Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gassing Story A Hoax

Remember the story from last week about Egypt gassing a group of Gazan smugglers in a tunnel? Which in turn set off anger from all the Huffington Posters who read it?

Well Elder of Ziyon now reports that the story was made up:
"The owner, not wanting to pay compensation to the families of the dead [of a tunnel collapse], started a rumor through his Hamas circles that they died from poison gas that came from Egypt. Hamas seized on this idea to pressure Egypt and Hamas then transported the victims to the Al Najjar hospital, where the group demanded that the head of surgery issue a statement that they were killed from toxic gas.

He refused, but his statement under pressure mentioned that there might have been a gas explosion in the tunnel, allowing Hamas to make their accusations."
 I'll email this information to the Huffington Post, but don't expect them to issue a retraction or correction. They don't have a history of doing so, both on Israel-related articles and articles in general. Given their history of reporting Hamas' accusations against Israel as if they were truth, this tendency is troubling indeed.

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  1. The libel against Israel sticks in the public mind long after a correction is made. Who today remembers the Mohammed al Dura affair? And it hasn't been helped by Israel's failure to defend it from some of the libels hurled against it. The truth seldom matters in the Middle East as much as whose story is found most believable. So don't expect a retraction or contrition from the HP forum any time soon.