Monday, April 26, 2010

We Scoop David Harris on McCarthyism

David Harris has written an article on the Huffington Post called "There's a Whiff of McCarthyism in the Air." I highly suggest that you check it out, but basically Harris writing about how the accusation of "dual loyalty" has started to enter the mainstream as an insult to sling against politicians who support Israel. Too bad we thought of that almost a month ago! Of course, McCarthyism among the Huffington Posters when it comes to Israel support is something normal. In United States politics, it is something new. So I guess I can't fault David Harris for focusing on more real world examples.

And real world examples he provides, for instance a newspaper in Gannet, New York that accuses Congresswoman Nita Lowe of, ""deliberately undermining our national interest in the service of a foreign government." It asked, "To whom is she loyal and whose interests does she represent?" and proposed that she and those like her "register as agents of a foreign government." Sounds like whoever wrote that moonlights as a talkbacker on the Huffington Post, doesn't it? Harris' article is great, he expands his topic all the way from Chuck Schumer to Walt and Mearshimer to Barack Obama.

Naturally, none of this fazed the Huffington Post talkback crowd even a little bit. Click the link below to read the comments of note so far from the fully moderated thread.

Let's get real, here. No one in the US can get elected to public office without pledging unconditional support to the government of Israel. Not a single word of dissent is permitted. Not a single word of criticism of Israel's policies is ever heard. Check it out. This is not limited to legislators who are Jewish - it's an all encompassing position will never be breached. The Middle East policy of the US is written by AIPAC. That's documented and factual. This is McCarthyism in reverse...
not against those who support every move made by the Israeli government, no matter how illegal or immoral - but against anyone who dares to speak out against anything done by the 'only democracy'' in the region that continues an illegal occupation for so many decades. As I said, get real. 

Mr. Harris, you and Israel apologists in general are really scraping the barrel in your attempts to portray Israel as a victim.
The 'McCarthyism' comparison, is a new low and makes no sense whatsoever.

Unbelievable hypocrisy. An AIPAC supporter complaining about McCarthyism?
Too rich.
Get Daniel Pipes on the horn. I want to ask him about Campus Watch.
Get me Alan Dersowitch's email. I want to ask him about Norman Finkelstein and Tony Judt. 

We can't help but wonder when, if ever, Mr. Harris will grow a pair and move to Israel.
Mr. Harris evidently doesn't have what it takes to "keep the natives in their place".
The AJC should be renamed, "Pimps For The Hebrew South Africa".
If they really love Israel, they should go there, stay there, and never come back. 

 "Frankly, I'm even more concerned about why such a newspaper published an assault that smacked of McCarthyism against a public official than what the author actually wrote."
So you are seriously going to say that saying things critical of our support of Israel-like the fact that many of these people SHOULD register as foreign agents is like McCarthyism? It's people like you, that give people like me more to hate about Israel...and their dominance of our government...The United States Government. 

Sooner or later the day comes when you can't hide from the things you've done. Everytime the president fails to bend over backwards for the Israeli government, partisan detractors such as yourself come crawling out of the woodwork. I don't know why HuffPo even bothers to publish it. Well Israel has conducted itself monstrously over the years, and the US' allegiance to that state has come at a high price in the form of money but also the blood of our soldiers and civilians. How terrible, our President doesn't want to be a party to the slow extermination of the Palestinians. Get over it, and get over yourself. 


  1. Naturally, its not McCarthyism since the Jews are not victims like pro-Soviet Communists and Fifth Column travelers were in the US during the 1950s. Nothing much happened to them. The Soviet Union was this country's number one national security threat for the entire Cold War and Israel isn't, yet HP posters threat it far worse than the Left ever treated the extinct Evil Empire.

    Go figure.

  2. Why isn't membership in the Ummah considered dual nationality?