Sunday, May 16, 2010

The HP's Latest Misleading Headline

When I opened up the "World" Section of the Huffington Post to see what was in store for Sunday, I certainly didn't expect to see a headline that read,"Hezbollah Leader Calls For 'Islamic United States'"
My immediate reaction was, "Well, I'm glad to see that Hezbollah has finally come right out and admitted their true motivations." But it turned out that the headline, once again, did not accurately represent the information contained in the article.

As it turns out, a guy named Ayatollah Mohammad Bagher Kharrazi has called for something called a "Greater Iran." He is a leader of Hezbollah, but not the one most of us are familiar with. He is instead the leader of an Iranian Hezbollah, the political party of Hezbollah based in Iran. What Kharazzi meant by a "Islamic United States" was for a caliphate, in other words, a bunch of Muslim nations all working together. By the headline, it sounded like he was called for the USA to become Muslim, right? Wrong.

Kharrazi went on to say that the creation of this USI would mean destroying not only Israel but other Muslim groups that he doesn't like, such as the Ba'ath Party in Iraq and the Wahabites in Saudi Arabia.

Anyway, most of the comments varied between, "What's the deal with these hardliners in Iran?" and endless variations on "Religion in general sucks and should be abolished." So it doesn't sound like too many people were misled by the headline and thought it referred to the Lebanese Hezbollah. As much as I was glad to see a misleading headline against one of Israel's enemies, I care more about the truth getting out. And the HP dropped the ball on this one.

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  1. Good luck with that happening any time soon.

    And the world wonders why Israel is rightfully worried about a nuclear bomb in the hands of guys in Iran like him.

    Go figure.