Wednesday, May 19, 2010

David Mamet's Wisdom

I have finished this book by a screenwriter named David Mamet who has a lot of things to say on the subject of anti-Semitism, "self-hating Jews," and related topics. The book is, "The Wicked Son," and I found this one passage to be quite interesting and so I thought I would share it with you. I'm not sure if I agree with it, but it certainly made me think. By the way, at this point Mamet has been talking about anti-Semitism as a form of sexuality. Yeah, it's out there...:
"There are, similarly, two Palestines and two Israels. And to many, the fantasy Palestinians: totally wronged, totally powerless, offers the masturbatory fantasy of a mythic race so put-upon that they are empowered, limitlessly, to kill.
"This fantasy, just as the fantasy of (as opposed to the actual) Holocaust, allows the devoted to indulge in the simultaneous sadism and masochism: the Palestinians are wronged, and, so, empowered. They kill with suicide bombs and are, thus, unstoppable; their deaths, along with their murder, is endlessly sad, as they have been driven by their sufferings to the ultimate extremity."
Like I said, it's a little bit out there. But I must admit that I do see a little bit of this among certain Huffington Posters. They are more in love with feeling sorry for the Palestinians and getting them their "justice" than they are in the two sides living together in peace. And in many ways they would rather keep the conflict going so that the Palestinians could get more followers (like them) and crush Israel under a tide of righteous retribution. Talk about a fantasy!


  1. As David Makovsky stated very articulately at a lecture I went to: There won't be a Palestinian state until the Palestinians focus more on building up Palestine than tearing down Israel.

  2. Palestinian nationalism originated in opposition to Zionism. It is not surprising it has no independent positive sense of identity. Its based on opposition to everything the Jewish State is and does.

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