Thursday, April 8, 2010

Max Blumenthal Battles "Media Blackout"

Today on the Huffington Post, blogger Max Blumenthal has broken an incredible story, Anat Kam, an Israeli ex-soldier, has revealed key documents about the illegal assassination of an Islamic Jihad official, in violation of an Israeli Supreme Court order. Top Israeli officials are supposedly implicated in the documents. But that's not the real story.

No, the real story is how Israeli democracy is now a sham because of the wall of silence surrounding this story, or as Mr. Blumenthal calls it, a "media blackout". Mr. Blumenthal is bravely printing this news while the rest of Israel is kept in the dark. In Mr. Blumenthal's words,

"The reason I raised it was to highlight the outrageous nature of a gag order in Israel that has forbidden journalists and bloggers from reporting on the so-called Anat Kam affair. Who is Kam and why is speaking her name a crime in the Israeli media?...While the media blackout casts the darkest shadow over Israel's already withered democratic institutions, Kam's prosecution for treason is nearly as disturbing."

Wow, Israel has really pulled out all the stops keeping this story under wraps. Mr. Blumenthal's unimaginable courage in printing this story really shows he is not afraid of the evil Israeli government coming to shut him down. At least, that's the way this story comes off, until you check his story.

I was concerned Mr. Blumenthal's story was true, so I decided to check some Israeli media. I started with the Jerusalem Post, "Israel's Best-Selling and Most Widely-Read English Newspaper". I navigate to the home page and what do I see?

Moses, Miriam and Aaron! There's Mr. Blumenthal's story, front and center and in large type. And what's that name under the headline? Why, it's Anat Kam, the very name that Mr. Blumenthal said was a "crime to speak"! What is going on here? 

Well, maybe the Jerusalem Post somehow broke away from the media blackout and their site should go down at any minute. I'll check out Ha'aretz, the JP's left-wing equivalent. We all know the Israeli government hates the left wing, surely they've been muzzled from telling this important story. 

Goodness gracious me! There's that story again, complete with name. It even has a picture too! Well, kudos to Haaretz for fighting the man and getting the truth out there.

Well, I've got one more Israeli newspaper to try. Ynetnews is moderate, sort of in between JP and Haaretz. It's the kind of paper the ordinary Israeli might read, and I'm sure those people are the exact kind of people the Israeli government wants to fool. There's no way they would cover this story. 

Oh, come on! Ynet too? How can these Israeli newspapers defy the government's blackout so boldly? Don't they know the world of pain they are in for? 

The truth, of course, is that there is no "media blackout". Newspapers in Israel and around the world are covering this story, no one has been arrested for telling it. Max Blumenthal made it all up and the Huffington Post gave him a platform to tell his lies to the world. Thanks for nothing, Ariana. 

UPDATE: Apparently there was a gag order, which was just lifted today. I think the timing of the posting of Blumethal's article and the lifting of the order was specifically designed to make me think there was no gag order. Oh well.

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  1. Treason in Israel is understandable. Anat Kam, I predict will soon become the Left's new Rachael Corrie.