Friday, May 7, 2010

HPW: David Harris on Mearsheimer

Pro-Israel HP blogger David Harris posted an excellent piece on John Mearsheimer, his list of "righteous Jews", and his teaching. I really recommend you read it, Harris does a great job showing the Palestinian propaganda Mearsheimer repeats unquestioningly and the numerous lies that are part of his rhetoric. Naturally, the HPers weren't happy. A lot of them whined that Harris didn't address Mearsheimer's arguments and therefore Mearsheimer is actually right (Harris, of course, did address the arguments). There were also a lot of personal attacks towards Harris, which I did not take down for this HPW. For the abusive comments, see below.

I notice that the pro- Zionist lobby on this blog constantly baits the American taxpayer by asserting that US taxpayer cash will flow in increasing amounts to Israel ! as if to say there is nothing that they can do to stop it, and they are right ! The Zionist influence extends to control of the US media and the banking system.
The Arabs and Palestinians have repeatedly agreed to recognize the state of Israel if it would change its predatory policies . yet those Zionist apologist keep repeating the lie that everyone wishes to destroy them.what they wish to destroy is the malignant cancer of Zionist expansionism and the philosophy of racial and tribal superiority ,destined by a desert god . 
The majority of Jewish people are liberal and just people, it is the Neo-Con regime that has captured the government in Israel that is the problem and Americans need to understand that this is the same crowd that leads them into perpetual war and the rape and pillage of the American middle class for the benefit of the economic elite.
The majority of the citizens of the world are opposed to the brutal and inhuman policies of the Israeli regime and no amount of posting by paid Hasbara agents will get rid of the stench of exploitation racism and hate espoused and practiced by the State of Israel and supported by the power elite in America and Britain.

Israeli forces fire at deportees approaching Gaza crossing
[this user posted several off-topic news articles in a row]

Not a word at this site about the Israeli terrorist burning down a mosque in the West Bank, but like clockwork, prime real estate is given for yet another pro- Israel article. imagine the uproar if an Israeli synagogue had been torched by a Palestinian!
[the side of a mosque took some fire damage, it wasn't "burned down". Complaining about HP bias towards Israel]

Rich Zubaty the Rude Guy
Jews deserve a homeland. It should be in Nevada or Paraguay. The world has paid too high a price for Israeli arrogance.

David's pre-frontal lobe is too small and his adrenaline gland is too big.

I think I'll put his rant in a time capsule and see what man thinks of it in 100,000 years.
Hopefully, man will be out of the cave by then.
[very personal attack on David Harris]

What a smear job. It sounds to me like everything he said was accurate, but you just don't want to hear it. Or perhaps don't want other people to hear it.

Of course Israel has stolen land from the Palestinians. There's no dispute about that. The whole "God is our real estate broker" argument was discredited long ago. We do not settle land disputes based on one side saying that their God wants them to have the land. And apparently to kill everyone who was living there. And it goes on and on. The land theft didn't end in 1949, it is ongoing through today, combined with policies of ethnic cleansing and genocide. I think most of the world knows that. It's just that in this country, some people still like to pretend that it's a secret.

I don't personally care. But I do want my government to stop sending my money, billions of dollars to support Israel. And I suspect that soon the demands for that will be overwhelming. Then israel will have to make a decision: make peace, live in peace with their neighbors or not. But whatever they do, I don't want to pay for it.

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  1. All the anti-Zios have got going for them on HP is ad hominem insults. Is that the best they can do to muster the troops in the assault against Israel? I would say we have not much to fear from the likes of them.