Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EoaP: Classifying Terrorists

On a thread by the director of Sderot Media Center:

I have seen this user make this kind of argument before. I thought I'd share my reactions:

1) How many nations does it take before he will admit that Hamas are terrorists? 32 apparently isn't enough, would 50 be? How about 100?

2) If 32 nations were to decide that Israel were a terrorist state, how quickly would he be declaring that they are right?

3) And finally, if you check, you will find that pretty much the same nations who recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization also recognize Al Qaeda as a terrorist organization. This would seem that those nations who don't recognize Hamas don't do so out of any particular love for Hamas, and more from a disaffection with the whole business of terrorism vs counter terrorism.

1 comment:

  1. All of those nations that boycott Hamas are all Western democracies. So now we now whom the likes of CigarGod on the HP support. The very worst autocracies, fascist regimes and thugocracies on the planet. That's his litmus test for not regarding Hamas as a terrorist organization. People who love freedom need friends like him like they need enemies.