Thursday, May 13, 2010

The HP's Biased Coverage of the Goldstone Controversy

As I mentioned the other day, MJ Rosenberg has brought to light an Israeli investigation that found Richard Goldstone had participated in a racist practice of executing black South Africans, as well as whipping them, among other things, while he served as a judge in apartheid South Africa. My immediate reaction is that this is a smear on his character, but ultimately it is history at this point. It does make for an ironic counterpoint to those who claim that Goldstone is "a saint" or "a man of justice" simply because he accused Israel of war crimes.

Anyway, what is funny is that the Huffington Post's blogroll has become a factory of comments about the investigation, defending Goldstone from his accusers, and counter-attacking those who made the accusation. Of course, the coverage is completely one-sided, as you will see.

 So first we had the Alan Dershowitz article that set the whole thing off. He provides more detail than I did, and I suggest you check it out. I actually missed that article the first time it was posted, and seeing as how there were only 5 comments, it seems most people did as well. If it hadn't been for Rosenberg's article I would never even have known about the investigation or it's results.

Then we had Rosenberg's first article, which I wrote about here. Nothing more to say except that he believes every blogger who covered the story only did so because Israel's government told them too. I suggest he call Agent Mulder and have the conspiracy investigated more thoroughly.

Then Rosenberg wrote a second article, in which he said basically the same thing again. Except that this time he also made a plug for...

Rabbi Brant Rosen's attack on Alan Dershowitz, relating to the Goldstone controversy. Rabbi Rosen accusing Dershowitz of launching smear campaigns against many different targets, of which Goldstone is simply the latest. Rosen followed that up with saying that Goldstone is in fact a man of truth and justice who merely wants to save Israel from itself, and isn't it oh so terrible that Dershowitz and his ilk are silencing all critics. Nothing we haven't heard before, and again, no comment about Goldstone's actions.

And then finally we had an article by Sasha Polakow-Suransky, who wrote a book about Israel's alliance with South Africa, which he refers to as a secret even though we all know about it. Suransky claims that "the pro-Israel crowd" is committing "lies of omission." What he means by that is that they aren't pointing the finger at Israel's actions during South Africa, even though what Israel did has nothing to do with whether or not Goldstone committed crimes against conscience. Suransky also attempted to defend Goldstone's character, which was very nice but again he had nothing to say about the actual results of the investigation and what they might mean.

So to conclude, we have a four to one ratio of pro-Goldstone to anti-Goldstone articles being written on the Huffington Post. They even brought in a brand new blogger just for this latest story. Oh, and we know that there were more anti-Goldstone articles on the topic, because Mr. Rosenberg was so gleeful to tell us that there were in his original article. Welcome to the "fair and balanced" Huffington Post.

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  1. None of the pro-Goldstone articles address his apartheid past.

    One wonders what they afraid of on the HP. It looks like the unvarnished truth.