Sunday, May 9, 2010

Comment of the Day

The original link. A couple of observations:

1. To claim that the attacks on Goldstone (justified and otherwise) is anti-Semitism is absurd and insulting to everyone involved in the conversation. This user claims that the attacks on Goldstone are motivated primarily by the fact that he is Jew, but that is ridiculous. People like Alan Dershowtiz are not "attacking" Goldstone because he is a Jewish, otherwise they would be attacking all Jews, and that clearly isn't happening. Goldstone is not being attacked for who is he, but what he did.

2. The "political definition of anti-Semitism" is a new one, and a good example of newspeak. Further, this user is making another strawman: There is no definition of anti-Semitism anywhere that says "criticism of Israel" on its own is anti-Semitism, nor will there ever be. At this point you know where to find the definition, so I feel no need to link to it again. This is just another example of the war on anti-Semitism in action. And of course the AZ users on the HP just watched it pass by...

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  1. Like I've said, its amusing to see the Left twist itself into contortions to defend the judge's apartheid service by attacking his critics. That rather than deal with the real issue at hand.

    So who's afraid of the truth now?