Friday, April 30, 2010

A Study in Contrasts

Matt already commented about the Egypt gassing thread yesterday, but I thought that I would talk a little bit more about it. In perusing the thread, I saw that there were a lot of astonished and angry reactions to the story. That is not surprising, it was a terrible thing for Egypt to do. But I then decided it might be fun to go back and compare the reactions of the Huffington Posters with the recent rocket attack on Israel that left a Thai worker dead. I feel like it is an appropriate comparison, although killing people in a tunnel with gas is a heinous thing to do and worse than a rocket attack, it is similar enough.

So take a look at the following comments and see if you can figure out which one belongs to which thread. Some key sections were removed and replaced with variables to hide the context and give away what it is referring to. Sorry if that means it is confusing. Click the link below for the answers.

A. "You misinterpret what this incident represents. It comes in driect response to [X]. [X] and [X] are what is driving this, not Palestinian [Y]."

B. "This is outrageous and criminal. Should be investigated. Cut aid to [X]. The [X] is a dictatorship"

C. "This is a criminal act by [X]. Its disgusting. Only savages do things like this."

D. "Two words....Mossad and distraction."

E. "There is no question that [X] gets the indirect blame for this [Y]. It is the outcome of imprisoning millions of people and depriving them of medical care, proper food and the chance to make something of their lives. If [X] wants to stop the [Y], it needs to stop the siege of Gaza. The siege has produced desperation which is leading to desperate acts."

F. "No one can come close to the talent of the [X] when it comes to conspiracies and deception."

G. "If true, this is ... barbaric."

H. "No, there is not. [X] is a war crime."
Ready for the results?

A, D, E, and F are from the rocket attack thread.
B, C, G, and H are from the smuggling/gas thread. Informative, is it not?

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