Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life in Gaza: Bodybuilding Competition

Ynetnews reports that 70 bodybuilders will compete in Gaza for the championship. "About 70 men with big muscles and small shorts posed and flexed on stage before a panel of judges and a few thousand fans, all seeking prizes in the Gaza bodybuilding championship." Yes, Gaza must be the only "open-air prison" in the universe that can host bodybuilding championships. It's crazy how the AZs keep believing life in Gaza is so terrible, even after articles like this one are published every day.


  1. Really?

    Check out your local state prison.

    Most have football teams, boxing matches, weightlifting competitions as well as competitive body building.

  2. Huh. Having not spent any time in prison, I did not know that. Thanks for the info, Anonymous.

  3. Gaza is a paradise and anyone who says different is a liar!

  4. Hey Anonymous,

    get back to us when the Gazans decide they no longer wish to slaughter Jews.

    Until that day you have no argument.

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