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HPW: Clinton Peace Talks / "Obama's Shack"

Two for one today. First up, the Huffington Post covered a story about Hillary Clinton declaring that talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians would be started again soon. The unmoderated thread amassed about 500 comments, which is about normal for a story in which nothing is actually happening. There were very few abusive comments, which may be due to the new moderation system. If that is a trend that continues, I will be very happy indeed. On the other hand, in this story about Israel demolishing settlements, the hate was cranked up back to normal levels. I didn't include many direct insults which also appeared in that fully moderated thread of about 200 comments. Click below to read the comments.

Hillary Peace Talks
Hilary getting new orders from her Masters! Yea!!!!

dont forget that some of the most powerful lobbyists in DC are the Israelis. Even while the Obama admin is trying to be a non-partisan arbiter of the peace talks, the congress is bought and very biased toward the Israelis. And dont think for a second that all of the muslim world doesnt know this.

The only kind of Peace Israeli Zionists are interested in is stealing the remains of what was Palestine, Piece by Piece. For years the USA has shown nothing but hypocrisy in its attitude towards the corrupt Israeli regime. What is your regime scared of?

Woody Stemms
Who started this fight? White, European, Jews.
Who crossed an ocean to steal other people's land?
Who claims a "divine right" to rule "the natives"?
Who claims that Any of their tribe, anywhere in the world, has the "right" to steal more Palestinian land?
Of course they attack Israel, nitwit.
What do you expect?

A tradition doesn't make it right, and before that our tradition was negotiation and friendly relations with the muslim world going back to the Treaty of Tripoli.
Our government should represent the will of the American citizens, not lobbies that contributes the most to their PACs. I share no values with settler thugs and a colony nation that is depriving indigenous people of their right to their home, property, a decent life, and the right of self determination. Israel has them rounded up in the new warsaw ghetto but cant see the parallels.

You are correct, and Israel is using the same play books the US used to complete it's ethnic cleansing program.

Israel was born out of terrorist organizations such as the Irgun and Lehi (Stern Gang). Israel has violated international law with impunity for 63 years. Israel refuses to join the IAEA, sign the NPT and allow inspections of their nuclear facilities. Israel refuses to stop the illegal construction of homes for Jews only in the occupied Palestinian territories and East Jerusalem. These are the acts of a rogue country that is non-compliant with regard to their nuclear weapons program. Israel must be isolated and made to account fro their violations of international law and numerous war crimes.

Its a fact Israel broke the ceasefire ,get over it !
Gaza 2009 = Warsaw Ghetto 1940

These countries are not taking money out of my pocket. More to the point, these countries did not "create" themselves in the middle of Europe or South America, they are the indigenous populations that have lived there for centuries.
What's wrong with a one state solution? Why do the Jewish Israelis have to control everything at the expense of other people and their own reputation?
Well, maybe. But that would never compare to the weapons, money and slaughtering techniques provided by the States to Israel.
Look up Norman Finkelstein on youtube. All your misconceptions will be answered. You will realize within minutes what's going on down in that s**thole.

"Peace talks" is code for ethnic cleansing, which is code for genocide.

This reminds me of the last years of Apartheid South Africa. The dying beast struggling to hold on, never wanting to let go.

"Obama's Shack" Settlement Demolition

28 Kilometers of Distilled Apartheid:
or a walled city of fascism.
Why yes, just like in South Africa prior to the elimination of apartheid.

Good video. This is all part of Israel's planned ethnic cleansing of the rest of Palestine.

Actually, the term "Semite" is also used by Zionists in an attempt to show themselves as native people of the area-- not Europeans.
Zionism delegitimizes ITSELF.
You do not fool educated people.

Ah anti-semitism. The last refuge for Israel apologists.

ANTISEMITE, ANTISEMITE, ANTISEMITE, HOLOCAUST, BOOGA, BOOGA is that the solution for zionists bad behavior yell antisemite and that justifies everything they do.

Heavily moderated by the Lukid's as usual

Ah, yet another hasbara agent spewing nonsense. Under international law and as repeatedly affirmed by the UNSC, the US State Department and the World Court, the West Bank and East Jerusalem/the Old City (including its illegally extended boundaries) are "belligerently occupied" by Israel. Indeed, with the possibility of minor mutually agreed to exchanges of land, the West Bank and East Jerusalem (which as part of a final peace treaty, the Palestinians have agreed to share with Israel as a joint capital) are to form part of an independent Palestinian state. This is the worldwide consensus.

Yes, the demographics work against the Israelis which is why they are starting to bandy about the idea of deportations, removing citizenship from their Arab citizens. They will hope for some sort of provocation, some heinous act by one of their Arab citizens and use that as a pretext to throw them all out. Wait and see.
Meanwhile, they have destroyed homes, seized land, walled in and divided towns by roads (there are roads for Israelis and roads for the occupied Palestinians, something that reeks of the Ghetto). Even when Rabin was PM and when people believed in Oslo, the settlements continued.
A settlement will have to be imposed on Israel, a take it or leave it settlement imposed by the US and the other great powers, voted on in the UN. It's the only solution. But the American Jewish Lobby will fight this tooth and nail and many of our politicians are more loyal to Israel than to their own country. Schumer, Lieberman, Nita Lowy, etc, etc. It will take a great deal of courage for politicans to go against this well funded, well oiled lobby. Perhaps Obama can do it in his second term.

You are speaking of bribery, corruption and intimidation on the part of Israel and its lobby. [Click for context. He is saying those are the reasons why the last eight US presidents have supported Israel.]

This is so typical of the occupation. Occassionally Israel takes a token action against the most blatant of the illegal structures Israeli extremists construct. But Israel continues to brutalize the Palestinians, suppress legitimate resistance to the occupation, and continue the pattern of crimes against humanity against the Palestinian people.  

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