Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The HP's Latest Misleading Headline

The Noam Chomsky story has picked up yet another headline on the Huffington Post, bringing the whole affair to a grand total of three articles. But what I really wanted to show you was the headline itself, check it out:

If you have trouble seeing it, click the picture to zoom in. If you can't read it it says "Israeli Academics Denounce Chomsky Ban." The inside headline says the same thing.

The bias here is that there is no "Chomsky ban." Israel hasn't banned Chomsky from coming, they denied entry to him last week. Even the article itself contains the following paragraph:
"The Interior Ministry later said the border agent had made a mistake and Chomsky was welcome to return."
 Gosh, doesn't the Huffington Post editors read the articles before they print them?

1 comment:

  1. The dhimmi Jews in the Israeli government actually apologized for doing the right thing.

    Someone like Chomsky, who consorts with Hezbollah in Lebanon - should receive a lifetime ban from visiting Israel!