Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HPW: Boteach on J-Street and Wiesel

Rabbi Shmuely Boteach has written a blogpost condemning J-Street's "attack" on Elie Wiesel and it was picked up by the HP. He discussed the conflicting opinions about the final status of Jerusalem between the two groups, and disagreed with J-Street's decision to personally attack Wiesel, calling him "naive", "ignorant", and "easily misled". Boteach uses the religious argument, as Wiesel did, to argue for Israel retaining control of all of Jerusalem, which failed to convince both the HPers and me. The HPers used this opportunity to talk about how all Israel and all Israelis are racists and religious fanatics, and how the Palestinians are suffering beyond belief for no reason.

Yet! Israeli apologist keep claiming that these white East Europeans are Semantic! Go figure! By the way, Ashkenazis are the most RACISTS bunch of'em all.

There are millions of Chinese Muslims. I doubt many people would say they are entitled to land in Saudi Arabia or Iraq and to kill any non Muslims (if needed) to displace them. 
Ashkenazi Jews (the majority of American and Israeli Jewish people) are of Caucasian Eastern European ancestry and their ancestors were not Jewish 2,000 years ago.

I do not quite agree with you that they are racist as much as they are supremacists. They whole "chosen people" thing is inherently supremacist but they are not alone in that. Most religions embrace that outlook to some degree. Christ-ianity certainly does.
I say they are not strictly definable as racists because they (with exceptions) look down on non Jewish Caucasians also. Yet they (with exceptions) also look down on Jewish non Caucasians so there is a caste system even within the religion (at least in Israel).

Since Operation Caste Lead, Israel has gone into overdrive to make it look more humane within the international community. Israel has sent an array of bloggers to show up anytime an article on Israel shows up. Im sorry but no matter how hard Israel tries to convince and bury the Goldstone report and the atrocities of this awful event truth will prevail. 

Israel has Tel Aviv as it's capitol. Jerusalem should be declared an international zone where all religions are free to worship. Christians on their pilgrimage to see where Jesus supposely was born was cut beause of a huge Wall cutting off part of the city. If said Book said the Jewish capitol was Paris would Jews be walling off Christians from seeing the city. God doesnt live in Israel or Rome sorry to break it you. Holy sites should be recognized and saved for future generations obviously the current Israeli government has no intention of letting the world enjoy these sites; it's for Jews only.

I am a far left liberal who called Israeli apologists Evil. I am guilty but after reading their silly arguments and even try to defend Israel's support for South African's Apartheid regime, I can't allow myself to not compare them to many Evil regimes that passed through history. I am sorry but whoever supports treating any human being regardless of their religion or race the way the Palestinians were treated for the past 60 years, IS EVIL without a doubt!

Hey Rabbi!
When are we going to build a Palestinian Holocaust museum in the national capital?? Would you support that???

The way you try to exterminate people does not constitute what is holocaust and what is not. The fact that Israelis keep destroying Palestinians crops, olive trees, water and human lives definitely constitute some form of a holocaust. Israel does not have to build oven to abuse and kill Palestinians but they are using far worst tactics of humiliating a whole Palestinian family, destroying their homes and jailing even children. What a heartless people Israelis are to support this type of crimes!!!!

The Rabbi is not interested in facts if they get in the way of stealing more Palestinian Lands. This is getting crazy! Israeli apologists will lie, cheat and deceit to get what they want. Alas! the world is changing and all they can think about is a good PR campaign to excuse their war crimes against humanity.

Rabbi Boteach is obviousely an Isreali fundermentalist zealot. One would think in defense of Weisel, the Rabbi would come up with something serious and substancial. Instead, he opted for the imbecilic. The songs of Weisel's mother, the dreams of the jewish people and citations in the Bible (when did the Bible become a real estate document, for christ sake) does not in any way constitute a legal claim to a land that has been inhabited by arab and others for millennia. Weisel the voice of the oppressed? Tell that to the Palestians, the Syrians and/or the Arab Lebanese whose brutalisation and mass murder he has always welcomed, rationalised and moralised with the same warped thinking exhibuted by Boteach. That people would be quiet when he spoke; that he is a holocaust survivor and wrote a best selling book; that he appeared on Oprah, does not in any way endow him with veneration, or put him beyond reproach. The carefully crafted personna of Weisel by far outstrip his claim to moral fortitude. Contd.

As an American I am sure some of my tax money has been used to kill Palestinian children and to destroy their homes too. Please accept my sincere apologies and I am sure your people will be set free sooner than you think. I was blind for years to the brutal occupation your people suffer on a daily basis, but after what happen recently in Gaza and the fact that Israel wants to starve off the whole population, I can not in a good conscience support a racist regime.

Yes I am glad! You are also right, the Israeli hasbara worked on me for a quite awhile but now, I can see what a racist country Israel is.

Sorry, but you & the Zionists are the 'radical minority.'
Since nobody, and no government, supports Israel's zionist agenda except the NEOCONs in the U.S. Government, and other Zionists.

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  1. Yep. Its all the Jews' fault.

    And people wonder why peace won't come to the Middle East in our lifetime.