusalem Post here that says Abu Bluff gives the proximity talks four months. Why the deadline? It can only be because the Palestinians expect one outcome and its already headed for failure as a result.