Friday, April 23, 2010

More Violence in Bil'in, Israeli Arab Injured

YnetNews covers the weekly protests at Bil'in and Naalin, including the fact that an Israeli Arab protester was hit in the head with a gas canister and was transfered to an Israeli hospital. The activists claim he was seriously injured, the army claims he was lightly injured, but he's the only casualty from the protest.

What's interesting for me, though, is the following statements from the IDF:

"The IDF Spokesperson's Office said the protestors had hurled stones at the security forces, who responded with crowd dispersal means."
"According to the army, some 80 Palestinians residents and foreign and Israeli left-wing activists protested ion Naalin and hurled stones at the security forces. Some 200 protestors clashed with the soldiers in Bilin, an IDF official said."

Huh. So much for non-violent resistance. I guess that HP article from a few weeks ago wasn't completely accurate.

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