Monday, May 17, 2010

Comment of the Day

A few days old but still worth sharing:

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  1. What's this?

    Rank Jew hatred on a left-liberal blog?

    I'm shocked!

    Y'know, as I write this, my party registration form is sitting on my kitchen table all filled out and ready to be mailed.

    I used to be a Democrat.

    Not no more!

  2. In fairness, most of the people on the HP who post this stuff would consider 90% of the Democrats to be "too moderate" for their tastes. So let's not draw conclusions about Democrats based on the Huffington Posters.

  3. Oh, I haven't.

    I drew my conclusions on Democrats from the HuffPost, Daily Kos, and the myriad of smaller left-liberal Democratic blogs.

    There is no question in my mind that the base of the party is generally indifferent toward Israel, but perfectly happy to associate themselves with the most acidic anti-Zionists imaginable.

    Heathlander, after all, continues to post on dKos.

    That leaves me out.

  4. You guys just do not understand:

    1 Irony

    2 Sarcasm

    3 Innuendo

    4 Mockery

    5 Scoffing

    6 Banter

    7 Badinage

    or any of the other flavours of commentary.

    Unless, that is, you are making those kinds of comments yourselves.

    So absolutely every single iota of the smallest essence of a comment that does not fit into your ideally concepted world of goodness knows what, except that in that that world absolutely hates what it has decided is hateful, is demonised.

    You really are wonderful people.

    I sincerely hope that I never, ever, meet either one of you or any one of your supporters in the real world.

    You are dreadful - just plain nasty.

    You will not, but you really should, take a good, long, and honest look at yourselves, but you won't.

    Anti-semitism is unforgivable.

    What you are doing is its antithesis and equally abhorrent.

    But you will continue.

    You have a "mission", after all, and have travelled beyond the "pale" in your self aggrandisement.

    You have, so far as I can see, 2, maybe 3 followers.


    Well Done.

    I know, because I've seen references to your site on HP (how else did you think I got here?) that your blog is "known" and by people who "should" be interested in following and commenting on it.

    They don't though, do they?

    Again, I urge you to take a look at the real world. See what you are.

    You will think that my posting on here has significance, because that is what you want to see.

    It does not.

    It is no more significant than your blog which is to say not at all.

    The one and only difference?

    I do not hate.

    You do.