Friday, May 21, 2010

HPW: Elvis Costello Cancels Israel Concert

 The "Entertainment" section of the Huffington Post decided to cover Elvis Costello's decision to cancel his concert in Israel because of (according to the headline) its "treatment of Palestine." They did not decide to cover the 30+ artists who are still playing in Israel this year and didn't cancel their concerts. 

The thread has about 300 comments and is unmoderated. Most of the HPers praised Costello, but others took it a little too far. Click below to read them.

More artists should boycott Israel.
It has become the apartheid regime akin to
South Africa before Mandela.

Richard Pearce
Except its not boycotting the arts, its artists boycotting Israelis in the hopes that they will realise that they've wandered so far outside the lines of civilised behaviour that civilised people want nothing to do with them until they start heading back.

I have to concur with Mr. Costellos decision, Israel vile acts toward the Palestinians has to be brought further into the "light." Past and present government officials should be charged with "war crimes," and serve time in jail (unfortunately......"like that will happen right....not holding my breath). It therefore is up to the people, wherever "you" are to stand up to the horrific and genocidal acts committed by Israel against the Palestinians everyday.

Yes Israel is just like apartheid South Africa. Yours is just blind defense.

Bravo, Elvis. It is NOT like boycotting England or France. Israel is the only nation on the face of the earth TODAY that is pressing a program of genocide and the rest of the world is not calling them out for it.
The Israelis are responding to random acts of militant violence by destroying families who have no association with those random acts except ethnicity. The Israelis are responding to random acts of violence with random abominations.

Elvis did the RIGHT HING. Apartheid is Apartheid even when Israel does it.

 I think it was a great moral decision by Costello. It was just this kind of boycott and ostracization that led to the fall of the Apartheid government of South Africa. Time to end Israeli apartheid. 

Perhaps he booked it before the massacre of 1300 civilians in Gaza, or before Israeli journalist Anat Kam was put under house arrest for allegedly leaking documents showing that the IDF has been conducting assassinations in the West Bank, before Palestinians were thrown out of their homes in Occupied East Jerusalem so that Jewish settlers could move in, before he became aware that Israel has had Gaza under seige for three years--collective punishment (a war crime) for 1.5 million men women and children--not allowing cement, crayons or pasta in, before he realized that Israel has a set of roads for Jews, and a set of roads for Arabs in the West Bank (shades of apartheid), before Israel vilified Judge Goldstone for finding that both Hezbollah and Israel committed war crimes during Cast Lead, before Israel used forged passports of its allied nations to commit an assassination in Dubai, before Israel allowed its settlers to go unpunished for killing a Palestinian teenager throwing rocks, as happened last week, before he realized that Israel continues to colonize Palestinian land in contravention of the Geneva Conventions, that Israel refuses to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty while receiving military aid from the United States, in contravention of our own laws, while beating the drums of war on Iran. In short, that Israel is a rogue state committing crimes against humanity.  
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Where are the open air prisons in GB or USA holding 1.5 million people who are being bombed and starved? 

Wake up idiot, Israel is a criminal state 

Elvis...I applaud you. The policies of Israel are very abusive and will change in time. More people are waking up everyday and seeing this brutal regime, and in time it will go away as did Hitler, Stalin, and others. Zionism has no place in this world. Many of my Jewish friends are sickened by Israel and its policies. But until we can get AIPAC from having an occupation in Congress, we will be left with individual acts like that of Elvis to hopefully make the Zionist regime and its policies a thing of history. More power to J-Street for trying to show the Jewish dissappointment and trying to solve the problem of Peace in the Mid East. 

Antonio Japa
EXCELLENT! If only more people would also do the right thing - even if it is really late. And exactly what am I getting from Israel for all my tax dollars? I've traveled to Damascus, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Gaza, Amman, the towns throughout the West Bank/Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. There's one place that I'll never go back to, and all the others are places that I plan to visit again and again. We americans have been unnecessarily kissing Israel's arse. When will we learn what everyone else on the planet already knows - Israel is an infection that should have been cured years ago.
Too bad some Israelis won't be able to go to a concert. Try living in illegally occupied territory where everything is under the Israeli control. 

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