Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HPW: Australia Expels Israeli Diplomat

Another breaking news story published on the HP yesterday was that Australia has expelled an Israeli diplomat because of Israel's alleged theft of Australian passports for the assassination in Dubai (remember that?). This story got top billing in the Israel section, but there were few truly abusive comments (most of the comments were just statements of support for the Australian government). I should point out this article, which quotes the Australian opposition as stating this move was purely political so that the government could gain support from Arab Australians.

Anyway, on to the comments. I wasn't able to get the links to the comments because of technical difficulties, but trust me, they were all there at one point or another.

Dov Goldberg
The US = Israel's bitch. Just look at who runs the country...Rahm, Axelrod, and countless others throughout government and the private sector.
The US vetoes any UN resolution that attempts to punish Israel...there's a reason the world has contempt for the USA, just too many citizens are sheeple who are only aware of what MSNBC, FOX or CNN tells them.

Its not that they don't get it.......they just don't care. The level of arrogance blows me away and yet they are always the victims crying foul, crying anti-semitism....you name it, they have an excuse
[call the wahmbulance]

What makes you think they didn't? You think US admin has the balls to announce anything like this? You forgetting this country (from banking, government, FBI, media) is controlled by the J-lobby :)

Its YOU who thinks you know everything
israel is the most racist, lying, thieving, manipulative TERRRORIST natison on earth.
I support Hezbollah and Hamas with time AND Money

Israel Zionism is a fascists racist regime no different than NaziGermany.
They are stealing yet more land for Lebensraum.................and anyone NON Jewish is GOYIM.
You will be surprised some day when the backlash around the world happens.
NO ONE is superior to anyone else.... or 'chosen' by virtue of some GD book.,

Tom Volksrieger
Because the people that occupy land at the eastern end of the Mediterranean are a protected class here at the HuffPo

Every country needs to expel them.
These are the ORIGINAL sinners and deceivers
Had we expelled them during the Clinton years, 9/11 wouldn't have happened. Instead they used their greatest tool (Bribes) and pulled Clinton into their camp and now they are marrying Chelsea.
[Last part proves he means Jews, not Zionists]

Why are comments on this post heavily moderated? Who's doing it - Mossad?

Awesome. And, by the way, let's have a Law and Order episode on the evil MASAD. Oh wait, that will never happen. And you know why.

If you go down to the bottom of the main page for Huffington Post you will see that close to half of the commentators are Jewish. Unless you know the others personally you will have no idea whether they are Catholic, Protestant or non believers. 
For most of us our upbringing and religious background has a lot to do with our points of view
I'm not talking about a quote here but more of an understanding of where our source of information is coming from and why. 
I sincerely doubt that hese writings will be posted

The US taxpayers shell out billions to Israel every year. In return they have actively spied on the US and stolen military secrets. They have done it in other countries like Canada. Anyone who questions the power less than 3% of the US population has is quickly labelled a big by many. It so easy to do.
Rohm Emanual is over in Israel right now for his son's bar mitzvah. Is he American or Israel? Where are his first loyalties?
You could ask the same of Joe Lieberman
Wasn't Geitner as thick as thieves with the Wall Street hucksters?
It looks like 1/3 of the Supreme Court will be Jewish.
Some things seem a bit out of whack.
At least 30% of the US are either Agnostics or Atheists and they have no say in public policies that reflect there beliefs.
All I am saying is it is something that should be talked about

Not only that, there is a clear distinction between the Ashkanazis and Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews. Ashkanazis consider themselves superior to the rest.

It is true, but the lobby has complete control of the media and lawmakers to refute the truth. 


  1. The Law and Order post is the best. Of course there won't be a Law and Order episode about Mossad: Law and Order was canceled.

  2. I wish anti-Semites could be canceled. That would make my day!