Friday, April 16, 2010

MJ Rosenberg Tries to Make Something From Nothing

Stalwart anti-Israel blogger MJ Rosenberg has produced some new articles, but his most recent comes with one of this trademark Citizen Kane-esque title, "VIDEO SHOCKER: AIPAC Official Mistakenly Admits How It Operates." I suppose Mr. Rosenberg follows the advice of "the bigger the headline, the bigger the story."

And this time he really needs the headline, as his story lacks substance. He references a video from his own work at Media Matters Action Network. Here it is, it's only 20 seconds long so I suggest you watch it:

Sounds pretty damning, right? I guess so. He's not really saying anything different from any other lobbying group. Every lobby group tries to put "it's own" into office, that's what the purpose of lobby groups are. MJ's comments about the video is that he is "talking about how they will deal with student opponents at UC Berkeley." That sounds very sinister, but that's not what happened in the video. What Kessler said is basically, "we'll try to get our guys elected instead." OMG conspiracy!

You might also have noted that the video was edited, there was a cut between the two lines. I for one would like to see an unedited copy of the speech, but when challenged about that, Mr. Rosenberg couldn't provide. His original source was a video by the Jewish Telegraph Agency, which you can watch if you like, but the video above was lifted right out of it. Mr. Rosenberg was unable to provide the entire speech, and thus the context for his "admission." Despite the tenuous nature of this story, Rosenberg felt more than justified in trying to make a giant expose out of it. It didn't work.


  1. If you're going to make an expose... be sure the goods back it up. The anti-Zios run around trying to show the eevil Zionist conspiracy browbeats people into toeing the party line about Israel. If that was really true, opposition to Israel would be insignificant. Yet its there... the opposition's underhanded tactics do them no real credit.

  2. I thought it was edited too. But then I noticed that youtube linked to the original. There was no editing.
    JTA would not edit a video to make AIPAC look bad.
    Sad to say Kessler misspoke. And that is all he did. But this video will be used against the good guys forever. Bummer. I wish it was fake.

  3. Eh, I don't agree, anonymous. If you look at the youtube original, you will see there's a white flash between "reverse the resolution" and "that's how AIPAC operates."

    It's true that it probably turned out exactly the way it sounds, but I still expect a "professional journalist" like Rosenberg to cover all his bases before he pounds the keyboard.

  4. Some thoughts on the Berkeley-AIPAC connection here: